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Citing $750 Million Tax Break for Amazon While Students Suffer, Teachers Walk Out in Virginia


Citing $750 Million Tax Break for Amazon While Students Suffer, Teachers Walk Out in Virginia

Julia Conley, staff writer

Fed up with plummeting school funds and low teacher salaries in a state that recently offered hundreds of millions of dollars in tax breaks to one of the world's richest companies, unionized teachers and their allies in Virginia traveled to the state capital on Monday to demand state legislators begin fighting for them and students instead of for powerful corporations.



“Solidarity forever!
The union makes us strong!”

No wonder the bosses and other parasites hate them.



Well it is not as if Jeff Bezos wants educated workers to staff his sweatshops now, is it? Onward to mediocrity and below…



When Somoza was asked why he didn’t educate his people, he responded, “I don’t want men. I want oxen!”



Good they walked out, and moron Bezos does not need a tax break- he needs a good kick in the you know where and needs his wife to take him to the cleaners.






Who is Smoza?



My god, the kids these days. Then they can’t even do a web search.



This sort of extortion must not be tolerated. When a plant is built it does make the need for workers greater but the location often is chosen, not by the rational reason that there is an existing underutilized pool of workers but by which location will provide the most in tax breaks and infrastructure improvements made with the public’s dollar. When a new plant is contemplated the first thing that goes up should be a training facility for the labor needed in the proposed facility.

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This is a common problem with any non elected leader and all to many elected ones. The head of the government must be aware of the needs of the people and sympathetic with their plight. Hard to do when you rule by decree for one can’t please everyone and the dissenters tend spring from thin air. Frustration builds on all sides and even a well meaning and concerned monarch will find desenters that want him/her removed. These will grow in power as the absolute power of the monarch deteriorates and oppression is needed to maintain the status quo. This of course is ineffective and the slide to revolution is on. A word to the complacent, democracies are not immune as parties try to take the place of the monarch as ours are currently trying to do for the benefit of corporate interests.



Saw an interview with him and he comes across as a neoliberal Clintonian calling himself a centrist independent. His selling of the Sonics to Oklahoma makes his chosen hometown base iffy. Looks like the Democrats will need to be borrowing the Republican’t clown bus next year.



Just remember that these rich folks got that way by either being ruthless, or learning that trait along the way.



Or they inherited it like the Kochs and Dump/

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