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Citing Covid Threat, LA Public Schools—2nd Largest District in US—Won't Resume In-Person Teaching This Fall

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/13/citing-covid-threat-la-public-schools-2nd-largest-district-us-wont-resume-person

Good for LA teachers and students, I’m glad there’s somewhere that refuses to be bullied into opening their schools and endangering everyone.

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Most of the nation is just about to become seriously dysfunctional for the next four weeks. 80% of the nation’s school districts need to admit now, and not in a month, that they’re not going to hold traditional classes in September.

Rule one: reduce the reinfection rate.

This disease is hitting Louisiana wicked hard for the second time this year. They’re getting the disease for the second time in three months. “Herd immunity” is a Republican medical myth with the coronavirus. Each time you get reinfected with the same disease, you take a certain risk that you’ll get permanent lung function loss, or permanent diabetes out of nowhere, or a stroke or something else. That happens with supposedly healthy people too.

So, we must set up our schools and our whole society for strict reinfection standards. If we don’t meet society’s total reinfection standards then we don’t open the schools, among other things that we don’t reopen.

I’ve heard of summer camp pods consisting of ten kids, one counselor and some of the kids’ parents helping out. That’s a strategy. Worst case infection only goes as far as ten kids and ten families beyond that.

It’s possible to have kids in a classroom separated by plexiglas shields breaking the room up into four-student pods, with negative air pressure in each plexiglass booth.

Teachers with really good sound systems won’t have to project their voices to the back of the classroom, and that’s important for covid. Bad sound systems are deadly.

Why can’t teachers wear those plastic face shields that nurses wear? Somebody has to get about two feet from each student and look over her/their/his shoulder at the screen or at the paper.

Big schools are inherently bad. They’re pretty bad for gang recruitment and bullying in any case. I’d rather see small pods of kids as separated as possible.

I’ve heard good things about remediating individuals’ vitamin D deficiencies and covid-19. Pharma can’t make real money off of vitamin D, but it’s reportedly better than nothing.