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CIA Chief Just Confirmed 'War on Terror' Has Created A Lot More Terrorists


CIA Chief Just Confirmed 'War on Terror' Has Created A Lot More Terrorists

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Central Intelligence Agency director John Brennan said Thursday that, years into the United States' fight against the Islamic State, the terrorist group's reach and power have not been diminished and that it has even more fighters than al-Qaeda had at its height.


The short-sighted penchant for quick knee-jerk, culturally blind fixes is not working and has not worked in the past. The consequences of these types of strategies from the past (e.g., the post-WWI Treaty of Versailles) are coming home to roost. The solution is for the West to change its imperialistic ways - the current iteration is corporate capitalism enabled by the US (and to a much less extent its coalition partners) military, covert ops, and drones (the terrorists of the skies).


The war on drugs is/was a failure. The war on terror is a failure. War on African Americans, womens rights, workers rights, eduction, welfare..SUCCESS!!


Hillary Clinton on Gaddafi: We came, we saw, he died


.. unless you are one of the few on the inside.
Then, like all rackets, these wars have been highly profitable ,,


This all sounds like Mission Accomplished for the military/industrial/surveillance complex...


But, but, but...
John McCain just said that the real problem is that we did not kill enough people in Iraq and that we withdrew prematurely.
Surely more death is the answer.
People react favorably when you kill their friends and family.
We just need a lot more of the same.
It has worked so well.

(It has worked well, that is, if you are a war profiteer.)


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We need to remove from power, those people who cite the failure of the current approach, and suggest more of the same as our strategy going forward.


The U.S. and the rest of the western hegemony will not do the one thing that could eventually bring an end to ISIL's global terrorism: put an end to the never-ending violence, death and destruction of imperialism.


A self fulfilling prophecy. Notice that he said that we would keep fighting the terrorists. The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing while expecting different outcomes. No apologies for the wasted money though.


Weren't they first to know.......
Who struck the twin towers
That there where weapons of mass distruction in Iraq
Where the weapons of mass distruction were in Iraq
That Irag helped in the attack on the twin towers
Where Osama Ben laden was
Irag was buying yellow cake from Africa
American soldiers would be greated as liberators
The Iraq war would only last 6 months at the most
That Iran would have nuclear weapon grade materials in three months
When the Iraq war had ended
Where the pentagon lost the trillion dollars
How to defeat Irag
How to defeat Afganistan
How to defeat Isis etc....etc...etc...


Wow, now that's a freakin revelation! Imagine, drone wars killing men, women, kids, villages destroyed, nations and cultures destroyed and we just now figure out that that creates resistance - often called terrorism by the masters of war.
Our "allies" using war to destroy political and cultural "enemies", like the Israelis, Turkey, the Saudis, Egypt - the only stable western-created composite nations were destabilized and destroyed by Bush and Hillary, and the rest of the war criminal swine.
The Israelis worked for decades to manufacture and provoke conflict to mask their racist ethnic cleansing and colonization of the Occupied Territories, rather than make a just peace with Palestinians, and the whole world is paying the price for their arrogance and "religious" exceptionalism and extremism!


The 9-11 terrorist did get what they wanted, and their profits of war keep on rolling in via the Wall Street stock market.


Jesus don't tell Hillary that she's getting all excited about getting back in there and dropping some more bombs. She wants a no fly zone in Syria like she pushed for in Libya.
Brennan has a firm grasp of the obvious. Think they'll change policy? Nah.


Beg to differ. The wars of terror were and are very a very lucrative success. Massive profits are and have been made by the war hawks via Wall Street as a result of the treason of the 9-11 operation.


By mistake probably, an MSM news station interviewed a black girl, a wounded victim of the Pulse Club assault. She said the shooter asked how many of those stuck in the bathroom were black. They answered six, and he told them that he had no quarrel with them. That they've suffered enough. That his actions were meant to force US to stop bombing "his" country.

These terrorists don't appreciate the trouble the M/I/I Complex goes through to start wars. Business is literally booming.


John Brennan - You might want to consider that not unlike the simple, clear observations of Jeremy Scahill, sectors of society have been sending the message for decades and centuries. You might want to get clue and start looking into reality.

Just a brief reminder that you no doubt will recall from your younger surveillance years


Not a cent more for the war on terror until the neoconservatives line up and fall on their swords.


USA commits another mass killing in Somalia even as media fixates attention on Orlando. Clinton/Trump?Obama promise more of the same.