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Citing 'Common Good,' Nearly 1,500 Scientists Demand Congress Protect Landmark Legislation From GOP's Attacks


Citing 'Common Good,' Nearly 1,500 Scientists Demand Congress Protect Landmark Legislation From GOP's Attacks

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

In honor of Endangered Species Day on Friday, 1,452 American scientists sent a letter to Congress demanding that they "protect the scientific foundation of the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and reject any attempts to weaken or compromise the role of science in protecting species."


1500 Scientists. Seems like a reasonable person would take notice. But we are dealing with psychopaths…


I cannot wait for the day that “Corrupt Politicians” are an endangered species.


Notice how Congress is gutting legislation enacted by Nixon and other Republicans, like EPA, OSHA, ES, while expanding or cherry picking Clinton and Obama legislation like telecom dereg, gutting New Deal regulations, and Dodd/Frank ?


There is no reason to believe climate deniers would care about endangered species. There have been predictions that if 4C is passed about half of all species will be wiped wiped. We are dealing with an ideology that has no regard for its consequences whether it be in reference to humans, animals, or plants. Ecological systems mean nothing to this ideology which is obsessed with government regulations as if such regulations were the ultimate evil.


Might as well talk to the fuckin wall! “Science” is a dirty word in trumpville; verboten in government “regulatory” agencies and Congress…“protection” is only applied to environmental rapists, banks/wall street usury, and corporate piracy!

The trump regime is a depraved cabal of pathological scum intent on destroying everything in the right-wing “conservative” wishlist of destruction, and giving all to greed and self-interest. The only thing that will make those odious creatures take notice is prosecution and dancing at the end of a rope!

Too bad there is no opposition party…


Things are getting worse every day –


The country has been taken over by a murderer. In Trump’s case, he looks exactly like what he is. Fake orange rat hair that is beyond vulgar. Sprayed on tan on the face. Grotesque hand gestures and body language. Normally, one does not want to delve into looks, but these are not normal times. It appears like the lowest scum Vegas casino reptile. And it has a showgirl/chippie on it’s arm. Why did anyone even attempt to normalize this?


“What is man without the beasts? If all the beasts were gone, men would die from great loneliness of spirit, for whatever happens to the beasts also happens to man. All things are connected. Whatever befalls the earth befalls the children of the earth.”



I not a repub but focusing blame on them is very shallow.

My vote went to Obama with the hope he would ground the Bush’s anti wolf air force operating in the heartland to protect cattle barrons.

Obama did not ground the anti wolf air force and I have not voted for lying democratic war mongers again.


Republicans are dead of spirit already. They know only the pursuit of money, and wisdom is merely an impediment. Republicans would kill the universe for a dollar. I read a while back that republicans viewed the melting of all the Arctic ice as an investment opportunity with the opening of northern shipping lanes. These people are not short-sighted – they are a psychopathic death cult and all of nature, including the lives of their progeny, will be sacrificed at the altar of the Golden Calf.


How about Democratic Socialists? If an Independent like Bernie can run as a Democratic Socialist in the big party, I assume Greens, Progressive Democrats, Socialists, Anarchists, Independents and left Libertarians could coalition with it, not supporting DNC neoliberal Democrats, but progressives exclusively.

Voting by smartphone via secure blockchain is one winning issue they could adopt and seriously increase voter turnout to our advantage.


Thanks NB…there is great opposition but little to none from the DINO party. The Greens have the issues and state certifications (apparently) but little power to get noticed, get media coverage as usual…Sanders could provide that IF he chooses…