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CIA Torture Whistleblower: 'Quest for Peace Must Be Part of Election'


CIA Torture Whistleblower: 'Quest for Peace Must Be Part of Election'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The CIA agent who was jailed for blowing the whistle on the United States' illegal torture program has made a statement about what the nation's electorate must demand from White House hopefuls this election season.


John Kirkakou:
" Without peace we will continue down the long road toward anarchy and hatred."

That is the whole problem John, the people that really run Amerika do not want peace, because peace is not profitable...


Peace is not as profitable to the oligarchy as war is.

Direct democracy


" . . . at the level of a Dick Cheney or of a CIA director . . . "

Or of a [male or female] Clinton or Obama.


How is anyone going to organize to protest anything when we are all 100% entrained not to?


John Kiriakou would make a better president than either the Republican or Democratic nominees, but it's too late to get him on the ballot so vote for Jill Stein.


They dictate, we sheeple submit. We should have been in the streets en mass months ago. End AUMF and NDAA now. Appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the fradulent start of the Iraq war. And Obama's coverup. End citizens united.


That would be a start. Wall St. also needs to be brought to trial enmass, too. 8 years of The Big Stall sums up OhBummer & Company, as well. Congratulations to John K. on his award. Heroes are hard to find in gov't service these days. Sterling and Manning also deserved much better. Snowden has a tough, long journey ahead. So it goes....


The reason you went to jail Mr. Kiriakou is that nobody with first hand knowledge and provable facts can accuse Bush of being a war criminal and get away with it.

Now aren't you sorry that you ever worked for the butchers at the CIA?


Hello jmowrey,

I'd really like to disagree with you, but the evidence backs you up.


There are several points of interest here.

First and foremost, applause and thanks to Kirakou for revealing truth and for continuing to speak. "Grace under pressure" does these things ill justice.

But then, the association of anarchy or even disorder with violence and mayhem is at the very best easy to misinterpret, and at the worst a serious misinterpretation itself. We have traditions that suggest that peace derives from an order imposed from above. That is never generally the case, nor is it the case in general, though the exceptions merit attention. Even gainful interventions of this sort involve distinct losses.

As another point, the culture in general seems to have an obsession with considering whether or not whistleblowers are heroes. Whistleblowing for motives of public truth is an heroic act, and arguably would be even were it somehow mistaken--though it has on occasion happened for other motives, as with Deep Throat and Watergate.

Still, if one's idea of hero involves some sort of life of perfection, then this is unlikely--as in fact it is elsewhere. Whistleblowers worked for the people whom they eventually reveal. In some sense, that is part of what is heroic: the indoctrination that they have undergone, with all the network of social commitments that necessarily accompany it, may be the major obstacle to overcome. On the other hand, there may well be some retention of the initial indoctrination: it would be rather extraordinary were that not the case.

There is another sort of heroism in the case of someone like Julian Assange, who surely has and had his difficulties, but who was exposed to perspective with respect to social norms at a relatively early age.

Either way, may the dialogue ensue, and may these people find freedom.


John Kiriakou is an incredibly courageous person who should not only be completely pardoned but also honored for his moral principles and integrity -- this is the kind of person we need leading this country, not the corrupt buffoons we have to choose from.


Thanks for publishing this article.

Unfortunately corporate media (including presidential debates) is likely to down-play or divert attention. Imagine if all was revealed, the Democratic Party would easily be defeated. Just one of many examples, the recent bombing during a cease fire in Syria - Source (Common Dreams).

Whistleblowers such as John Kiriakou should not be incarcerated for exposing war crimes. Much like Snowden and others, because they represent integrity.

To begin on path towards peace, there must first be integrity and far more intelligent diplomacy based on humane principles. After more than 25 years to this day both Democratic and Republican parties have not proved to be worthy.

In a sane world that respects innocent lives and international laws, war criminals would be held responsible for their actions.

Kill one terrorist leader and he becomes a martyr, then another terrorist leader takes his place. Countries have been decimated, terrorist groups emerged, followed by exodus (refugee crisis). Today the world is in a more troubling predicament.

Weapons Embargo and Funding Freeze -- Jill Stein (Green Party). This includes for example, freezing funds from allied countries who are aiding terrorist around the world. There are terrorist already living among us (that's a scary thought but sadly it's true), the first priority is to tighten surveillance on all shipments and financials.

That is true, and issues such as corruption, inequality and hardship must also be addressed. At the moment there are two laws, one for the wealthiest who are too big to jail, and another law that wants whistleblowers who expose war crimes incarcerated, in some cases, indefinitely, which is totally absurd, unacceptable.


SAAII said in a statement that the whistleblower "was the first U.S. government official to confirm (during a national news interview in December 2007) that waterboarding—which he described as torture—was used to interrogate al Qaeda prisoners. Kiriakou also stated that he found U.S. 'enhanced interrogation techniques' immoral, and that Americans are 'better than that.'"

**Kiriakou has previously said that "the entire torture program was approved by the president himself," and that he doubts the U.S. government "would ever have the guts to charge someone at the level of a Dick Cheney or of a CIA director ... with crimes against humanity."**

How unaware would you have to be to NOT describe waterboarding as torture?

This morning we are treated to photos of the "love" between Obamas and W -- in
the Michelle Obama "bear hug" photo.
Similar to the "love" we've seen between Bill Clinton ("the brother by another mother
to the Bush's") which seems to go back to Mena, Ark and Iran Contra putting both
Bill/Hill in the MIC/CIA circuit. Or, is everyone now CIA?

Could there be clearer evidence that we have ONE political party?

And certainly far too few Whistleblowers -- who are being prosecuted rather than protected.


Correct. The connection between the Bush and Clinton dynasties is obvious. Both are right wing neocons and both serve the same shadow government.
We already have only one party. The smoke screen of the two party system is just that. It makes for a divided country and much political theater but behind the curtain they are the same. HRC will be at the head of the one party and my guess is she will drop a lot of the pretense about it. She is bending over backwards for their votes now and will work with them in Congress to the same ends.
Stein/Baraka 2016


I agree with all you say Dede and others and I took that stance in 2000 working hard for the election of Ralph Nader or at least to get the Greens the 5% or 15% needed so they would be included in the debates. I don't think Nader was the cause of Bush. Jeb Bush, Florida Secretary of State, Supremes, and Al Gore gave George Bush the election.

Were in a slow boiling pot and not sure that I am ready for Trump to turn up the heat. Maybe since I live way out in Oregon where no pays attention to us, we won't feel the full force of his farces?


Meme speaks for itself ... http://i.imgur.com/wBomLjv.jpg


What is most worrisome about Trump is Mike Pence, who would in all likelihood be running most of the show (Trump doesn't know or care about the boring functions of government; he is easily distracted, and he loses interest once he's accomplished his primary goal - hence all the bankruptcies and failed projects). Pence is the single-minded threat with the focused mind of the true believer - he will work with the neofascists in Congress to further the misogynistic, racist, xenophobic, pro-business, pro-oil agenda. Despite the fact that leading Neocons and almost the entire bankster establishment are solidly behind Clinton -- the Koch gang have their man in Pence, as do other sinister domestic forces, like the NRA.
Stop focusing on the big fat clown and pay attention to the the Man in the Grey Flannel Suit. The whole thing is no joke.
Trump-Pence represent a greater threat on the domestic front while holding open a crack of possibility of diplomacy on the international front, whereas Clinton-Kane might represent breathing space domestically but are more clearly committed to furthering imperial goals militarily and the strengthening the MIC, which is after all the US's economic mainstay.
I agree that Stein-Baraka is the one logical ticket, but voting for them, or staying home in droves as many Sanders people will, gets you Mike Pence (the Ted Cruz with a more palatable image).


I like your intention, but you make it sound like the "voting for the best of the worst" meme. Look at the Green Party Platform; listen to Jill Stein speak. The platform is worthy of our vote and Jill's passion and persistence over the years to want to lead our country out of these imbicilic, horrific, destructive wars in order that we have the means to take on the many issues which confront humanity and all life on Earth is a worthy vote. A vote for Jill Stein is a vote for a leader who can lead all of us into a positive future. A vote for either of the other two so-called major party candidates is in my humble opinion a vote out of ignorance or fear. Study their records. Ask yourself, why would they change now? Jill Stein is not our only choice; but, she is a damn good choice if we want to begin a new future.


John, you surely realize that there are many millions of US citizens along with many millions more around the world who stand with you and are forever indebted to you for the actions you took. You took on your own shoulders the the load of saying that what some in our government was doing in all of our names, "we tortured some folks," was horribly wrong. Please know that many of us love you as a fellow human being and have the utmost respect for you and for what you had the courage to take on. History will prove that what you did will not be in vain.