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Citing Dark Money Fears, Coalition Raises Alarm Over 'Zombie' FEC During Pivotal 2020 Elections

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/13/citing-dark-money-fears-coalition-raises-alarm-over-zombie-fec-during-pivotal-2020

If “Dead From The Neck Up” departments were not what you expected in this joke of an administration, WTFU.

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“It is beyond belief that in this presidential year of enormous consequence, the nations campaign finance enforcement agency is defunct.”

Actually it’s not beyond belief at all for me, and shouldn’t be for anyone paying attention. This is by design, straight out of the “Republican Rat-f**cking handbook”. For the most part dems will do what they usually do, remain silent on the subject, much like introduction of the corrupt voting machines. I don’t see this being resolved in a positive manor, with out interference from the courts (I doubt there’s enough time for that). At this point, with all federal agencies either under attack from the Trump appointees, or just severe underfunding to facilitate their death, the whole gop could be convicted for sedition, if an honest courtroom and judge could be found (good luck with that).


Wow, Zombies everywhere in government. Who would have believed that "Dawn of the Dead, " would be real???: (

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I realized it when Rick Scott (Skeletor) was elected as Governor of Florida. Now Senator Skeletor from Florida.

Did I mention he was about to be indicted for HUGE medicare fraud before he threw his hat in for election? Then the charges just sort of vaporized…

I mean, I knew it was happening. But to see one without makeup…

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Yeah, it’s time for one of these organizations or somebody somewhere to bring about a lawsuit on breach of the oath of office. Is the oath of office a real legal thing or is it empty ceremonial bullshit? I mean, these zealots drag out the bible and the whole deal and all of it is meaningless. They all know exactly what they’re doing. Little by little, the last remnants of American style democracy is being dismantled along with democracies in other western country’s all by the same people that brought forth the Nazi regime.

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Both, sort of. It is just a ceremony… a pretense of respectability assumed, but not carved in stone. Sort of like “In a perfect world I will… blah blah blah”.

But in reality, claims of “What I was told was mistaken… what others believed convinced me… I don’t understand how to wipe my ass and you expect me to understand this?” will cloud culpability and guilt behind someone else who was just pardoned, a loyal friend I trust, or someone willing to kiss my ass and take the fall.


Yes, how could we possibly be in for yet another noncoincidence of this very sort?

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I don’t see how filling the vacancies will help much. Captured agencies as well as a captured supreme court have made sure that big money will always make the important decisions, like who we have as choices when we vote.

Sean Hannity’s and Rick Scott’s best friend sheriff in big trouble - DOJ investigates

Google on Lee Sheriff Carmine Marceno abuse of disabled adult - can’t post links to the DOJ documents here.

Same for Hannity and the sheriff and Rick Scott on the sheriff.