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Citing "Current Situation" Under Trump, Government Ethics Chief Resigns


Citing "Current Situation" Under Trump, Government Ethics Chief Resigns

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Following months of repeated battles with the Trump administration over its reluctance to comply with even the most basic standards of transparency, Office of Government Ethics (OGE) Director Walter Shaub Jr. announced his resignation on Thursday, citing problems with "the current situation" at the White House.


TYRANNY: arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power; despotic abuse of authority.

DJT has made the executive branch of government a Greek city-state (ancient) incorporating despotism, absolutism, corruption, and militarism in all sectors including the cabinets, which he has filled with like-minded tyrants and kleptocrats whose mouths have never uttered the words ethical, integrity, or truth nor have they ever employed them in their behavior as adults lacking self-respect. Ethics be damned in the WH supplanted with corruption, chaos, cruelty and criminality.


It is bizarre.

How individuals can operate without even so much as a nod to even the semblance of ethics

These people are criminals plain and simple

Sorry Seatower but Tyrant would suggest some form of minimal intellect

All we see here is two bit jerks who would steal your tires while you're up on jacks

Not even smart enough to play the turf for the big grift


Who knew that being fired by the President could actually be a boost to your resume or CV. There is a great need for people that interpret ethical guidelines in all areas of life I guess we will see what happens when there is a void.


The only thing, which tarnishes my enjoyment of such news is the concern, what happens, if everyone, who has some integrity left, bows out of this administration, what will we be left with???


My experience in the workforce for more than half a century confirms that its a lot easier to get another job while you are employed, so waiting around to get fired by Trump is an option only for those near retirement or independently wealthy.

Although Trump may be filling appointments at a slower pace than any of his predecessors, he continues to purge those not on board with his fascist agenda. Like all autocrats and tyrants Trump has zero tolerance for anybody not on board with his agenda.


Actually, I understand from the WaPo e-mail alert that Shaub had less than 6 months left in his term. With a political shift like this one, it's not a matter of "next job," but of having some integrity as a professional.


Trump and his sycophants have their own ethics and have used them for decades to get away with things for the most part with impunity. This is a clash of different ethical systems and tens of millions share or agree with Trump's ethics.


Based on surveys conducted since the November election 30 to 40% of respondents "share or agree with Trump's ethics".

Although partisan Democrats and the media want us to believe such a "low" percentage reflects poorly on Trump, I would conclude that such a high percentage reflects beyond poorly on Murka.

Note that recent analysis concludes that a POTUS election can be won by a candidate who gets 23% of the popular vote as long as the state vote distribution is just right. None of our local Trumpsters will ever abandon Trump no matter what he does, so its unlikely Trump's support will ever dip anywhere near 23%.


"The current situation has made it clear that the ethics program needs to be stronger than it is."

Yathunk? The problem here is just how much a revolving door the White House will be allowed to be to either political party. And 3.2 million$$$ for a 1.5 hour talk is part of the problem. It does not matter that Obama is no longer president, talkin' for big bucks was the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


We all have been cast into that void for the last 167 days Fern.


I'm not so sure of that Ray. Once "TrumpDon'tCare" passes, there will be Trumpsters dying left and right.

That will become front page news and even the country bumpkins, will hear all about it.

I pray that I am wrong about the passage of "TrumpDon'tCare".


I dunno, Linda. What's Shrub getting for speeches? You gotta have something to say.


Every POTUS from Saint Ron to Obama has gotten big bucks for "speeches".

Yes, it IS hard to believe anybody would pay five or six figures to a guy with Alzheimers to give a " speech". Seeing how most of these "speeches" are not open to media or public we have no way of knowing if any "speech" occurred or if the corporations' accounts payable departments just write "speech" on the check so they can categorize the expense in their books.

Payback in its many forms is not a partisan thing, its a corporate control thing. Corporations get a handsome return on investment owning politicians in Murka and abroad...its just business !


This ascendant poltical gang has no ethics. They have bypassed the evolutionary development that distinguishes civilized humanity and bonobos. Tribal predation cannot be viewed as an ethical system...IMHO. I have decided that a huge swath of homeo sapiens should drop the sapiens. Humane wisdom is absent in these sociopaths. Perhaps they're missing the requisite gene.


Honestly this is probably for the best, if the administration is not going to listen to the more saner voices at any cost then it might be more productive for such voices to leave and fight from the outside. The situation as it is making change from the inside impossible.


Even with their dying breaths they will find the words to rationalize their hero's heartless leadership. I've heard of a few recanting, but they're in dishearteningly small numbers. Perhaps their surviving family and friends will turn traitor to Trump in the privacy of the voting booth. Hope springs eternal.


"This president has repeatedly repudiated democratic norms for transparency, accountability, and ethics for the most powerful position in the federal government," Howard concluded. "Until President Trump holds himself subject to federal ethics laws, disclosing his tax returns and divesting from his foreign and domestic business interests, both real and rumored corruption will continue to put this presidency in shadow." I couldn't have said it better myself.


GWB gets a minimum $100,000 and up to $175,000 per speech and as of 2015 he had made over 200 speeches


Governmental ethics left town quite a while ago. But maybe we'll talk about it for an hour or two. Then another outrage will take it's place. There are about 6 issues that could have been sufficient to change government 40 years ago being pushed by both parties in turn.

We need a new Congress that will actually bring public service back into government and throw the non-public special interests out. There's no enforcing ethics rules on corporatist crooks in an age of big corporate control of all media.