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Citing Granny D, Elizabeth Warren Says Her Campaign Will Shun Corporate Cash and Wealthy Donors


Citing Granny D, Elizabeth Warren Says Her Campaign Will Shun Corporate Cash and Wealthy Donors

Jon Queally, staff writer

Announcing her campaign will shun the tradition of "fancy receptions," endless phone calls, and "big money fundraisers" with deep-pocketed donors "who can write big checks," Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Monday—inspired by the courageous activism of Doris "Granny D" Haddock, who in her late eighties walked thousands of miles against the corrupting influence of big money in politics—that she will walk a path focused on small donors as she pursues the 2020 Democratic nomination for president.


“I am a capitalist to the bone” “Vote for Hillary”
-Sen Warren 2018


One of the most important things to remember to do is to talk about issues at meaningful depths–that is beyond the sound-bite/bumper-sticker level. These discussions must be held with potential voters, both with whom you agree and disagree. Progressives should not be afraid of details, for reason is the kryptonite for troglodytes. Above all remember this aphorism from Mark Twain: “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.” The key is to persuade rather than to badger the opposition. Hey, I never said any of this would be easy. The war of progress must be fought using the tools of reason, which is the foundation of The Enlightenment.


This is the marketing of a Dem Party sheepdog. And progressive marketing is all you can expect from the Democratic Party.

There’s a famous quip from Gore Vidal that goes something like this: Politicians in Washington and movie stars in Hollywood are both actors, though the ones in Hollywood are better looking.


Spoken like a true Republican turned Democrat.


You need to get involved with the Trump campaign. Their critique of Elizabeth Warren is similar to yours in some ways, but much broader. Also, the Trumpists are far better funded and organized through generous contributions from the wealthy to assure her defeat, which you so fervently desire.

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Granny D didn’t realize that we’re likely to go extinct soon, and neither does Warren. The next election may not occur because there will be no one alive to vote!

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The United States invaded Iraq, sovereign country, for reasons based on lies. The citizens of the US approved so they allowed it. The rest of the world obviously did not care because the rest of the world did nothing about it. By the same token the United States is now about to enter a war with Venezuela. United States citizens obviously don’t care because they are doing nothing about. The rest of the world obviously does not care because they’re doing nothing about it. So. Let’s go get that oil!!!


At this point, I’m not concerned with the labels any of the these candidates use to describe themselves. I’m looking at their stated positions on the issues. After all, if Warren is a “capitalist”, she’s a capitalist with socialist views and if Sanders is a “socialist”, he’s a socialist with some capitalist views. The two actually have a lot in common on the issues. In fact, Warren is ahead of Sanders as a socialist on the issue of child care with her proposed Universal Child Care. This latest move of Warren, a la Granny D is definitely out of character for a capitalist, too. Yes, Warren is definitely more establishment Democrat than Sanders, but that may ultimately work to her advantage.

Again, I’m not endorsing anyone at this point, but I’ll take Sanders or Warren over any of the others running under a “progressive” label.


Just finished throwing away my Barf Bag. Never trust a Politician when it comes to money.

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Thank you for saying so clearly what is obvious but missed in this day and age of social media. I’d also like to add, most candidates running are far better than the criminal syndicate running country. None would stack a committee with climate denialists, wreck the CFPB, pass kleptocratic tax cuts, or seat business conflicted judges.


In order to survive humans need resources. There are two ways to do that. You can exploit the resources of the earth, then sell them. Or you can exploit the resources of the earth, and share them.

Some combination of both usually happens.

However, if there are no resources of the earth, it doesn’t matter.


Or perhaps, never trust a politician who comes from money


Damn. I heard on NPR a couple days ago (hey, I sit through the news in order to find out how much it’s supposed to snow,) that someone was going to have a $100-per-plate fundraising dinner, but, for $10,000, the attendee could have a photo with the candidate.

I could have SWORN it was Warren they were talking about, and I could have SWORN it was in Massachusetts, Warren’s state. Now I can’t find anything online about such a fundraiser, either for Warren or for any candidate. If someone else has heard about this, or has a link, please chime in.

But we know how sneaky candidates are with their language. Many have sworn off Super PAC money (but, ha-ha, I’ll take as much corporate loot as I can grab through other means.) So is this Liz’s tricky way of saying $100-per-plate is not a high-priced fundraiser, because the $10,000 that corporate execs are expected to pay is optional?

Her tweet here doesn’t say “no corporate donations”. No PAC money, no dark money, no money for special access, and even no lobbyist money does NOT prevent corporations from forking over tons of loot.


IMO we can choose between three types of candidates in the next democratic primaries;

  1. a same old-same old Vichy democrat
  2. a Vichy democrat saying the things we want to hear to get elected
    3)the guy who’s been fighting for the things we want for fucking DECADES.
    Your choice
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That’s correct. There are many presidents who came from money. The Bush Dynasty comes to mind. Auntie Lizzy built her reputation on never finishing anything she started and now is taking Bernie’s ideas like they were hers. Had she back him when she was needed most, she waited and sided with Clinton.


This is a nice pledge by Senator Warren. I wish others did this - and I wish they all did it during their service in office - not just during a campaign.

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And Bernie also said… vote for Hillary!

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Some days ago an article appeared claiming “activity” detected in Social media that suggested an attempt to divide the left by “russian bots”

I suggested this Bullcrap and the dividing the left was going to be done by the MSM in conjunction with the DNC.

I posted a Jimmy Dore video describing how the Washington Post had already begun denigrating the Sanders campaign. This was followed here with articles by a couple of regular writers for the DNC claiming Sanders too old and should just go home in favor of a younger and browner candidate.

Here is CNN hard at it. On being asked how Sanders can win the nomination the “expert” suggests that Sanders relies only on the Bernie Bros and white male voter.

This meme is what the DNC and media will use throughout the campaign having set the stage to claim that any critique of THEIR favored candidates due to “russian bots”.