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CIA Operative Gina Haspel Who Tortured, Ordered CIA Torture Tapes Destroyed, and Now Wants To Lead CIA Did Nothing Wrong, Says CIA


CIA Operative Gina Haspel Who Tortured, Ordered CIA Torture Tapes Destroyed, and Now Wants To Lead CIA Did Nothing Wrong, Says CIA

Jon Queally, staff writer

In what critics are calling a bald attempt to help Trump's controversial pick to lead the CIA get through a very difficult confirmation process, the CIA on Friday released a previously classifed memo in which Gina Haspel was "cleared" of any wrongdoing when she destroyed more than 90 videotapes of agency operatives torturing human beings.


Flaming extremist zealots - Haspel, Pompeo, Lamar Smith.
You can dress them up, but you can’t take the sociopathy out of em.


USA: Unbridled Sociopaths of America


Not only should Gina Haspel be disallowed from being nominated to
head the CIA, the CIA should be dismantled along with the MIC –
and the Trump administration which nominated her should be overturned
as un-Constitutional and anti-democratic.


She will fit right in.


Agree, this is one more brick in the wall, a CIA wall that needs to be torn down and scattered. Through all of this it seems to be forgotten that she willing lee destroyed evidence that the agency was told to preserve. Because she was never charged, makes it no less of a crime.


I would love to take her to my well-equipped dungeon show her a few new techniques…


Win Without War says, “Haspel should never be allowed to work for the American people again.”

I applaud the sentiment, but would argue that Haspel’s real employers are not the American people, who have much to lose and nothing to gain from the wars fought in their name and with their hard-earned tax dollars.


None of these creatures works for the people, they are only paid by the people. Working for and paid by are two completely separate things especially in anything involving government.


…and we wave that flag ‘proudly’. “Red, for the oceans of innocent blood we’ve shed, White, for the heroin and cocaine they’ve brought to our city streets, and Blue, very deep Blue, for the bitterness and bottomless sorrow and anger they’ve left in OUR name”. Bear Dyken


Gina Haspel is just one oozing pustule symptom of the malignant disease called “American Exceptionalism”. Exceptionally sick.

The cure: treatment with disease antibiotic called Progressive candidates and prosecution of war crimes.


The SS, I mean the CIA, has a great operative. Gina is perfect for the Fourth Reich!


So what is the big deal? Ms. Haspel was in charge of a CIA black site where torture might have happened, and documents might have been destroyed. The victims are bad guys, aren’t they? We must protect the home folks, mustn’t we? Millions of Americans would go along with this narrative; Common Dreams please copy.

The facts are, however, torture does not work, the TV series ‘24’ not withstanding. But the ‘utility be damned, something is better than nothing’ crowd do have a point, albeit an unproven one. Torture may not help, but it definitely harms the U.S. (1) Other malevolent regimes might follow suit. Or more likely, can better explain away their own long standing evils. (2) It leaves an indelible scar on our self-esteem: Are we better than the Nazis, the Japanese in WW II?

The last is the greatest cost Ms. Haspel might have extracted from us. For, in believing she did what was alleged, and condoning that, the part of us taken away will be forever missed.


Your first paragraph is exactly what the Nazis said. As for myself, I see no difference between Nazi Germany and modern America.


Let’s see here. The administration is more and more like ancient Rome as we go along. There’s Mike Pompeo Maximus, John ‘Caligula’ Bolton and now, Gina ‘the butcher’ Haspel. And of course Mr Donald ‘Ceasar’ Trump with Mike ‘the innocent’ Pence rounding out the merry White House. Oh, one more, James ‘mad dog’ Mattis.
Mr Trump has his names; crooked Hillery, slimy Comey. I have mine listed above.


She looks like a NAZI oven operator in Dachau Poland.


Several writers refer to it as inverse totalitarianism. Like it or not we’re locked into a system with no representation or escape. We can sow dissent, for now anyway. The only major difference. We don’t gas prisoners but have concentration camps all along our southern border and are building a wall.


What’s one more Trump goon that believes in the opposite of what the position represents.
Just hope that when Trump is gone, so are the abnormal, unamerican attempts to foster in a “new normal.”
I also hope that the America that voted for change in Washington understand what they got instead.
And what they got was a bunch of money mongers that, just like the little Bush, are attempting to fleece the 99 % tax payers.
“Once you have heard the truth, everything else is just cheap whiskey.” G


You could say that you forgot the “Sage” Sean Hannity. And then of course the “Jester”: Well, take your pick. G


There is no such thing as wrong or right within the auspices of the CIA! Neither ethics, morality or legality holds any water there. The CIA and all of its agents are souless, brutal, uncivilized, degenerate and perverse. All of these attributes are what make a “great” agent, one willing to kill with aplomb, assassinate, destroy and destabilize without conscience or thought. Just as the former head of the CIA praises this evil woman and says that she did nothing wrong, so the agency itself does nothing “wrong” ever!