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Citing 'Danger to Public Safety,' Chief NOAA Scientist Launches Probe Into Agency Decision to Side With Trump Over Its Own Experts on Dorian

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/09/citing-danger-public-safety-chief-noaa-scientist-launches-probe-agency-decision-side

I don’t remember falling down a rabbit hole but I sure as hell must have.


Climate change is rapidly making all those computer models obsolete. We sure don’t need a modern day King Canute who thinks he can control the tides,er, storms to bolster his power. I now modestly propose we return to a community based weather forecast system, learning the ways of nature as our ancestors did, the subtle hints. Just watching clouds and winds gives much information about what’s in store. As for Trump…who the hell gave him a package of Sharpies and a weather map?


It’s way past time for heads of all agencies to speak truth to power and tell what they know of the ineptness and greed, and corruption of this so called President that can’t distinguish the difference between the truth and utter bull shit, it is beyond evident to anyone but the most sycophantic that trump is incapable of anything except blowing his own horn, over and over and over again, period, that’s all he knows.


I am still of the opinion that every time the rump acts in this manner, like a spoiled child, he loses another thousand voters. He should be very worried about 2020. With the right candidate /cough/Bernie/cough, he will be utterly defeated and humiliated, along with the republic party. VOTE IN THE DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY! REGISTER AS A DEMOCRAT RIGHT NOW!

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The irony for Trump is this issue (fake hurricane forecasts) might be the one issue to dislodge some of his base voters along the Gulf of Mexico, an area of overwhelming support for him in the past. Hurricane predictions in this area of the country, is very serious business to anyone who lives here. There was a story yesterday out of Mobile, AL., interviewing different residents about Trumps fake forecast, not one positive response for Trump, a few called him names, that’s a big deal for this area.