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Citing Climate Hoax, Limbaugh Downplayed Irma Threat to Millions. Now He's Evacuating


Citing Climate Hoax, Limbaugh Downplayed Irma Threat to Millions. Now He's Evacuating

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Right-wing radio host Rush Limbaugh claims Hurricane Irma warnings are exaggerated, then indicates he will evacuate Florida before the storm makes landfall.


Take notice of how he couches his evacuation by asserting “Tomorrow it would be, I think, legally impossible for us to originate the program out of here.” No mention of the impending destruction from the Cat 5 Hurricane bearing down on Florida with potentially a direct hit on the area where LImbaugh lives and lies on the radio. He’s leaving because it is the most rational thing he can do for his safety but I would have liked to see him “ride out” the media-hyped hurricane…and live to tell about it. Yeah, right.


I would have loved to see see thrush limppaw and the prictator ride out the storm together at either limppaw’s estate or the prictator’s “mal y loco” but … I live in Nebrasky, not on Fantasy Island :disappointed: However, an old crone can dream … :thinking::rainbow:


An open question who is the bigger threat to humanity, Irma or Rush.


Not “potentially” enough for many…


How do you spell: H-y-p-o-c-r-i-t-e?


So, Rancid Limburger is getting his cheesy ass out of town. There’s apparently nothing more powerful than a liberal hoax. Too bad. I would have loved to see that useless bag of hot air meet his better.


…or alternately: right-wing asshole cashing in all the way to the bank just like all capitalist elites.


Please, please. please, goddesses of weather, flatten this punk’s house.


Rush has been able to spout his talk radio, right wing, hate agenda and vitriol for a long time and will never admit his evacuation has anything to do with human, climate change.


Does someone have a very large meat thermometer? I’m sure the big fat pig from Animal Farm, Florida is way over done.




I would choose the third choice: Ignorance.


Rancid Limburger cheese–that must be very smelly.


Please Mr. Limbaugh, stay in your house.


Stinks from the top down, and from the inside out.


Ignorance indeed! If you have never seen this film (it is drawn from a book of the same name, by the same authors) it is worthwhile to see how ignorance is foisted upon us. The title is “Merchants of Doubt”.


When reality clashes with ideology it’s time for the ideologue to get the hell out of there.


Freedom of speech doesn’t allow you to yell “fire” in a crowded theater. That could kill people.

Rush is betting that the storm will go out to sea, and then he can tell his audience, “see, I told you so.” The other possibility is more likely. I suspect that we’re going to see a number of elderly listeners trapped in their homes and killed.


Rush! Hands down.