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Citing Dictatorial Tendencies, Critics Slam Trump Over 'Madcap Threat' Aimed at News Outlet


Such delusional crap. “Politics is too darn hard! Let’s have a Revolution!”.


and a couple of this readership are pathetic barnacles. but we’re not naming names or nuthin’, right?

My love to the DNC!


Nixon was a piece of right wing shit and dumb as sin. You voted for Satan when you voted Nixon.


Do you know any Ukrainians? I do and I speak to one daily. Maidan was a real uprising against corruption that had impoverished the country and enriched a wealthy minority. Are you saying that millions of Ukrainians were just duped stupid stooges of a CIA plot? Sure, the US supported to the uprising for its own purposes, the protestors were mistaken in the idea that turning toward the EU would help their fortunes, and ugly fascist elements joined in, and in the end, one oligarch was simply replaced with another. But it was a genuine uprising.

And the uprising against the murderous torturing blood-soaked Assad in 2011 was a genuine, socialist-led uprising too - not a CIA plot. There should be special place in hell for the “leftists for Assad”.

I look forward to a US uprising against Trump being called “just a deep state plot”.


You need to review your Chomsky/Herman. The media propaganda model does not involve “making up” stuff as Trump accuses them of, but rather applying bias in coverage and selection of facts. Even Chomsky and Herman start their day reading the NYT before going to other sources.

The particular story here - Trump stating that he want to greatly expand the US nuclear bomb stockpile and his complete ignorance of the START Treaties - is entirely factual.


He said please, no judgement.


Predictable and tiresome. Should I answer by saying give my regards to vlad?


Holygeezer asked what it would take for Congress to impeach Trump.

Yunzer replied that it would take people filling the streets around the White House by the millions.

My reply to Yunzer was in essence that filling the streets [to convince Congress to get them to impeach Trump] would not be easy.

Who besides BWilliamson sees anything in the three postings as being a call for a Revolution?

Besides, most of us have not had everything taken from us just yet, we still have our debts to pay, at least until the foreclosures.


Well Yunzer, no need to project arguments upon me that I have not made.

I was addressing your seeming denial that the CIA does indeed work to topple regimes. That’s the only point I was making.

The rest of your projections can evaporate into the forum’s ether. They should be directed at someone who has actually made such counterpoints.


Why are you typing to me, Yunz?

Did you not get your engagement ring back? I sent it registered!