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Citing 14th Amendment, Pascrell Says These GOP House Members Shouldn't Even Be Sworn In

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/11/citing-14th-amendment-pascrell-says-these-gop-house-members-shouldnt-even-be-sworn


Just as having DT and his enablers deprived of the right to remain in the U.S., this too is a pipe dream.


The biggest blunder in US political history was when Lincoln welcomed our “confederate brothers” back in to the union, no questions asked. He permitted senators and congressmen to be re seated despite the fact that they were insurrectionist traitors.
It’s been all downhill since then.
If Biden doesn’t chase down every one of the Trump administration criminals and put them all in orange jump suits it will mark the beginning of the end of this republic.


Clear treason. The SCOTUS should sanction these traitors.


I might suggest that we are already half way down the rabbit hole.
Money and power are nearly equal to the justice system already.
Unless punishment is meted out as harshly as with Al Franken on other controversies anything goes.



However, good luck with that.

How it is and where we are. Ugh.


This is a most excellent diversion from Nancy’s do-nothing for people exposure. But she’s not going to risk a precedent that the Constitution still applies to the elected in Washington.


Yes, the 106 Republicans that have signed on to the treasonous lawsuit, are in my view, guilty of the highest treason to our country and wanting to overturn a legitimate election makes them domestic, terrorists. And aren’t many of these traitors the same people that called Chelsea Manning and Snowden traitors?


Wouldn’t it be ironic if Trumpenfuhrer raised firing squads from the dead just in time to be

#1! Out of 107

(Disclaimer: that’s a rhetorical question, I abhor state violence!)


The end of The End.


The texas (small t) lawsuit against other states has been denied a hearing in the U.S. supreme court within the past hour. Alito and Thomas wrote that the case should have been heard.

The truth is that the lawsuits are being used as fund raisers by Trump.

Gotta love all these fourth rate persons in DC power.


IMHO, Honest Abe should have simply allowed “The Union” to splinter apart. It was quite obvious that the South had radically different economic and political ideas and would never, ever give up. While the North was relying on wage slaves to man the factories and floods of immigrants fleeing economic chaos in Europe to farm the lands belonging to Indigenous peoples for its economic and political system.
Truly, it was never about Slavery. Not really. When the Union finally wore out the Confederacy(that actually could have won if the European Great Powers weren’t embroiled in their own issues and lent it both money and manpower), the South never gave up its core beliefs-White Supremacy, a rigid class system, and feudalism in the form of share croppers of all colors. Jim Crow acts were slavery under a new name.
All these many years, the US has had a Fifth Column at its heart, a culture that will never say die. Several authors have written interesting books that we would be better off without them. One main argument is that the Southern states take in more federal monies than they give in taxes. The figure I’ve read is 1.50 into the South for every dollar the rest of us pay in, while we in the North get back only .75.
As for these 100+ traitors…arrest, arraign, convict, execute. Show the GOP we do not allow treason as part of their already criminal methods of ruling, not governing. But perhaps losing their pensions, free health care, and lobbying bribes might be punishment enough for these yemakh schmoys…


Disbar them all.


“…they are attempting a coup in broad daylight and it should not be treated as anything less.”

Absolutely right. You either stand trial for participation or you are required to leave the country. One or the other.


Trump and Guido of Venezuela looking like identical twins one supported by the CIA thugs and the state department, the other by a bunch of illiterate armed mad men and powerful wealthy sly corporate terrorists. As they say the chickens have come home to roost.


DJT#45 may not rot in jail, but
wherever his years ahead he holes up,
he will rot and won’t be alone rotting.


Right, but the GOP saw to it ensure the SCOTUS is owned by them by stuffing it with gravely unqualified cult wing activists.


Taking a look at France and England we can clearly see that this is a global attempt to scuttle democracy as we’ve known her. Macron trying to pass a law to prohibit photographing police violence and all his pro corporate anti worker rulings are tell tale signs of following the US neocon, newlib script.


Fuck it. If this shit isnt over on the 14th I’m treating it as if we are actually in a civil war. Ill become openly hostile to every republicunt i know and start actling like steve fucking bannon and that fucking slimeball roger stone. Im talking serious pitchfork shit.


This “republic” has been heading toward demise for at least five decades now.  And O’Bummer & P’Loser have already shown in 2009 what to expect from Biden & P’Loser when it comes to holding traitors accountable in 2021:  NOTHING.

It would make for some rousing T-V, though – and something the DimWit-Rats could use in their 2022 & 2024 cam­paigns.  Traitors On Trial.  Interesting . . .