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CIA Photographed Detainees Naked and Bound Before Extraditing Them for Torture



Nations and religions just bring out the best in folks... /s


"[T]hese sound like the actions of a crazed dictatorship": Perhaps to better understand this and more--such as US support of dictators around the globe, interference in other nations for resources or markets--we need to consider its history of genocide, theft and slavery. All the wars, mass incarceration, bellicose foreign policies do not suddenly spring out of a vacuum but are part of a continuum of the original atrocities against native and black people.

"Some human rights campaigners described the act of naked photography on unwilling detainees as a potential war crime.": Sure but war itself is the crime from which flow all the others.


This a sickness of spirit and soul. Any people that would engage in such are cold and dead and empty peoples and in no way shape or form should be representative of a Government of the people ..

This is just another example of the observation that those elected to power in far too many so called "democracies" are every bit the Sociopath as the leaders of Countries that they condemn.


"Indeed, some GOP presidential contenders have made advocacy for torture a pillar of their campaigns. Ted Cruz has promised to reintroduce waterboarding, and Donald Trump vows to "bring back."

"And yet, Timm argued, it's important to keep in mind that because "the Obama administration shamefully refused to prosecute the architects of the torture program—and the Justice Department lawyers who gave them legal cover—war crimes are now merely portrayed as a policy dispute between the two political parties."a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding."

The above quotes from the article describe precisely why there has to be prosecutions of the individuals involved right up to the Presidents (plural); and back to Bill Clinton and Henry Kissinger. Yes, a full accounting for these horrible crimes and justice for those who caused them, allowed them and covered them up must be demanded. Until that happens we will continue to see "empire abroad leads to tyranny at home!" Until that happens, the sick despots that allowed this torture will only get more brazen in their acts and their unpunished acts will only flow into the future.


Maybe they should show some photos of Obama with his foot on the back of a naked prisoner, giving the thumbs-up with one hand while waving his Nobel Peace Prize with the other, with Bush and Cheney grinning and back-slapping him from the edge of the frame.

Heckuva job institutionalizing American barbarism.


So...Obama didn't end torture.

And Sanders never spoke out about torture.


There is a dimension of torture/special rendition/"enemy combatant" that that is inextricable from the predatory economic model of capitalism. The "externalization of costs" so essential to the financial model is the institutionalization of a 'never never land' mentality. Long argued as 'not being perfect, but its best model out there', is a statement of being frozen in a deadly legacy of power lacking any healthy strength and incapable of adaptation.
The longer the parameters that serve as economic armature are upheld by Citizens United, the greater the mountainous range of dehumanization, deadly force, abuse, waste, aggregation of all that has been marginalized and excluded from consideration. Conceptually it also institutionalizes a pattern of creating instruments of pathological denial so suavely referred to as 'plausible deniability'. The latter now increasingly documented as being defunct except for the ongoing momentum of the consequences. It insinuates that pathological methodology into all aspects of life.

Cease and desist.

If human energy were to be collectively focused on stewardship of the planet and care for each other, we could create a virtual heaven on earth as pull back from the abyss the predatory model causes.


The sadistic irony is this:

The United States of America, an "exceptional" nation by its own prideful claim, expects me as a U.S. citizen to pledge my allegiance to this exceptional nation that refuses to act within national and international laws. The United States, as the leading imperialist nation in the world, is the exception to national and international laws.

Doesn't pledging my allegiance to the United States, an individual act of choice, actually mean that I give my consent (even though passively) and condone the travesties of human rights being rendered upon the victims of these inhumane travesties?

To take it a step further, I am expected to sing the national anthem with radiant patriotic pride even though I know that my country, the United States, is actually the largest terrorist organization in the world killing tens or even hundreds of thousands of civilians each year under the pretense of the "War on Terror" while also being the root cause of 60 million people being refugees fleeing war-torn nations that the U.S. has determined to need a "regime change" so that a U.S.-sponsored leader that will succumb to the will of the United States will be "democratically" installed as the head of State.

Is photographing naked and bound detainees before being turned over to torturers an example of the types of human rights President Obama recently talked about with President Raul Castro in Cuba and President Mauricio Macri in Argentina recently?

The level of hypocrisy is absolutely sickening!


Just to add to your point Trump takes it a step further, he has recently and repeatedly called for codifying torture into law.

Go Trump "progressives"!!!!!


I must be an alien from a different planet because I cannot fathom the type of mentality and total lack of compassion and decency required to photograph naked and bound detainees, who have already been abused and tortured, before being handed over to more sadistic torturers who don't have to answer to anyone for their sick, sadistic behavior that goes against all natural instincts of those with a sound mind and a conscience.

Is this sadistic callousness part of the training (brainwashing) that our military and intelligence personnel receive? How can those who torture others maintain any sense of right and wrong after participating in such violent disregard for human life?

The only answer that makes any sense to me is that those who participate in violent acts of torture have exchanged all their innate senses of compassion and human decency for violence and hate through military/intelligence propaganda and brainwashing.


Here's how U.S. constitutional law works: If you're a federal or state judge, then you are constitutionally bound equally by any international convention against torture which have been ratified by a 2/3 majority of the Senate and signed by the President, versus any law passed by a 50% majority of both houses of Congress and signed into law. In short, yes it's the law and you have to enforce it and use it. So, don't be some kind of goober! Don't be a lawless Ronin. Follow the law as it is given to you.

Next, if you're a Spanish judge and if Spain has ratified the same convention against torture, yes, you too are bound to bust all miscreants, even those who are citizens of other signatory countries.

It doesn't matter how wacko a few people are, as long as they aren't tacitly supported by the people around them.


Glen Ford of http://blackagendareport.com/ was right when he warned us about Obama. Democrats are not the Lesser Evil, they are the More Effective Evil. Because they can get away with more, because people don't believe they are doing it on purpose.


I wonder what these psychos were planning to say when they got caught - just following orders? War crimes are just standard procedure? Did they just get off on it so much they didn't care if they got caught? I'm surprised they don't have a prepared excuse, like they were just documenting how little damage was visible on the prisoners before they were shipped off to the other torture-land. See? They had all their limbs when we shipped them!


"Stripping suspects, taking humiliating photographs of them, sending them around the world into the hands of torturers: these sound like the actions of a crazed dictatorship," Timm observed. "They should be the stuff of nightmares. In fact, they’re the stuff of American policy in the 21st century."
* The prosecution rests its case.


Yes the US is indecent and brutal but what's even worse in my mind is that so many decent, humanitarian nations haven't called them on it! One intrepid Canadian diplomat made the error of being heard stating the obvious, that the US tortures, and was forced to retract his statement by the Canadian government.


Our leaders have decided that stupidity and immorality can be fixed by being even stupider and more immoral. That should eventually solve the problem.


The Bush leadership lacked character. Without character you can lie, kill , create misery and other atrocities.


they're like wind up toys; only programmed to think, act and speak in narrowly defined (and ruthless) ways that are sanctioned by the cabal. their ability to self reflect, to express genuine care and compassion have atrophied--if the abilities existed at all.
it's how they are able to make such outrageous assertions, orchestrate large-scale destruction and blatantly lie without any remorse or misgivings. they simply lack the ability to do anything other than what they are programmed to do. amazing and tragic.



We Become Naked


Not for this,
not for these bruises

not for the soldiers to the empire
not before the lenses of the king.

We become naked
in the storm of being born

as the sack of our waters
pours off around us

and we yowl the cold rooms
alert in revolution

what our lives can mean--
but not this

not to be sent blind
over the erupting deserts

above the dying seas
where streams of refugees

drown and slog
through tides of inhumanity.

We become naked
less embrace than terror;

our nightmares standing there
before the uniforms and silence

as they strip us at the edge of the pits
or shovel us into the ovens.

We were taught our skins
were made for an act of surrender

not to be ripped into blood
not to be plowed under.

We become naked to find another
someone we can lie with

safely in the roses of our dreams.
The greatest sin

are these blasphemies of love
the stares that pierce the wounds

the gaze that robs us
takes away the puzzle of face

and hand
a joyful thing gone rotten

in the cellars of the consciousness
of the elite.

We become naked
not for love

but to be betrayed
no one is less guilty

picture it:
no one more afraid.