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CIA Torture, Read All About It


CIA Torture, Read All About It

Elizabeth Beavers

Less than a year after a Senate panel reported in detail shocking acts of CIA torture, former CIA officials have responded. A book released on Wednesday, authored by some of the same high-level intelligence officials who oversaw the now-infamous torture program after the September 11 attacks, is intended to rebut the story of torture laid out in the landmark Senate “torture report.”


Bravo, Ms. Beavers... for citing a culture of impunity and properly identifying the CIA as the perpetrators of Dark Acts. That's a significant departure from the more popularly promulgated Universal frame of "we."

Whenever top-down forms of authority become institutionalized, then tyrants, kings, church-state head honchos, along with today's 007-clones (with self-proclaimed licenses to kill) make law that conforms to their darkest impulses.

It was, after all, the "holy" church's Inquisition that brooked no challenge to its teachings, and went about instituting unspeakable campaigns of torture. Then, as now, these horrors were reserved for the heretics of the times: necessary scapegoats.

The young and mature women set on fire to roaring local crowds were as much figures of some kind of Kafka trial-circus as are the unfortunates caught in today's off-shore drift-nets. Today's "war against Terrorist/heretics" requires real bodies to substantiate its false case for war (built upon a false trigger, no less).

Whenever there are "extra-judicial" state powers, the dark side will claim its right to kill, maim, torture, lie, and seize... what belongs rightfully to others.

Was it Rumsfeld who admitted that "WE" (meaning his ilk) would be walking on the dark side for a while?

A lawful state does not allow for a sizable (armed and dangerous) segment of its populace to act IN the dark.

This bears repeating:

"The Obama administration has justified the culture of impunity it has perpetuated by expressing a desire to "move forward." However, moving forward is impossible without accounting for the past. Without consequences, torture forever remains on the table as a viable option in the future, and there is no reason to believe it won’t happen again. The same international laws which ban torture also require remedy, including accountability and redress, yet not a single person responsible for creating and carrying out the American torture story has faced justice."


Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


I wish there was a way to undo the unnecessary.


Fascist states need torture as a part of their permanent war for empire.


Allen Dulles of the CIA who JFK fired was promoted to the committee investigating the assassination of JFK.


The U.S. Justice Department has twice announced its refusal to prosecute officials who engaged in torture.

Orwell saw it all coming...


Someting is rotten in the state of.....