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Citing Assange's Work Exposing US 'Atrocities,' UK Labour Leaders Speak Out Against Extradition Effort


The Kiriakou trial is a likely precedent. The court just denied him testimony, and jailed him, threatening worse. There is no law here.



I think the Ms. Clinton just said that his arrest was justified! Glad I did not vote for her



Kiriakou was sentenced to 30 months in prison . Assange will probably never see the light of day again



Tough call. It might be that policy that encourages sources to come forward. And yes, I’d like to know how those emails came to light, but not at the cost of frightening potential witnesses into silence.



Of course, she said she wanted to drone Assange. The idea of him rotting in prison likely gets her off.



While interesting it wouldn’t stop Assange’s prosecution. If anything it would just put further people in the crosshairs of the U.S. government. Though frankly I imagine they already have a list of suspects that they will torture Assange on to confess to, like how they did Chelsea Manning to try to get her to falsely confess on Assange.

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If the source is dead, I say release the name.



Yes. Considering the fact that the source of the DNC documents was killed. Granted, I understand that Assange needs to prove to all FUTURE whistleblowers that ‘under NO circumstances’, will one’s identity be exposed by Wikileaks, it still is extremely hard to sit by knowing the truth and knowing that had Assange only been willing to expose that truth, we could have taken down so many corrupt Democrat officials, and operatives.

Edit: Actually, it just occurred to me that Wikileaks could tweak the policy to give contributors the option to allow the organization to release their identity in the event of death. Man, I would have just loved to have watched the DNC, Podesta, Hillary, and others squirm if Wikileaks had done more than just offer a reward for information concerning the contributor’s death.

Skeptic: Have you seen the interview of Assange when he was asked point blank if a person (DNC insider) was responsible for the Podesta docs? Assange did everything he could to insinuate that “yes, it was a DNC insider”, without saying it straight out.



As signatories of Working Party On Arbitrary Detention they are also legally obligated to honor the protection afforded by asylum.
Turns out the law only matters to fascists when it is convenient.

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Me too. This is nothing new, Bernie was also silent at the Democratic Convention in Philly when he allowed Trump to become POTUS by selling out to the Wall Street walker.

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“He came, he revealed war crimes, he’s dead!” she cackled.



Greenwald was spot on about the liberal media. Maddow on many occasions Thursday night used the word " charges " instead of " charge ".
She tipped her hand because Maddow knows more chharges are coming from the U.S. in May.
Trump’s uses of the death threat images on Con. Omar and the tax turnover brawl w/ Congress also quickly took the Assange controversy off the radar. The fight will be continue but it’s over for MSM coverage, the British will have to step up.
I saw Hedges and Prashad on RT (2), great discussion and program about this travesty.
BTW- What did Tulsi opine about the real death threat by the POTUS to her fellow traveler Con. Omar? Missed that and her remarks about Trump’s Constitutional brinksmanship on the tax issue. Anyone got a link? She really needs to step up or it’ll shows she’s possibly just sheepdogging for the anti-Muslim vote in the Dimocratic primaries. And, her view on Trump’s taxes; whoa, she’s no Sen. Warren. Can she be trusted? If the Center for American Progress isn’t going after her, she’s possibly sheepdogging for them, too.
If Biden scratches her behind the ears and she get’s " jigglyleg " it’s a tell, imo.