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Citing Corporate Takeover, UN Official Calls for Halt In Secret Trade Talks


Citing Corporate Takeover, UN Official Calls for Halt In Secret Trade Talks

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

A United Nations official has called for a moratorium on secret negotiations over a United States-European Union "free trade" deal, citing concerns that the corporate tribunals likely to be included in the final pact would boost the power of multinationals at the expense of democracy and human rights.


TPP = Traitors Protecting Profits. Since only a traitor and a puppet would sell out their country to a multinational parasitic lifeform. Let them sign it then collect the traitors and give them a speedy trial and execution.


Obama’s upcoming appearance at Nike’s headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon to promote TPP and TTIP confirms that he is the most hypocritical president that anybody alive today has experienced.

Nike pioneered and wrote the book on offshoring shoe manufacture to anti-environmental, anti-worker health/safety nations and factories.

This appearance will also confirm that Obama guns 100% for the 1% and 100% against the 99%.


‘We don’t want a dystopian future in which corporations and not democratically elected governments call the shots,’

Look all talk, just like the US Constitution, “We the People” and Declaration of Independence


OMG LMFAO…did u miss GWB? Reagan? Nixon?


Corey –

“Look all talk, just like the US Constitution, ‘We the People’ and Declaration of Independence” – Could you explain?

And on your reply to raydelcamino – I’m no fan of those you name, either – But I’m in accord with Corey on the comparative rating. I’ll add - most self loving, patronizing, condescending, and authoritarian mindset.


Although I loathed those three presidents from the beginning, and I agree that the folks voting for them were voting against their own best interests, GWB, Raygun and Nixon walked their pro corporate, anti-worker talk, an exception being Raygun’s claiming to have invented budget cuts and smaller government while actually leaving us with most government employees per capita and debt/deficit that exceeded the amount accrued by his 38 predecessors combined.

Obama has on more than one occasion given a speech telling us how income inequality and racism are paramount issues, as he helicopters off to a meeting with his corporate bankrollers to assure them that TTP and TTIP are in the bag. Nothing will exacerbate income inequality and racism more than TTP and TTIP will. To add insult to injury, during the past 8 years Obama has complimented and compared himself to Raygun more than to any of his predecessors.

While Nixon started the EPA and OSHA, Obama continues to staff those agencies with more and more foxes to guard the hen house.


The Constitution has shaped the rule of law in this country and globally, so it is actually a very important document and should not be so easily dismissed. The Constitution is a property rights document and has been since its first writing. A big reason we are where we are is because the Constitution exists to protect the property of rich white men as it always has done, even with the Bill of Rights. The human rights part of the Constitution was forced into it before it was signed, for fear that it would never be signed due to popular protest. Over time some more human rights were forced into it, mainly recognizing blacks and women as people with Constitutional rights, and those amendments required social movements to force change as well.

Meanwhile, Corporations used the courts to gain human rights and met with big success in 1886, when the Supreme Court recognized corporations as actual people protected by the 14th amendment. (Women were still yet to be recognized as people.) Since then, corporations have been granted human rights under the First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendments, and special corporate rights in Article One, sections 8 (the commerce clause) and 10, (contract clause).

The founders were not supporters of corporations for the simple reason that King George employed a number of them to oppress the colonists. But the founders were very much about retaining their own wealth and power in a more democratic framework. So while the Constitution is a property rights document and badly needs amending to keep up with the march of civilization, it does provide pathways for the people to attain real democracy, if we care enough to do it.

We are living in the dystopian future now. The corporations are already calling the shots. No matter what happens with the TPP and TTIP, people created these monsters, and we can take them out. Don’t mourn. Organize! Resist! Disrupt!


A realistic view of what already is, seeing the forest for the trees and the big picture. I like your style.