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Cities Worldwide Take on Climate Fight—And See Pushback From National Governments


Cities Worldwide Take on Climate Fight—And See Pushback From National Governments

Nika Knight, staff writer

Cities worldwide are setting climate goals that are far more ambitious than the targets agreed upon by national governments, leading to clashes between urban leaders and national ones, Reuters reported Monday.


Happened to catch a two hour piece by David Brancachio - Fixing the Future - not on PBS this weekend. He also gave many examples of local governments trying innovative efforts that the denialist federal government will not. One of the objectives of ALEC is to spread the corruption downward so as to knee-cap these local initiatives.


Makes sense, in a strange sort of way. As you get closer to the individual on the hierarchy, common sense begins to show up, at least sometimes.

I'm re-reading Mark Bowen's book on the mountain glaciologist and coring specialist Lonnie Thompson of Ohio State, "Thin Ice" (2005). Awesome book, as the author Mark Bowen has a Ph.D. in physics from MIT, and as the book progresses he, and possibly the reader, learns climate science from the ground up so to speak. Lonnie is a member of the National Academy of the Sciences, and the coring cast is absolutely unique. Nice pics in the hardcover edition as well.

Then there is perhaps the finest book ever written on big picture climate science, ca 2006, "The Long Thaw" by David Archer, oceanographer and carbon cycle guru.

May as well bone up - there is little point in even talking to the leadership - which is really an insult to the word and implicit meaning of 'leader'.


Thanks for that reference. In my first year at OSU in the Survey Engineering degree program I had the opportunity to join a team of survey technicians to travel to a glacier in the Andes and measure the deformational spreading of the ice sheet to correlate the ice core information. Travel by ship from the west coast to the west coast of South America, from there by train across the lowlands, to horse and burrow ascent into the mountains. Would have been an adventure of a lifetime (for a stick-in-the-mud like me) and the only reason I didn't go was because I had just met my future wife and was afraid she wouldn't be there when I returned. Fellow students that did go brought back pictures taken from their base camp above thunderstorms at night over the Amazon.


Democracy at the local level?

Hey is that allowed?

Darn human beings always try to decide for themselves instead of letting their 'ruling elites' have control!

Democracy is becoming really inconvenient with all these people getting involved! Sheesh!


What if cities and/or neighborhood councils or even civic B-corporations had the courage to slay climate change one huge chunk at a time, quickly and permanently?

The nation of Denmark plunged into offshore wind technology and became quite wealthy. The U.S. funded photovoltaic research, even though PV power cost 100 times as much as oil-fired electricity two decades ago.

What if you were part of a Benefit-Corporation and your crew reduced solar building heat to a form that was competitive with natural gas? What if you and your B-Corp then built a series of building-heating (and hot water preheating or heating) prototypes, and the system got smooth, and then the price of natural gas doubled, and then vast numbers of building owners and homeowners were paying lots of local crews decent wages to switch millions of buildings over to solar heat, and then...

This message has been interrupted by mind-control waves emanating from Koch Industries. “The text is getting blurry, you don’t have the power to change anything, your tiny little business will surely fail, you are one helpless human being, all alone, YOU ARE HELPLESS!! BWAHAHAHAHA!! ...”


Okay, I am going to bring this up again.... I am not necessarily opposed to renewables... I AM CERTAINLY OPPOSED TO CONTINUING THE FOSSIL FUEL ECONOMY.... however, I failed to see how ONLY switching out our energy system, is going to make that much of a difference. I do not see how continuing the wasteful, luxury oriented economy, is going to NOT interfere with our goal of reducing emissions. SO, Who here, is willing to fight to change some very important aspects of our Society...all over the world.
1. No more flying except... for medical emergencies, rescues... and maybe a few more instances.
2. No more professional sports, so, we won't be flying athlete butts all over kingdom come anymore... or the fans .... and NOT RUNNING STADIUMS which would be a pure waste of electricity.
3. Work on progressively getting rid of regular grocery stores.... we should NOT HAVE SO MUCH IN THE WAY OF CONTAINERS ETC.... So, I have a great way to run a grocery store.... and the food has to be all local... ( don't know what to hell I am going to do about coffee however... )..
5. NO MORE MINING FOR GOLD AND SILVER ... OR ANY OTHER METALS OR MINERALS... WE RE USE WHAT WE ALREADY HAVE..... so, that means, we get rid of the cultural worship of gold... etc..


City or country makes no difference.

Autonomous democracy is the focus of distributed intelligence. It is an ancient practice long preceding nations and their governments. Autonomous democracy is not part of government. Autonomous.

The world economy require 1.5 Earths for pollution recycling and resources. If everyone lived like the US, then the world economy would require five Earths.

Playing monopoly as adults destroying Earth's life support systems?

A crime against humanity and all life.

Economic war crimes against Earth are also crimes against humanity.

This is already the law.


I like that thinking !

First time I've heard the phrase "autonomous democracy".

It seems like a concept the United Nations General Assembly could adopt and use?


Autonomous democracy is an ancient idea that roots in quantum physics. Cosmic powered biology manifest as human uses democracy to focus distributed intelligence.

Autonomous democracy is the ancient idea of democracy defined in the free state before capture and imprisonment by oligarchs who own national governments.

Cosmic powered biology began evolving when the first quarks emerged from the primordial plasma of big still banging. Those who believe winning at monopoly gives them the wisdom to control and direct humanity are afflicted by hubris that deludes them into believing they are so superior they are directing Cosmos.

Cosmic powered biology manifest as human surfs big still banging at life speed and has matured to seeing and knowing Cosmos. Rich people are too distracted by the illness of greed to see life as it really is.


We could design and build hyperefficient aircraft, but they'd fly at slower speeds in order to minimize total air friction. Then we'd have to hire more flight crews for the slower flights. So, the god of profits would not be happy. The god's worshipers in Congress would never approve.


You would do better to work against waste and not seek to remove pleasures from others. I gather you are not big on football for example. However you talk about the waste of electricity in stadiums. Okay make the electricity solar based and mostly free but let people enjoy sports. I still don't know how to get a big enough crop to supply me with food out of a flower box on my apartment windowsill. You have land... hey why don't us landless folks divvy up the land held by you landed folks?

Making people all dress the same and look the same and not have things they like is no goal. Making it so that they can have all the things they like but without waste and damage to the environment is a worthy goal. Btw... we could develop more efficient batteries that could power a plane's engines and recharge them from solar arrays thus ending the need for fossil fuels in aircraft.

Do things better rather than just doing away with things.


Your reply is very spiritual, in a secular way. Perhaps you are a scientist, or are at one with science?

Although I had to read your reply several times, I now see what you are saying, five by five.

John Gofman, nuclear scientist turned medical doctor & anti-nuke activist, believed as you do that the pursuit of "power & privilege" was in fact a "disease".

Many people, I think, are on board with what your post implies. Jeffrey Sachs of the United Nations for example, or Mikhail Gorbachev, many here on Common Dreams.

But the bad guys seem to be totally in control, and are in fact about to push us all over the no return cliff of extinction.

And I don't know what to do.

I heard the first bird of Spring here in Calgary on my way over here to the coffee shop.

Even they are threatened - again - having survived one asteroid impact and the Deccan Traps, Large igneous Province, Greenhouse Mass Extinction Event - ca 66 mya.

Philosophically there may be nothing wrong with the jellyfish and the insects and the always and forever bacteria/archaea inheriting the Earth, but I thought we were smarter than that, and I hate to lose, to concede defeat to the monsters now in charge, at every level apparently.

Is there a practical side to your post - something you are doing ?


Yes there is a practical side that I experiment with. Sadly, I have failed twice.

I have hired programmers to develop a sociologist's voting tool but both times they tried to take over and edit my part of the work when they began to feel pride their programming was the actual creative work. It may seem silly to become angry with programmers that merely edit my text and layout to fit their own ideas but part of the goal is to create cheap black and white posters and to experiment with text. My experiments were being screened by a programmer. The last programmer went so far as to design the way to add ballots so that even I could not make a new ballot or edit his edits unless I went back to college and studied programming. That programmer said I was a control freak and hung up on me telling me I had an anger management problem.

These small gripes do not mean I am giving up. Today I am making a small black and white programmer help wanted poster and taking it to test at coffee shops. If one of the coffee shops is willing to put it in the window then I will put the poster on line and ask others to print it.

Help wanted to program a voting tool for autonomous democracy. Click fiction and autonomous democracy at http://zerowastenews.org there's email contact there.


PS > The voting tool I have been attempting to hire programmers to accomplish is a practice way to acquire direct experience with publicly owned voting called autonomous democracy.

Imagine if the Greeks could have voted again after their cowardly government and handsome prime minister sold out to the Troika. Imagine if all Koreans could be voting on multiple new ballots being posted daily right now.

I am willing to keep trying to make this tool but am not at all necessary for this to happen once the idea takes hold and begins growing like a cosmic powered weed.