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Citing 'Deprivation' They Would Cause, Federal Judge Blocks Kentucky's Trump-Backed Medicaid Work Requirements


Citing 'Deprivation' They Would Cause, Federal Judge Blocks Kentucky's Trump-Backed Medicaid Work Requirements

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Kentucky's Medicaid work requirements—which were enabled and enthusiastically approved by the Trump administration—would have stripped healthcare from around 100,000 people, but a federal judge on Friday decided to block the new restrictions from taking effect, arguing that the White House's approval of the rules did not adequately acco


The federal judge clarified work mandates, and lock out provisions for medicaid is not about helping people get jobs; but, it is about kicking people off the medicaid program. Apply that to the snap program as well, etc., and every other social program the republicans and some democrates are out to destroy, to include drug testing for unemployment benifits, too. To me, it is amazing how these different states can’t wait to screw their citizens over badly such as Kentucky, Mississippi, Indiana, Arkansas, and many others.


The provision is already in Medicaid in terms of financial responsibility. This is targeting people for exclusion or people that meet the requirements and already can’t afford the most expensive health care in the world. Most of them are already working.

One of the dangers of expanded Medicare for all as proposed.


In your face Mitch McConnell.


Our former Democratic governor was responsible for KYnect, which helped people get their ACA coverage and was admired nationwide. Our current Republican governor, a slimy piece of human garbage, is doing everything he can to screw over the people of his poor state. Needless to say I didn’t vote for him or the Republican controlled state congress, which tried to reform Kentucky’s state pension system by turning an 11 page sewer system bill into a 291 page pension reform during the very last hours of the legislative session. This law was just overturned as unconstitutional because the process to pass it did not allow any public commentary. Our Democrat AG (the former governor’s son) was responsible for challenging the law. You’d think people would buy a clue, but the sad fact of the matter is that aside from the two blue urban counties, the vast majority of this state is red.


What I find of note is that the “red” states or the South not happy to this day they lost the Civil War are out to now destroy the Union in another manner and Indiana, an almost all-white state where the KKK had and has a strong presence make clear that their desire is to make this a nation of white supremacy and one reason the Electoral College must go. Another reason, too, to work for establishing Improved, Expanded Medicare For All.


Plain and simple… Trump,Ryan and McConnell need to be stopped from their assault to destroy our safety nets across the entire county!


You elected this piece of shit governor, one I might add that PROMISED to eliminate Medicaid during his campaign.
My modest suggestion to the people of the Dark and Bloody Ground of Kentucky? Leave your racism and xenophobia at home next Election Day and start voting FOR you own best interests, instead of against them.
I used to think that it’s never too late to stop being stupid. However, we now imprison children, are trying to eliminate Medicaid and food stamps, have evicerated organized labor, and are now just a skip and hop away from making abortion and birth control illegal.
It looks like it may indeed be too late to stop being stupid.


I’ve been making that observation for years. The Confederacy never stopped fighting the civil war. They just played the long game. And now, very soon, the rest of the republic will have a fateful decision to make. Either capitulate to the demands of the oligarchy and take all of America back to 1860, or secede from the old Union and leave the new/old Confederacy to its own devices.
It may be time for the more prosperous, more progressive states to shun these red (or should I say Reb) states and go it alone.


Wait till it is appealed to the Supreme Court. We are just getting started folks. The fascists see every evil wet dream laid out before them, with nobody to stop them from doing what they want. They will take and we will give till there is nothing left to take. Then they will leave us to starve in the gutter. The media will tell us it is all our fault for being lazy and half the poor will go and kill the other half, while the rich laugh at the dumb proles. America your ignorance and apathy have a price tag…and you are only just beginning to pay it.


I’ve been making that observation for years. The Confederacy never stopped fighting the civil war.

Perhaps what is different today is that there are enough enablers to make their wet dream come true along with the arch bigot from Queens, NY.

So, obviously I agree. We need a new nation. I find it interesting how Indiana, not a Southern State, holds the same degree of white supremacy and proud of their KKK heritage. But then, as X said, south of the Canadian border is the deep south. Not everyone knows that places such as Rhode Island, Boston and NYC were hubs of the slave trade. Some of these racist ideas will take untold Millenia to be erased I suspect.


These were slave states – and there has since then been a fierce battle against
LABOR and fair wages - and of course unions.

Federal Reserve Bank now controls the question of whether or not we will have full employment. They have now reduced employment to the low 50% levels and continue to drop the level of employed every year. This is a private bank working for its member banks profit and should have nothing to do with the rate of employment in the US. That is a political question for our Congress and should be debated openly on the floor of the House/Senate by our allegedly elected officials.


How sad that in this day and age, when every other country provides healthcare for all of its citizens, that we even have to do this…the richest country on the planet yet we cant take care of our own…richest country on the planet, and our child poverty rate is higher than other countries, we throw our elderly and vets into the streets, but we have hundreds of billions to invest in our already over stuffed DoD…we are going back in time, womens rights are being threatened big time, so are the rights of the LGBTQ population, as well as, anyone who isn’t a rich, straight, white, Catholic male.


Don’t mourn, organize!


Deprivin’ Don don’ care, nor his many voters.


“Anyone who has ever struggled with poverty knows how extremely expensive it is to be poor.” James Baldwin


Kentucky’s governor Matt Bevin has been a Republican-mold jerkwad with absolutely no empathy for anyone—His previous 15 seconds of newstime featured the idea that evangelicals could work with Louisville gangs by praying with them (or preying on them, I forget—either approach would be typical of the man.) He’s in office—as are too many pols—to make as much money as he can from corporate interests—as well as enjoy free, quality health care—before he’s finally pried from his position, then to live happily on his lifetime pension and lobbyist swag.


And now this type of government is going national with a Supreme Court to boot. I keep urging people here to read about the Fuller, Lochner, and Taft courts. We really can’t afford morality plays at the ballot box in 2018 that mean zero power and even less policy control.


The claim that it is lazy, pinko, nonworking slugs ruining the economy and taking money away from the employed is a foundational pillar of extremist politics. Wall St., the banks, and duopoly insiders are documented to have caused economic problems, but that is not allowed to said nor acknowledged.
Another pillar - capitalism has zero interest in ensuring everyone has a living wage job.
From there, we are all commodified into units to be either disposed of or to have wages slashed to ensure the elite, powerful, deranged, wealthy few maintain and increase their narcissistic benefits.
Millions suffer needlessly as a result, while the sociopaths put hands over hearts and sing anthems and patriotism at a feverishly high pitch while ridiculing anyone who questions their madness.