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Citing Dictatorial Tendencies, Critics Slam Trump Over 'Madcap Threat' Aimed at News Outlet


Citing Dictatorial Tendencies, Critics Slam Trump Over 'Madcap Threat' Aimed at News Outlet

Julia Conley, staff writer

While the president can't take away the network's ability to operate, former FCC commissioner calls ongoing attempts to intimidate journalists "chilling"


IMPEACH THE FUCKING MORON NOW! What’s it gonna take Congress?


Taking on NBC…what a phuquing idiot…their attorneys will beat him into a pulp, sweep him into a black plastic bag and send him to the incinerator with the blessings of the last remaining justices with integrity in the US judicial system.


While Trump was safe at calling media “fake news” all the while lying his pearly whites out now that he has taken on NBC and CNN by name we will actually see how moronic he is. The feud will also increase their viewing public. Way to go MORON. We need Canway and Sanders now to make up stuff.


“It is frankly disgusting the press is able to write whatever it wants to write,” Trump told reporters.

Wow! SCROTUS (So-called ruler of the us) finally clearly defined the first amendment, and his opposition to it.
And here I thought he couldn’t (or wouldn’t bother to) read!


Trump is awful, but NBC and MSNBC are propagandists extraordinaire, and along with the rest of the corporate media are responsible for the downfall of this country. The Dem Establishment shills on MSNBC, such as Rachel Maddow, Joy Ann Reid, Chris Hayes, and Chuck Todd, are hugely responsible for the Trump presidency, through their pernicious lies about Bernie Sanders and their relentless promotion of the unelectable HRC. She was the worst possible candidate to foist upon the restive American electorate after 8 disappointing years of Obama’s center right presidency. So is Trump out of line here? Sure. But his point about NBC’s “fake news” is well taken.


Remember he has a substantial crowd of equally intelligent knuckle draggers that have and still support him. Thank God for the ANTIFA courage. fascist are not persuaded by logic or reason. I’m eighty and voted for Nixon twice, no judgement please, Loved Ike, the point is that when Nixon was at his lowest he went to DEFCON 2 against the Chinese. He pulled back because he was, in fact, truly intelligent in spite of his stupid political moves and had old Henry on board. Trump doesn’t have that level of mind cubes, plus he acts like somebody on happy dust. He isn’t above blowing up the world as his legacy.


The scariest part about Trump is that all of this idiocy will not end with the end of his Presidency. He has opened doors that should have remained closed. He has normalized behaviors that should have never been seen in a President of the U.S. There will be other Trump-like Emperors in the future - Trump has paved the way. He has opened the door. And now we know there are at least a third of Americans who totally love that type of behavior. One day, another authoritarian will arise and be elected that is not stupid like Trump - someone that is extremely intelligent, crafty, and wicked to their core. Someone who will not make the mistakes Trump makes through his idiocy. Someone who will play the media/government organs/public like a grand piano.

When that day comes, we are truly fucked.


Nice. I would amend that to SCROTUM (Sociopathic Criminal Ruler of the Utter Morons).


Freedom of the Press does not mean only the Press that you, I, or anyone else likes!


Irony being that the press protections exist precisely for the circumstances in which we find and have been finding ourselves in LATE STAGE MARKETING TO CONSUMERS masquerading as “democracy”. The former is peaking - much like peak oil. Thinking of seven generations hence is a tried and true realm of effective critique of methodologies. The fact that we can’t even get clear on letting go of a day dedicated to the murderer ‘columbus’… this old goat is long officially and permanently off that -bus and rerouting with open invitation to any and all of like mind.


So, you get all your news from any number of FOX outlets coupled with Breitbart online sprinkled with a daily dose of Limbaugh on the car radio while wending your way to the laundromat, it seems. And none of DJT’s points should ever be “well taken.” How can you tell if the tyrant in the WH or Beck or Carlson or Hannity are lying? Their lips are moving. (old joke but remains relevant)


But in this case, the report of Trump, in July, stating at a meeting in the Pentagon that he wanted to massively increase the nuke arsenal, and the generals having to explain to him this thing he never heard of called the START Treaties prohibiting it, was i00% true and verified by several people at the meeting, including Tillerson, who called him a “moron” after he left.


Why is there no massive “out with Trump” protest continuously underway in Lafayette Park or the like? What is it going to take?

Oh, that’s right, when people in other countries staged mass protests and strikes to eject their corrupt leaders, it is all just a CIA plot. So any such protests her will just be dismissed by the US-red-brown-left as just a “deep state” plot. Right?


Besides, he only looks at the pictures/cartoons…


What it is going to take is people filling the streets around the White House by the millions. Aren’t the any organizations working to get this going?


Late night comedy just got a boost…3+ more years, Oh Boy, now I’ll take a knee


“When the speech condemns a free press, you are hearing the words of a tyrant” Thomas Jefferson


That is the danger people should be aware of should we get a President Pence. Sure he likely won’t be as volatile but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t share the same beliefs as the Dotard in Chief. Either we get rid of the entire GOP cabal currently in the white house or any calls of impeachment won’t matter much.

This is also why it is necessary that when the GOP finally leave office we shouldn’t be content with another milquetoast Democrat replacing them. Sure comparatively it might be a relief but it won’t protect us from another Trump taking the presidency again later down the road. Only a candidate with genuine positive beliefs will do that.


It will take millions of people willing to fill the jails and to lose their jobs, coming together with organization, agenda, food, shelter, and transportation.