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CIA Director Met Advocate of Disputed DNC Hack Theory - At Trump's Request


CIA Director Met Advocate of Disputed DNC Hack Theory - At Trump's Request

Duncan Campbell, James Risen

A senior intelligence source confirmed that Mike Pompeo met with William Binney to discuss his analysis of the DNC hack—at Trump's urging


Pompeo is a Saudi favorite and like the idiot that nominated him for CIA director, he is unfit for this office. But, hey, making fistfuls of money and having access to myriad international business connections through government agency leadership roles are what it’s all about, right?


William Binney is a former top level NSA employee who resigned and became a whistleblower when he saw the way the intelligence community was gathering information on all American citizens. He is a member of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for sanity, a group that disputed the supposed weapons of mass destruction that Iraq in fact, didn’t possess. And now, more recently, have shown that the DNC emails were not ‘hacked’, but leaked, directly from a computer in the DNC offices on the East Coast. This is something the CIA and President should certainly be interested in knowing. The title of the article is an attempt to smear Binney and the information by implying that because President Trump asked that the CIA meet with him to discuss the evidence, there’s something untrue about it. This is disgusting journalism.


Wait a minute. Since when is the CIA authorized to operate inside the US? Why is this not being mentioned? Any investigation should have been conducted by the FBI.


Exactly. You beat me to it. Trump and Pomeo are disreputable and are worthless, stumbling after anything to counter “the Russians did it” which itself is a diversion and not significant compared to voter removal and other election-fraud methods, not voter fraud or hacking (nothing compared to what the US has done to other nations, including Russia in the 1990’s). Though I do believe Trump followed the previous GOP playbook in colluding with other nations in an election here and they should be prosecuted regardless of how effective. William Binney, however is very respected. And this is not merely a theory but a worthwhile hypothesis or better. I agree, that this headline is a disgusting, conventional, MSM media smear. Really, very cheap of Common Dreams. Not expected.


THANK YOU for pointing out the DOMESTIC ‘rigging:" of elections through VOTER SUPPRESSION/Voter REMOVAL (“purging” voter rolls) that have been done by GOP since 2000 (S)election of GW Bush.Also VETERAN INTELLIGENCE PROFESSIONALS For SANITY (VIPS) is a VERY important group of informed people who have unvarnished INTEGRITY and should be listened to. I strongly advise people to keep an eye out for their public statements. One VIPS member RAY McGOVERN regularly writes essays that are published in the progressive websites Truthout, Truthdig,& others. McGovern is also published in Consortium News—21 years on the Internet (which is also doing SHARP INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING on the “Russia hacking” story. Consortium News’ editor is ROBERT PARRY (formerly of the LA Times, I think) and most known for his Pulitzer PRize-winning investigative reporting on IRAN-CONTRA scandal. To borrow from Public Enemy , 'DON’T BELIEVE THE (Russia) HYPE!" when there’s SO much that’s wrong with our electoral system DOMESTICALLY (& WHY is it that the DEMOCRATS have IGNORED those issues since 2000—when it’s DEMOCRATIC candidates that keep losong as a result of these tactics?)


so great… Binney will speak in NYC after showing of film about him “A Good American” Sunday Nov12 at 4 pm gotta go there


Would just add to your description, that it was Democrats that rigged the primary through voter suppression and other tactics- like superdelegates that were gathered way ahead of time, and counted by the media as the primary progressed.
Not to mention the deal with the DNC giving over control of the primary to the Hillary campaign.
The Democrats took the playbook from the Republicans. No difference.


On the VIPS memo, you may want to read this from the other day:


Next visit for Pompeo: meeting with Alex Jones at Mal y Loco in Florid-ia.


I’m perfectly OK with the rebuttal to those who didn’t sign off on the letter. I think this does a good job of addressing it. The original VIPS position still stands.


Are you okay with the Nation’s independent audit too? The outside consultant who evaluated the data determined the VIPS memo was also wrong in one of its central assertions:

“The only accurate portion of these statements, backed by metadata from the files and archive, is the total size of 1,976 megabytes. As stated before, the transfer time of 87 seconds is an informed theory by the Forensicator, and the 22.7-megabytes-per-second transfer rate is built upon that theory, along with some other educated guesses. While the “Last Modified” value of the files do indicate a copy operation occurred on July 5, 2016, and while the time zone does indicate the computing resources participating in the copy were set to Eastern Standard Time, there is no metadata showing they were downloaded from any specific server, on any specific network, or in any specific geographic location. Finally, the claim that 22.7 megabytes per second is “much faster than what is physically possible with a hack” needs to be addressed in greater depth.”


Commondreams has totally changed. So sad. Not sure if they were threatened by the powers that shouldnt be, who are now the deciders of the real news, news that fits their narrative, often scripted and spoonfed. Truthout and truthdig made the WaPo list of fake news. WaPo is an arm of the deep state.


There is no evidence of a hack. Evidence continues to roll in that supports that it was a leak. People should read them for gods sake! Oh you don’t want to invade the privacy of the DNC or the sec of state or the powetful podestas? Oh btw, twitter just confessed to congress that they used algorithm to block 50% of tweets with #DNCLeaks, though I think commondreams failed to report on that, or the fact that youtube/google are hiding and de-monetizing thousands of videos that dont fit their narrative (or as youtube puts it “content doesnt meet standards of their advertizers”) Nevermind you there’s thousands of videos directed towards kids that have bizarre themes and disturbing content, like spiderman has sex with pregnant elsa. Fk’n Orwellian.