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Citing Granny D, Elizabeth Warren Says Her Campaign Will Shun Corporate Cash and Wealthy Donors


True, and what more proof does one need that Liz, like Bernie both backed Hillary in 2016! No doubt both are Dem. Party progressive sheepdogs used to fool so many well meaning progressives.


Any of them have a complaint with Diane Feinstein, 8 years older?


Indeed, and even if they were both sincere, which i doubt, it is not possible to vote for just Bernie or Warren.
The vote would be for the democrats, all of them.


I don’t understand what you mean. I regularly vote for some Democrats and some Green Party candidates.


Why don’t you come up with some facts instead of innuendo?


Warren and Sanders are not perfect but I think they are on the right road and their hearts and minds are in the right place. For those who criticize them - who do you recommend? I can see how some have let their own personal opinions mar any objectivity. I guess maybe I can understand given the betrayals in our national history. I don’t think Warren or Sanders are a Hillary or Obama and certainly not a Trump. Where we think they are wrong, we should challenge them. Sometimes leaders do follow the influences of the people and sometime they change course. Some people seem to want the French Revolution where the smallest lack of purity could set a course of reckless bloodletting.


Yes, the problem is not them so much, as the elite dems. who control their party. From what I can tell, most of the democratic, super, delegates will vote for Biden in 2020.


Who else is there? Tulsi Gabbard, the only one to challenge the warmongering, which the Dems are as hard at as the Repugnicants lately.
I do like the callout to Granny D–I walked with her in WV & DC, met her again in WV later a remarkable woman and my role model for old age,but unfortunately as she herself noted, while her issue was the bedrock issue, the reason we can get no action on climate change or other environmental crises, on inequality, on mass incarceration, the reason the wars are never ending–it is isn’t sexy. You say “campaign finance reform” and people doze right off.


I probably took Bernie’s support for HRC in the presidential election just as hard as anyone else and will admit to calling him a “sheepdog” in my state of disappointment. That being said, when I got my head back on straight I realized that he was only doing what he’d said he would do from the jump.

There are two very obvious reasons that I believe Bernie is 100% sincere and not just a sheepdog. They are;

  1. the things he’s said for his entire political career
  2. the things he’s done for his entire political career
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Oh yes we will press for family leave, child care, medicare for all, voting reforms, a GND, free college and debt relief, 2 cars in every garage, and a chicken in every pot.

The republicans are going to have a field day criticising the dem’s for wanting everything, and raising your taxes to get it.


I was describing the folly of identity politics. When someone is running as a party candidate, they take the entire party with them when they win.
Which is why it does not really matter if “your” candidate is the greatest person in the world because voting for him/her also brings hundreds of corrupt sociopaths into power.


Oh, you are part of #theResistance Inc.