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Citing 'Callous Disregard for Human Life,' Groups Urge Trump and Pence to Hand Covid-19 Response Over to Health Experts

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/15/citing-callous-disregard-human-life-groups-urge-trump-and-pence-hand-covid-19


A better idea would be to hand Trump and Pence over to the Grim Reaper.


Strongly worded letters mean nothing to these evil humans.

They must be dealt with in ways “they” understand.

There comes a time in when force is the only appropriate answer.


Yes, like Strother Martin said in Cool Hand Luke: " WHAT WE HAVE HERE IS A FAILURE TO COMMUNICATE"!


Great words: Great letter. Reminds me of the biblical seeds that fell on the flat stone.


Makes me wonder about the Trump clan withdrawing from WHO and attempting to control health information by absconding with the mechanisms of CDC.

There are a number of variations on the definition of GENOCIDE, below is that of the 2017 WIKIPEDIA

entry by John Cox, historian:

Genocide is the concerted, coordinated effort to destroy any human group or collectivity as it is defined by the perpetrator.

We recognize that most humans possess identities that evolve and overlap, and also that societies have invented many of the most commonly held identities, such as race. That is why we emphasize as it is defined by the perpetrator.” (emphasis added) Groups that have suffered genocidal violence have usually been identified by “race” or “ethnicity,” nation, religion, political identity, or by social class or membership (or perceived membership) in other social groupings, such as those defined by sexual orientation or gender identity. It is essential therefore to avoid creating a restrictive list of potential victim groups (as in the 1948 UN definition).

Genocide differs from other mass crimes against humanity and atrocities by its ambition. Genocide aims to not only eliminate individual members of the targeted group but to destroy the group’s ability to maintain its social and cultural cohesion and, thus, its existence as a group. Because perpetrators very rarely provide explicit statements of genocidal intent, this intent can be uncovered by examining policies, actions, and outcomes, as well as the guiding ideology.

sound familiar? countless puzzle pieces in unexpected places at unexpected times.




If trump ever actually reads the excellent letter and its strongly worded indictment, his empty, malignant head would likely explode; 'frinstance this " * under your failed leadership, the Executive Branch’s response to the pandemic has been inept and incoherent in nearly every respect - your callous disregard for human life during the still-raging coronavirus pandemic is appalling and must cease..

He is sooo thin-skinned and ego-narcissist mad and vindictive, the letter’s words might even provoke a coronary - a very just result for trump’s clear lack of concern for anyone other than himself and his equally corrupt and shallow family. Good riddance to bad rubbish, IMO.
As some well-informed person here on CD noted recently (apologies for my lack of memory and credit well-deserved) the appropriate words of Clarence Darrow - "I’ve never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure."


" . . . the number of people in the U.S. who have been infected with the coronavirus may by 10 times higher than the official count."

I don’t know if “Grammerly” would pick that up, but perhaps it was not in the original letter.

Of course I agree with and applaud this letter, but what Trump and Pence will do with it is anybody’s guess.

That they would try to cover up the number of cases is beyond the pale, and a true crime against humanity; that they would ever pay for it . . . ah, but we live in a very strange country. Yes, like seeds on flat stone.

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Every epidemic and pandemic around the globe has been subject to widespread denial, which includes undercounting casualties. Politics and profits always dictate the response.


Republicans Are Afraid to Attend Their Convention But Want Your Kids in School

A whole slew of big-name Republicans are saying Nope to the invite. “Everybody just assumes no one is going,” says GOP Rep. Darin LaHood.

Why that assumption? Because COVID-19 is raging out of control in the South and West, and still lurks virtually everywhere else


Opening schools will kill and maim more staff than students.

Eliminating public school employees will enable the GOP to expedite eliminating public schools…a decades long goal. They will erect 20’ high statues of Betsy Devious for her leadership in eliminating public education.


“Hell of a job Donny.”

This headline confirms to me that we are completely and utterly f----ed for it indicates there are far too many who believe these sociopaths can be reasoned with.

Doesn’t promoting the false hope that a letter to Trump and Pence will make a difference do more harm than good?

If there are no checks and balances left in this shithole country shouldn’t we make that clear? Shouldn’t we know the truth right now?

The truth that we are in a. . . whatever you choose to call this . . . totalitarian, fascist country?

Can we still act or prepare?

Not quite sure what preparation or action would entail. But not knowing or being delusional (i.e. thinking a letter to Trump will help) about the depth and breadth of the cruel chaos we are in does not help, it just feels like more crazy making which leads to (imo) despair and inaction.

And one of those failures is, once again, in making the First Nations invisible in this pandemic. Stories have been posted on what is happening in the Dine’ communities for example. So this failure to communicate has some problems all around.



Thats the best idea I’ve heard in a while.

And now this:

Trump Is Donating Ventilators to Countries That Don’t Need or Can’t Use Them

Nearly 8,000 ventilators are destined for foreign countries as part of Trump’s plan to make the U.S. “king of ventilators.” But public health experts worry the machines are crowding out more urgently needed aid.


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They want an emergency. That much is clear.

You touch on a point that makes me keep scratching my head too. I was taught that we have 3 co-equal branches of government. Why is every utterance and whim from this maniac obeyed instantly by our entire government, as if it were the word of God Almighty?

ALL of our leaders have abdicated their responsibility. Their claims that they deserve these positions of power because they’re the most qualified to lead has been exposed as the lie that it’s always been. I wish that exposure had come when the stakes weren’t this high.

It’s time to start forming a replacement government. This experiment has run its course.