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CIA Money Landed in Al Qaeda's Hands: Report


CIA Money Landed in Al Qaeda's Hands: Report

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

About $1 million of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency's money, given to a secret Afghan government fund in 2010, ended up in al Qaeda's possession after it was used to pay part of a ransom for a diplomat kidnapped by the terror group, the New York Times reported on Saturday.


Old news.



CIA money landed in Al Qaeda’s hands, American weapons ended in ISIS hands. So that only assures the American Military Industrial Complex that there will be wars and more wars for the upper crust to make money. Probably done on purpose.


No s**t, Sherlock. Duhhh…


They never said they would beat us they said they would break us.


How many children could have been fed with that money, how many people sheltered for a good long period of time…how many books purchased for schools…how many teachers hired. This just another manifestation of the perverted priorities of those running the show…


The CIA in collaboration with the Pakistani ISI organized, trained, funded and armed Al Qaeda and the Taliban as they were originally the Mujahideen. They are the ingredients of the latest “false flag” to justify US aggression and imperialism. Writers at the Times know this and have been instrumental in distracting from this truth.


Yes, really, of course! It is very good that this money was not spent on lazy welfare cheats who refuse to work here in the USA. At least it didn’t go for food stamps or housing vouchers. What a relief.


A million dollars is far less than chump change to The Owners. No problemo.


Who can forget the pallets full of cash sent from the U.S. to Iraq shortly after the invasion, the same that the soldiers guarding it were using as footballs? Would wager that was more than a million.