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Citing Corporate Ties and Lack of 'Urgency,' Progressive Mayor Launches Primary Bid to Unseat Powerful Democrat Richard Neal

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/22/citing-corporate-ties-and-lack-urgency-progressive-mayor-launches-primary-bid-unseat


From the article:

“We need to be fighting for something, not just against.”

The same could be said about voting. Mayor Alex might be a Democrat worth voting for; Richard Neal, not so much (DNC/DCC take note).


Neal…another Pelosi Acolyte

Foot dragging when the evidence is on the table and should be under subpoena

This guy has gotta go, and go now…


Neal defeated his last primary challenger 70% to 29%. This mayor looks much more formidable, but his odds are still long. And so a D +12 district will probably remain just another corporate-friendly lost cause.

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The article describes trump and his republican lot, not the democrats. Unless he is the rare case that does not support trump, but it doesn’t say that. Trump is the one holding out on domestic spending not the dems. This guy is a typical lying repug. Even worse than the lying dems.

The only good “Centrist Democrat,” is a defeated and retired for good, “Centrist Democrat.”

"Get Off The Fucking Wall, Democrats."

Stand up for the masses. Or lose. Again.


I am guessing that AOC’s opening campaign numbers were even worse against Crowley. If this is a strong Democratic area, then a strong progressive agenda should be very appealing.


There are voters in the district who work in healthcare and fear disrupting the current system.

Neal exploits those fears. The mayor should label Neal a fear-monger.

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“It’s not just that we need new leadership in Washington. We need new leadership that understands that we can no longer settle for small, incremental, and compromising progress. We need to be on offense. We need to be fighting for something, not just against.”

Yes yes yes, this has been true for decades now. The sold-out corporatist neoliberal Democratic Party leadership has helped steer this country ever rightward toward Trumpism. We need to FIGHT BACK and FIGHT FOR. Being “against Trump” is grossly insufficient.

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Well Skeptic you are living up to your billing. All corporate lackeys have huge advantages, but AOC has shown it is possible.


Haha beat me to it!! I would like to ( read that need to) nurture a little bit of hope right now… I hope skeptic tank is too skeptical!!!


Richard, Kneel: (Give him credit for being aptly named at least :wink:

Neal took $1 million from for-profit health care groups –
that’s even more than Joe Biden got –

Trust Morse is working on donations from average Americans …

We need to keep knocking out the Neal’s and Pelosi’s – but much faster!
And Susan Colins, btw.


A representative democracy? Now there’s a truly great idea.

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Not until we have standardized voting regulations. Too many people know how to cheat an election, and do it.

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Hopefully, some of these corporate, neo-liberal old farts will see the graffiti on the wall and announce retirement. They rarely are that insightful however.

Also, can someone start a “Draft Ashley Judd” movement in Kentucky. She is the only person I can think of who could beat Yurtle.

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Apparently subpoenas are useless unless complied with. We might as well skip that process and file suit against the person being subpoenaed. The law suit is dropped if witness shows up. Otherwise continue on and wait for the courts. Basically skip the subpoena since the carry no weight.