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Citing 'Big Mistakes' Made in Covid-19 Fight, Khanna and Warren Lead 130+ Dems Calling for Congress to Prevent the Next Pandemic

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/22/citing-big-mistakes-made-covid-19-fight-khanna-and-warren-lead-130-dems-calling

Not enough but if bidens I feel he will he continue on as obomber 2.0. Sadly not choice of choice of F$$$ Amerika Main Street bidens small plan

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One major answer is better engineering. Remember how much a little idea such as wearing masks helped?

The virus gets transferred from mouth to surfaces to hand to mouth. Surfaces that are commonly touched should be warmed. Warming a surface and making the indoor air a bit drier will eventually sterilize that surface, and that’s better than nothing.

We already know that hospital-grade air filters will filter almost all of the covid-19 virus out of any building’s air. A HEPA filter is always better than nothing. We’re going to need one million filters and probably better air pumps in every large building.

As long as every single person is breathing nearly 100% cleaned air and the spittle drops aren’t flying onto somebody else’s face, we don’t particularly care how much the next person is coughing. That kind of environment can be engineered.

We have to pod people close together for months at a time. If one member of the pod might get the covid, quarantine the whole pod.

Yes absolutely, good ventilation, especially now that we are going to be spending more time indoors, is key.

The virus is airborne. Yelling, talking loudly, laughing, singing (choirs), and, of course, sneezing and/or coughing, spread droplets containing COVID virus by an infected person. This means, standing within 6 feet and/or talking to a person with COVID for 15 or more minutes (in a day) gives one a very good chance of contracting it. At any rate, this is an exposure and all involved should be tested and possibly quarantined, that is, if they are even made aware that they were in contact with someone with COVID.

As for masks, all of Asia was wearing masks. That shoulda been our first clue.

The Trump admin, that includes Dr. Birx (especially) and even Dr. Fauci, told the public early on that masks probably would not help. It does seem, however, that they were operating on the assumption that COVID was passed through contact with a surface that was contaminated. While possible, this is not the primary mode of transmission, it is through droplets in the air. Also part of the reason they cautioned against wearing masks was that there was an extreme shortage of PPE for medical staff treating those ill with COVID.

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Warren or Sanders have no power or leverage. Same for AOC and her Squad and followers. The DP has no power or leverage. Trump has derailed the train of progress, democracy, socialism, LGBT rights, basic immigrant rights and wrongs, Police brutality? No power,.or will to take the fight to the GOP… The DP has become a far worse enemy for us citizens than the GOP. In fact, both are enemies of the USA, and the global network, not to mention the survival of us as a species (and all other life on this planet). Killing all of us has no problem with any of them.

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Fresh air!!
Please keep one window, at least, open a crack as weather gets colder.
Hospitals and schools and office buildings do need to go to slight vaccumn.
Patient rooms can be economically isolated from the buildings existing system with a
through the wall unit that you may have witnessed at hotels. Doors can be updated from hinged to slide aside. Eight different nurses do not visit the patient in one day. Only two or three.

Schools are going to be more expensive to upgrade because they are not distancing the students.

Virus die on copper in 4 hours or slightly less.

Leaving public health in for-profit hands will not be fixed by the faux liberal wing of the Jackass brand of corporatist politics. We have the world’s worst results for a large country, and still have the most expensive medical care and the worst bang for the buck.

This issue has been a recurring theme in American politics since at least Truman’s time, and the uni-party is well-paid not to fix it.

It’s time we looked outside America’s borders for solutions. Many of our problems are being solved by other countries in the World. Why not just select the best policies from each, and thus make America the best? The only thing holding us back is congress taking money to act against our interests. If citizens paid for campaigns, maybe we could share in a little of America’s greatness too.

The only ideas taken from other countries in this campaign are marching orders from Israel, and the “Build Back Better” slogan Plagiarizing Joe borrowed without credit from the UK.


Like generals always preparing for the last war, we now want to spend billions preparing for the next US pandemic (the last really major one was the 1918 Spanish Flu) which may not occur for another 100 years. What if the next catastrophe is a major earthquake like the 1812 New Madrid quake? or a meteor strike? How much should we prepare for once per 100 or 200 year events? We will be like the doomsday preppers who live in bomb shelters prepared for nuclear war. The problem with that is if nuclear war DOESN’T happen, you have wasted all those resources for nothing and can’t pay for the new transmission your car needs.

This feels a bit like political theater in an election year. I would rather they take the podium to shame and criticize the administration into taking more action NOW before the second wave hits full force this winter. Planning for the next pandemic (and there will be more) is important of course, but we are STILL not adequately responding to the one we’re in the middle of right now. And if Europe is a harbinger of what’s to come to North America, we are in deep excrement. I fully expect 500K - 750K deaths before we see spring again.

Get Congress to defund and shut down all of the BSL-3 and BSL-4 Biological Weapons Labs all over the globe and maybe humanity still has a chance of making it to the end of this century.


That’s a start but how do you handle the Russian, Korean, Chinese et. al. labs?

Democrats keep sending letters to Santa Claus asking for a pony. Do they really think people give a tinker’s damn about their sternly worded letters?

Treaty, trust, verify

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One of the functions of gummint is to provide for the common defense. I don’t think they meant just from the Redcoats.

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How did that work to prevent N Korea from getting the bomb?

we never really tried the first measure. N Korea feels - appropriately so - that they HAVE to have a bomb to keep themselves safe from the regime change proclivities of the Empire that once reduced them to ashes and rubble. If we’d ever signed a treaty with them that made them feel safer things might have worked out differently.

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I’m glad they’re proactively solving the next pandemic while the current pandemic rages due to the fact they’ve done fu€$-all to ameliorate the spread - the death and suffering continues unabatted.

There isn’t a single leader to be found in the whole lot of them. These assholes couldn’t order a grilled cheese sandwich without screwing it up.

If you were beaten and raped up until you bought a firearm, what kind of promise would make you feel safe enough to trust the abuser? I suspect that their promise that “they’ve changed” would be met with disbelief and you’d keep your gun handy. All N. Korea has to do is look at what happened to Qaddafi when he cancelled his nuclear program.