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Citing 'Criminal Exposure' in Straw-Donor Scheme and Possible Perjury, House Announces Investigation Into DeJoy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/08/citing-criminal-exposure-straw-donor-scheme-and-possible-perjury-house-announces


"DeJoy pressured his employees at New Breed Logistics to write checks for Republican congressional and presidential candidates and reimbursed them for doing so through bonuses. "

Will they testify.


“Stop! Or we’ll shout stop again.”
That is the extent of what the House can actually do to rein in Lajoy or anyone else like him. Until there is systemic change, where the congress actually wrests control over hiring in row federal offices away from the executive branch, up to and especially including the Justice dept, this level of corruption can and will continue to occur.
Remember folks, only systemic change can address the problems inherent in this system. Without it, all we will be doing is re arranging deck chairs on our little Titanic.


“Will they testify?”
Probably not. This kind back door illegal campaign financing has been going on for decades (I have worked for two cable companies, old defunked TCI and then Comcast, that regularly added money to exec bonuses with the caveat that they immediately donate it to a certain political candidate. Wall Street has also done this for years)
And now, in the post Citizens United, post McCutcheon era, I’m not sure this is illegal any more. The only thing illegal may be IRS related if they claimed it improperly in order to lower their taxable income. However, that’s why I think no one will come forward as no one is going to admit in a congressional hearing that they cheated on their taxes.


Don’t give it to Schiff, find someone who can make a case.


He should resign but he will not most likely.

What I don’t understand is why did he not just make the donations himself directly to Trump–are there limits to the amount he can donate and this was his way of getting around the laws?

The trump regime is filled with such as dejoy, emulating and doing the bidding of their supremely-corrupt figurehead Liar-In-Chief, Commander Bone-Spur, the great!

" Despite the lofty surroundings, the president dropped all pretense of rising above the political hurly-burly. Over 46 minutes, he branded his Democratic presidential election rival, Joe Biden, “stupid”, falsely accused Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris of peddling anti-vaccination conspiracy theories (this from the Qanon mouthpiece) , and unleashed a torrent of half-truths and non-truths."

“his claim about the pandemic – “We are an absolute leader, in every way” - “Yes, the man who said the coronavirus would “just disappear”, suggested injecting bleach as a cure and dismissed the climate crisis as a hoax accused his opponents of undermining science.” - Truth is " Covid-19 death-rate for African Americans and Latinos rising sharply”

The most ignorant, uninformed, corrupt, moronic, anti-science and environment regime in American history! Yeah, give them 4 more years by all means, that’ll bring change! "The only way to bring a revolution is by defeating the corrupt DP & biden claim a myopic crowd, that obviously mean 4 more years of malignant trump regime including all the extremist neo-nazis, racists, extreme capitalist tools and anti-science/environment Natural World forces on steroids for 4 years - brilliant analysis and theory…Barnum was right.


Am I the only one who is tired of the House conducting investigations that lead to absolutely nothing? They have become more than ineffective. They are meaningless.


They are meaningless in terms of effecting change or delivering justice. However, they do create the illusion that there is democratic representation by two opposing political parties. It’s the “good cop/bad cop” routine rolled out to gull people into voting. They’re quite effective in that regard.


Now let’s be fair:
If this was a 16-year-old black kid who stole a pair of sneakers, Schiff could get a life sentence.


Must be. Otherwise why give it back? Doesn’t make sense. We must be missing something here. I’m sure someone here can enlighten us. :slight_smile:

But didn’t these employees blow the whistle to start with?

$2,700 limit on individual campaign donations, primary, then general.

It does resemble the useless committee hearings the republicans ran on Hillary. Those became useless after the first couple were history.
We need dozens more solid investigations. Many by the ethics committee and IG’s.
That way we can at least pretend to hold this administration accountable.


DeJoy isn’t being investigated because he is corrupt, or because he lied under oath. He is being investigated because he was stupid enough to not cover up his crime. He’ll get thrown under the bus so that he can’t pull the ruling elite down with him.


The 2006 Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act was designed in part, to give cover to congress so they would not be blamed, when the USPS was destroyed from within, exactly what were seeing today. The bill set up the Board of Governors, making them the “fall guy”, for any action to accomplish the above goal. Both parties are responsible for the present mess, the dems had almost 100% support for the bill in 2006, and repugs set the stage for a right leaning board, by ignoring Obama’s nominations, (7), and preparing for trump the destroyer.
Until this Law is overturned, this situation, and the fate of the USPS, will not be corrected.

“How The Postal Service Became Donald Trump’s For The Taking”


Hmm, a lame post master, “they shoot horses don’t they?” Can’t wait to see this asshole go to prison.

Thanks. No wonder…

You are by no means the only one, Lynne! This ‘investigation’ will go nowhere. Nothing the Democratic
Party has done goes anywhere. Not their ‘investigations’, not their threats, not their build up of expectations which turn to dust as Pelosi and McConnell go out for lunch. Reasonable minds may surely differ, but over a few years of paying closer attention, it seems to me to be the result, in more or less equal parts of personal corruption and abject and total absence of strategical skills. Pelosi is consumed by the wonder of being Pelosi. Since starting to pay attention these last several years, I’ve yet to encounter any situation in which she has been even marginally effective at anything, save once.
And that is on a matter of non-governmental nature when she stood for well more than an hour in
stilletos while doing some sort of filibuster - and was still able to walk leaving the podium. In her
daily responsibilities she is vain, easily flattered, and has absolutely NO IDEA how to negotiate to an
effective end which doesn’t involve ‘giving away the farm’ in the process. So this investigation will be
a distraction and nothing more. Lots of ‘shoulds’, a few 'illegal’s, multiple repetitions of the word ‘outrageous’, threats to issue subpoenas or of contempt findings to be sought. Nothing will change, be
‘solved’ unless the North Carolina governance carries out its own investigation as is supposedly going to

But doggone it if this country ever needs some record-broken about how long its possible to stand in
stilletos and still walk away without a stretcher afterward, by george Nancy’s your girl!.


How many members of the USPS Board of Governors need to resign or be fired as well?

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