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Citing $69 Trillion Price Tag by 2100, Moody's Warns Central Banks of Far-Reaching Economic Damage of Climate Crisis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/03/citing-69-trillion-price-tag-2100-moodys-warns-central-banks-far-reaching-economic

  1. Dont make me laugh:

Here we go again, citing year 2100. This crisis is underway right now . People don’t understand the exponential function. Sigh…


2100 says it all, wow.


On an upbeat note, rapid progress is being made in the design of self-replicating, artificially intelligent robots that are also, get this, heat resistant. Oh happy day! The only drawback is that they must be lubricated using the remains of the proletariat and endangered species. Oh well, the supply of these, once properly priced by the market should last for quite some time.


I am lost for words:


Just curious: What does a volcano in a constant state of eruption since 1932 have to do with human-induced climate change?

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Nothing. It just seems to me that planet earth is eruping all over. Or melting, or flooding, or droughting etc.

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I know that the capitalist, wealth and profits as the end-all and be-all, ship of fools & criminals that dominates our planet can only think in terms of money, but this
analysis" is astonishing in its myopic stupidity! Thinking in terms of $69 Trillion by 2100 is BS and is part of the problem! Does that price tag include the million and more extinctions? Or the role in the Web of Life they play? Likely not. Does that “cost” include their loss in terms of the actual sustainability of life on Earth…you know, all the stuff that isn’t money and money cannot “fix”?

How about the water and air and nuclear plants left to poison the Earth? What about the fossil-fuel and chemical poison contamination from floods and pollution of the sources of life, our Oceans and Seas. Those bean-counters and whoever is fixing that “price-tag” should be shot and then hung!.We are ruled by depraved mentally diseased scum who don’t know anything about life!

We are dominated by idiots and shallow, narroe-minded fools who don’t know the consequences of these crises or shite from Shinola; only their thinking in terms of wealth and that wealth in the Trillions will “fix” what it is now destroying!

Utterly infuriating arrogant MoFo’s!


A 69 trillion dollar “price tag” is only a signal to the “investor class” that there a potential for 69 trillion in profits.

Putting a price tag on mass extinction is what helped get the world to this place in the first place.


Just how much confidence can one have in an organization that was fined $864 million for inflating the ratings of sub-prime mortgages investments during the GFC, for a fee.


Only 69 trillion (that’s about the amount of economic activity all the nations of the earth create in one year) only 2 degrees C, and both not expected until 2100?
Hilarious. Talk about low balling. Christ on a cracker! These numbers will easily be hit by 2050, perhaps sooner. A mass extinction will start before that. I would be 87 in 2050. Instead of seeing human settlements on the moon and Mars, those of us that are left will probably be fighting for the last drops of fresh water in a “Mad Max” like Hell scape. We’ll be eating rancid canned goods at the bottom of old coal mines.
“We cannot allow a mine shaft gap!” Man, that used to be funny.


Seems that the fellows over at Moodys are a couple of decades behind average on sorting out the obvious, and also, as we’ve known all along, extremely conservative in their estimates - both in the time and the amount. Whats next, are investors going to figure out a way to “short” the survival of the human species.


It’s not a warning in the conventional sense.

It is more the rubbing of hands in glee - wow - sixty-nine trillion. all of which will be financed by loans of one kind or another - a financier’s dream come true.

And think of the GDP numbers - the economists get to cheer too, only they are not economists - they are bean counters - with sixty-nine trillion more beans to count.

This might call for a more advanced calculator?


I wonder why pResident tRump hasn’t take China to task the his hoax they’re perpetrating on the world.


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Don’t don your bathing suits yet — it’s not a CLIFF event, only a corrosive . . .

Ah-yup.  As the oceans absorb more CO2 they become more corrosive, which kills coral reefs (where fish and many other species breed and begin their lives, so pretty soon no more fish, etc. . . . )

But not to worry . . .


You are spot on except for one minor detail; we won’t be eating rancid food … but rather… each other. The looming Cannibal Age is on the near horizon. When we can no longer grow grains and the food chain collapses (it’s already underway), what will we subsist on? I hope I am gone by then. But if Guy McPherson is correct, I could be in someone’s stew pot by 2026. Just sayin’… please tell me I’m wrong.

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Who says the banking ponzzi game will last another 80 years. It could flop at any moment. Unless we print unlimited bank notes, and the rest of the world lets us. I mean the fed.

if the banks needed that cash, they’d get it in days.

maybe we should dress up the climate like a Goldman Sachs executive.


The japanese can help with the endangered species: