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Citibank Arrests Customers for Trying to Close Accounts


Citibank Arrests Customers for Trying to Close Accounts

Richard Henley Davis

NEW YORK - Customers of Citibank were arrested over the weekend after trying to close down their bank accounts.

Twenty-three customers of Citibank allegedly found themselves under arrest after being locked in the bank at 555 La Guardia Place, New York by security guards who even forced legitimate Citibank customers going about their daily business back into the bank.

Citibank responded to the allegations of arresting customer by releasing this statement:


Those Neo Nazis on the streets are not the only ones promoting fascism. Corporate fascism is also ramping up.


Some employees got scared. The protestors could have closed their accounts on line. I’ve no idea where LaGuardia Place is, but remember that djt was in town, so everybody had to have been a little antsy. Not a good time to plan their protest withdrawal.