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Citing 'Don't Be Evil' Motto, 3,000+ Google Employees Demand Company End Work on Pentagon Drone Project


Citing 'Don't Be Evil' Motto, 3,000+ Google Employees Demand Company End Work on Pentagon Drone Project

Julia Conley, staff writer

More than 3,000 Google employees have signed a letter that's circulating in the company demanding that the tech giant end its involvement in Project Maven, a Pentagon program that could be used to develop drone technology.

The project, the workers argue, runs counter to the company's stated mission and motto.


This is the new reality of technology:

5 monoliths–Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Google–control much of our lives. The saddest part is that we handed control over so willingly.


Yep…circulate a letter. That’ll sure as hell stop the bass turds short, won’t it?


I dont get why improving imaging and targeting is a bad thing. Dont you want drones to be more accurate and precise or do want them to just aim willynilly. Wouldn’t you want drones to precisely take out combatants instead of just thinking anybody that walks is a target. I cannot see a single thing wrong with this technology, if drones are going to be used might as well make them as precise as possible.


The core values seems to be making as much money as possible and don’t be too concerned about copyright laws. This data gathering corporate behemoth makes almost all it money from advertising as it gathers peoples’ data from searches, maps, YouTube, etc. And it copied virtually every book in print without permission. People post copyrighted material such as music videos on YouTube and only later does Google take them down. Personal surveillance is probably a bigger problem with Google than involvement with drones. The employees ought to say something about that.


You don’t get why it’s a bad thing ??? Probably it’s a bad thing because unless someone is trying to kill you, it’s a bad thing to try to kill them. Do you even understand that concept ? Drones are used by the US to terrorize people, and you want to contribute to that ? Everything is wrong with this technology if it can be used in that way - because it will be used that way.


For every one of those “Combatants” that you have no problem killing, there are 25 totally innocent civilians murdered, many of them seniors, women and children. And you wonder why those people hate us.


No, you don’t want the aiming systems. They shoot the civilians on purpose.


The letter won’t do. They need a union. Meanwhile, the rest of us can search on duckduckgo.


While they’re at it they should also protest Google’s new direction- censoring opposition political content which they do in several different ways.


War is so yesterday.


This must stop.

We used to be, and still are concerned about cluster munitions.

But now, we also need to be concerned about cluster drones – miniaturized and weaponized drones launched from larger drones, targeted using Google-developed (and other) algorithms. Coming to a neighbourhood near you (eventually).

Technology. If it can be used for evil, rest assured the USA will find a way. And in our greedy society, people will gladly take a nice paycheck to ignore the “Do no evil” rule. They’ll be a “good” soldier.


You are a person so focused on the trees you are absolutely blind to the forest.


I always admired that mission statement even though I knew they had abandoned it’s principle long ago. But it is nice to see someone call them on it.


Rather than a motto of “Don’t Be Evil” a better motto for Google might be “Don’t Be Crazy.” This company envisions humans merging with machines or being replaced by machines, making humans an interim step to a higher form of intelligence. The company is trying to develop AI based on the human brain and in charge of this project is futurist “cult figure” Ray Kurzweil. Downloading one’s brain and living forever is serious stuff at Google. They seem to operate based on the principle that in developing new products all implications for the effects on humans should be ignored.


Just a reminder: There were plenty of corporations (including American ones) in Germany 1933-1945 who colluded voluntarily for their own profit maximization with the fascist regime. It would be naive to believe that x-amount of Google employees (who should be commended on their actions) will be able to halt a Pentagon program. The fascist machine is rolling. Do you hear the thunder…??


And probably won’t lift two fingers to retrieve it. THAT is the sad part…


True, but it’s still killing. Precisely killing is still murder. Centuries of wars have accustomed us to accept war as normal. Maybe we’re hard-wired for war, but I’d like to think that it’s not inevitable and that maybe someday humanity will free itself of this horrendous affliction. The more we say no to the military-industrial complex, the closer we can achieve peace. Besides, violence begets violence, a never-ending vicious circle.


Don’t fret, if their guidance system works as good as their phones and PCs no one has a worry in the world.
Never did a company get so rich making so many mediocre products.
Ok maybe Amazon.


Not when you’re under the gun. It’s all that there is.