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Citing Environmental Risks, Scientists Back Tribes in Dakota Access Fight


Citing Environmental Risks, Scientists Back Tribes in Dakota Access Fight

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Close to 100 scientists have signed onto a letter decrying "inadequate environmental and cultural impact assessments" for the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), and calling for a halt to construction until such tests have been carried out as requested by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.


Imagine the value of energy stocks if their only assets were unavailable.


Their value would clearly plummet.
The point that most of those who study the valuation of corporations have begun to make is that energy stocks are currently overvalued because the energy companies are carrying assets on their books that will never be recovered.
Just because Exxon owns an undeveloped oil patch doesn't necessarily make the corporation more valuable even though Exxon says that it does. If that oil is never recovered then Exxon is worth less that unrecovered oil.
This is the scam that Enron played.
And Enron learned how to play the game from George H. W. Bush #41.


I think continued resistance against these companies, forcing them to waste money building and then not completing acquisition to market, devalues the worth of such companies as alternative sources of energy market share increases.


Total non cooperation: It can and it will happen as these uprisings come together. A boycott has started-- http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/king-boycott-injustice-police-brutality-article-1.2812999

To sign on: http://www.injusticeboycott.com


Oh blech. Sorry to hear about that. Could the corrupt propaganda be any more obvious?


who doesn't or wouldn't want a pipeline in their watershed, or backyard, with facts like..
according to the Reuters analysis of U.S. Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) data, "[o]ver the last six years, there have been 466 incidents where a pipeline carrying crude oil or refined products has leaked. "


A picture is worth__________how many worde?


Thanks C/Dreams for publishing this article. Reuters Investigative Report reveals very troubling issues regarding this matter. I strongly believe in an immediate ban on pipelines and Fracking, and transition to clean, sustainable (100%) energy ASAP.

I support Jill Stein. Respect all life and the environment.


Greg Palast did a piece of investigative journalism on pipeline pigs. The pipeline software was found deficient and once the companies were told that the software had been updated/corrected, the software engineers were told to switch it back. Corporate environmental concern is a lie.


Others too. Massive blast happened outside of Carlsbad, NM years ago.

That said Go Jill Stein.


As a signator of this letter, I would urge other academics/scientists on this site to add their names as well. Send your full name, highest degree, and institutional information to stephierenee(at)gmail(dot)com