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CIA Chief Who Did Nothing to Stop Waterboarding Now Says He'd Quit if Agency Asked to Resume


CIA Chief Who Did Nothing to Stop Waterboarding Now Says He'd Quit if Agency Asked to Resume

Nika Knight, staff writer

CIA director John Brennan on Wednesday vowed to resign if he was ordered by the next president to have the CIA resume waterboarding detainees—but the agency could still take up the practice.



Old John was for it before he was against it, or some double talk like that. Donald Dump, who hid from the draft, thinks utilizing Chinese Water Torture is O.K. It's interesting that the Repukes who ducked war, like the AWOL bushmonkey, are the ones who are the most brutal, and think torture is cool.


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> Donald Trump has only talked about it. But since he’s a liar we know he won’t do it.

Good fucking grief…

There you go again Max. Obviously shielding Donald Fucking Trump yet again, and THIS time directly shielding him from criticism over pushing torture as virtue and that it should be legal,to his followers, including yourself.

You don't take any principled stand on torture, and that is painfully obvious.

And now the disclaimer…

And once again. Yes Clinton is endangering world peace, yes she has a long track record of being a war criminal both indirectly and directly, yes she is likely to continue neocon driven policies of Global Hegemony that come from the bowels of PNAC et al, and yes that furtherance of those initiatives and agendas of those neocons is driving the world closer to a possible Nuclear confrontation with Russia.

And yes, Clinton has been indirectly and directly responsible for acts of torture, and preventing criminal prosecution of those having actually engaged in the acts.

And no, I'm not advocating a vote for either Clinton, or Trump


Brennan in front of the microphone: "Nope, won't do it or order it done (waterboarding and other inhumane torture tactics)." Brennan in the secret chambers of the CIA: "Do what has to be done to extract the info we need...no holds barred, men/women!"

Lip service.


Thank you for pointing out the obvious fact that any actions taken by the CIA were definitely approved by Brennan first. For him to now pretend otherwise is pretty damn lame on his part. But people do that sort of thing when they are facing life in prison. Or in the case of any deaths that occurred during torture the death penalty is the standard sentence under US law.


That would be correct. And it would also be correct that Trump has yet to do those things. THAT is what maxbeaverbrook also pointed out. So your taking him to task for saying it and then you agreeing with it is rather strange. If maxbeaverbrook is indeed a deluded Trump supporter as you claim he certainly does have problems. But I'm not seeing how his simply stating the facts, just the same as you yourself did, turns him into a torture supporting Trump lover.

This whole argument over whether Italian Fascism or German Nazism is worse is getting rather old. They both suck badly and should be fought against by everyone.

Never Clinton/Never Trump 2016


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Interesting. This should mean he's opposed to it, since he acknowledges it yields false confessions.


The assumption people keep making is that John Brennan was in a senior leadership position while the CIA's rendition, detention and interrogation program was assigned and implemented. Brennan served as CIA station chief in Riyadh in the 1990s. During the RDI program's duration, he was the Agency's deputy executive director, and later TTIC director and NCTC director.

According to the well-educated people commenting here, Brennan was in a position to stop the use of EITs but did not. But as far as we know, there is no evidence in the public record detailing exactly what Brennan's role in the program was or how much influence he had over it.

But OK, let's keep repeating the accusation that Brennan could have stopped the EITs' use despite these holes in our knowledge. Why not?