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Cities Reject Trump Agenda With Bold Call: From 'Militarism to Human and Environmental Needs'

Cities Reject Trump Agenda With Bold Call: From 'Militarism to Human and Environmental Needs'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Hundreds of U.S. mayors have rejected the ongoing militarism supported by the present and Congress and instead called for a budget that supports "human and environmental needs."

Over 250 Democrat, Republican, and Independent city leaders that make up the U.S. Conference of Mayors delivered their rebuke to the administration's agenda with the passage of a series of resolutions Monday at their gathering in Miami.


What a Concept.

#People, Planet, and Peace over Profit!

Sound Familiar? We all ‘Could Have’ voted for this last November 8th.


By voting for?


Good for the Mayors of our great cities! Now it is time for the Governors to stand up and be counted.


The Green Party, of course.

Everyone had the same opportunity to research the candidates.

Most chose to support more of the same thing that we have been fed for decades. More War. More Death and Human Suffering around the world. More Income Inequality. More for the Rich, Less for everyone else. Oh, and a lot more Guns and Bullets for the MIC.

Please do not rely on the MSM for information about future candidates.

They lie like a rug.


I really don’t see how that madman in the white house should be there!!! Except $$$$$ bastards!!! He’s too irresponsible to the needs of society, the planet and environment, and world relations. How is it that even the electoral college could get him in the white house!!! It seems too retarded. Here we are, with all this MASS HYSTERIA and FIGHTING THE SICKO, and With SO MUCH WASTED RESOURCES, SPENDING IT ON HIS SH*T, and the “GREAT” BIG WASTE OF TIME IT ALL IS!!! I know one thing, if Trump gets assassinated, I won’t shed ONE tear.

An audit of all the DoD and the 17 " different or specialized " intelligence agencies ( the ones Comey identified as agreeing on Russian probing/ interference in these mayor’s voter information in 2016 ) would seem to be a logical extension of these very good resolutions. Certainly the federally funded programs/grants these mayors oversee locally, are audited and monitored.
It was reported earlier this month U.S. weapons shipments into Iraq from Kuwait couldn’t be accounted for; $Billions of dollars worth, to be exact. How many inter-city jobs/skills training and infrastructure projects could be created just off the MIC’s waste, fraud and abuse?
The mayors and peace groups are putting forth great ideas about rearranging the Federal Gov’t. & Trump’s foreign policies and priorities.They also should pressure their local media to cover these issues on the news, instead of; oh, let’s see, cats in trees being rescued and possible candidates for adoption down at the local animal control center. Just a thought that real people’s needs over feral cats and abusive or abandoned puppy mill operations could be connected back to how taxes are spent, and where.
Until our imbedded MSM climbs out of the sack with the MIC’s advertising $$$, especially Big Oil, these mayors’ collective wish lists ( obvious real needs ) will continue unfulfilled. " It is very hard ( for the MSM ) to be against something you are well paid to be for ". Even as the city you live in and report on crumbles before your own eyes, evidently.


Mrs. Ann Hitts you are right on. Did not her about weapon shipments lost in Iraq? It probably went to where the 9 million or was it billion went to Iraq. Corporate media is just that, corporations working in their own best interest which is doing the bidding of their advertisers.

Citizen United/Supremes and Corporate media are the enemies of the people.


where was the outrage towards the criminal Bushes and their illegal murderous invasions. !!! Hypocrites !


I didn’t see that on the general election ballot. In the primary, maybe.

You had to write in Jill Stein’s name.
Few voters know that it can be done. So, very few did.
That’s part of the problem with ballot access that progressives point out.
Neither the Ds or the Rs want to reduce the restrictions to ballot access.
Doing so would mean more competition and they don’t want that.

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The US is occupied by a military police state at war with democracy and Earth.

Austerity is imposed on cities and people to fund destruction and mayhem.

All totalitarian systems behave exactly the same as us. Collapse probability is 100%.


Thanks for the assist, Moss.

Jill and Ajamu also thank you.

I am anxiously waiting to hear the major broadcasters - NBC, CBS, ABC - give a full reporting of this on their national broadcasts. Not.

But we will be treated to an endless playback loop of an ape doing pirouettes in a wading pool, or some such fucking nonsense.

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Thee is no logical private market solution to health care. It is a fantasy a myth. We have tried it for 200 years. The private market schemes applied to monopolies do not work. Privatize military? Privatized highway system? Privatized police? Privatized fire dept.? If you survive the injuries of a car accident you don’t have time to go shopping for aspirin. Insurance companies, a monopoly, drug company a monopoly. Are there good guys out there? Sure. Kaiser Permanente. I use to have BC/BS as a non profit here in Maine. We were convinced by some slick sales lady in a short skirt to privatize. OMG. I now pay over 10,000 a year above my Medicare. We are being conned by a large number of Ayn Rand sycophants who have fallen for her adolescent wet dream. All my economics classes viewed her idiocy as a massive joke. If you want to hear bat sh*t cuckoo listen to Paul Ryan or Rand Paul. We are still suffering from the 1999 Gramm-Leach-Bliley and the buggers are going to do it again. As weak as Dodd-Frank was it, at least was a timid attempt to inject some sanity into the system 3 trillion on a stupid war trying to defeat a rag tag gang in dresses and we can’t afford to save our most vulnerable citizens? Susan Collins vote no. Bruce Poliquin, what is wrong with you? Spend some time in the emergency room some Saturday night instead of at the Roulette wheel.


Over 250 Democrat, Republican, and Independent city leaders

Over 250 Democratic, Republican, and Independent city leaders

Why do lefties continue to let the Republicans define what they call themselves, whether it’s the ‘Democrat Party’ or the perjorative use of the word liberal, or labelling anything vaguely progressive as ‘Communist’? When someone who is a staff writer for Common Dreams does this my mouth starts to foam.

Apparently in 3 states, writing Jill Stein in on the ballot was not allowed.


Thank you for the wonderful post, lerenarde.