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Citing Big Pharma Ties, Sanders Moves to Block FDA Nominee


Citing Big Pharma Ties, Sanders Moves to Block FDA Nominee

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Bernie Sanders is moving to block President Barack Obama's nominee to take over the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), joining with two other senators who have recently put a halt on Dr. Robert M. Califf's nomination, citing his ties to corporate drug manufacturers.


Right on Bernie! A voice for accountability and the people over profits. Bill Clinton served corporate/financial parasite America and Obama continued that service, in part locking-in for-profit health care with the insurance industry and big-pharma making billions on the backs of the people and our nation. Hillary now wants to have her shot, that she believes is "rightly" hers, I say BS! Enough of DINO Dems playing us with progressive words of deceit while taking campaign-contribution bribes from the worst, most greedy of America and betraying the progressive legacy of FDR and Eleanor among others!

Bernie Sanders stands up for the little guy and gal and has the moral compass to tell it straight. Hillary, the "anointed one" has pressured her acolytes in and out of office to confirm her coronation, but I hope and believe the people will have plenty to say about who really cares about their lives and future, and who is blowing smoke. Hillary has said she will "improve" the ACA, but fails to go far enough to really make a difference to average Americans. The Insurance and pharmaceutical industries must be reined-in and their power ended! If Hillary really wanted to make a significant difference she has only to speak it, not just attack Sanders proposals - that tells the tale!


At this time I support Sanders' current political campaign. I oppose Clinton's political ambitions.

It's good news to hear Sanders blocking this nomination. Too bad Sanders wasn't able to block quite a few earlier appointments to cabinet posts and administration agencies. I didn't follow his career closely enough to speak to the positions he took in the past. It just would have been nice to have stronger voices in the Senate who were able to stop the takeover of America by the corporations and the elites.


Good for Bernie. This very morning I was reflecting on how much physicians play the role of pimps for Big Pharma. Why not demand that university labs that develop and patent drugs with taxpayer money from the NIH be prohibited in patenting and then selling these patents to Big Pharma? This was so until the 1970's.


Every day in every way Bernie continues to be the mensch he is and will be as president of a nation that sorely needs his plainspoken commonsense and caring for all people. Would that those who need this most see the light and come out to vote for their lives! Thank you Bernie for standing up for all of us. I am doing everything I can to get you the nomination and then the votes to give our country a chance to turn once again towards a


NEW NEW DEAL! GO BERNIE GO. Sorry that somehow my previous message got cut off. This finishes my thoughts.


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A bit different than Hillary saying she will continue on the Obama path.


This nomination to head the FDA is a great example of the Obama (and by extension the would-be Clinton) administration's "pragmatism."


Good that Bernie is still keeping up with his day job while he campaigns, unlike Mr. no-show for votes, Marco Rubio.


The power to appoint is an important presidential function, go Bernie.


Oh and don't you know Hellery accepted almost as much in speaking fees from pharma and insurance profiteers as she did from the banksters!!! Like the public option didn't even get a chance under Obama. Medicare for all will save us trillions! Death to corporations I say.


While sitting in the doctor's office i watch these drug sales reps meeting with the doctor. The medical profession is equally responsible for the outrageous drug prices because they meet directly with the sales rep and can demand thru reps to stop extorting americans. Americans only get outraged when an animal is hurt. The fact that our politicians have allowed the drug companies extort its customers is criminal. You would think the american public would be extremely outraged. Where is the outrage? No other country treats its citizens the way American politicians do.The drug companies charge what ever they want only in america not in Germany France Italy or even Canada just the United States. And they call this a free market.


That's why I'm voting for Bernie.


The drug companies, thru the funds they "donated" to medical schools in America, gained control of the curriculum. That's how the emphasis in medicine in this country shifted away from health and cures, to treatment of symptoms.

The payoff for the drug companies was a cadre of doctors who push their products, increased profits used to bribe Congress and enable drug companies to charge more for their drugs, which increased profits.


There's been a talking head on MSNBC for the past hour who's been doing a hatchet job on the Sanders campaign. Very little positive or neutral info being presented. Plenty of positive stuff about Clinton's campaign. Think the program's name is "Meet the Press."


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Will you join in an effort to have the Constitution rewritten to reflect the realities of the 21st century?


I'd give my left nut to see legislation passed banning the advertising of prescription drugs on TV. Think of the billions that advertising is adding to the cost of health care. The ads are absolutely unethical and craven. Once upon a time, drugs were only sold to pharmacists and physicians by pharmacists working for drug companies.