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Citing Her Ties to Agribusiness and Fossil Fuels, 160+ Groups Tell Biden That Heitkamp Is 'Wrong Choice' for USDA

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/17/citing-her-ties-agribusiness-and-fossil-fuels-160-groups-tell-biden-heitkamp-wrong

We all knew Joe would be packing his administration with the “Right” choices.

Progressives really must find a welcoming party.

Perhaps, in the movement for a "People’s Party."

The time is right.


Biden will be packing his administration with neo-liberal tools. Biden was the lesser of 2 evils but he is no savior.


I see Biden is already putting together quite a hive of scum and villainy.

By Kevin Gosztola:



Cory Booker for Ag Secretary?? Lolololol


Heidi proved she was a fossil fuel stooge when she was for the XL pipeline and against the water protectors in North Dakota.


“…holds views that are out of step with the Democratic Party and the majority of Americans.”

Wish it weren’t so, but her views are in step with the Party, at least the Perez wing.


Here is how these concerned groups are seen by Biden/Harris and their DNC - I’m paraphrasing

because democrats would never dare say the truth.


How dare these people make demands on us after they nearly lost us the election!

We owe our election to all those righteous republicans and all of the wonderful corporate money

that these environmental whiners would have had us resist. Besides, didn’t they vote for us and

our corporate allies? Environmentalists are such hypocrites! We led them on and pandered to their

whining and now they think we owe them?! What a bunch of losers!



That makes him evil…same as he ever was…and is…


Same old, same old. The GOP wins an election and packs the administration with lobbyists, the Dems do the same. A new America is not possible with people who only have solutions for yesterday’s problems.


In some ways, Biden is the more effective evil because for so many people he looks so good compared to Trump.


I’m sure Biden was unaware of her history. Thankfully the 160 organization have come to gather to inform him.


I’ll take the vegan please.

(He’s not great on many things, but maybe he’d be good at this - and will it be Booker? No, count on someone lousy, like Heitkamp)

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Your former Indiana beach along the Lake Michigan shore is sadly missing just now.
The high lake water level and November gales providing 12 foot waves erode the
sand away.

The Detroit U.S. Army Corp of engineers provides management establishing the lake level.
The joint commission with Canada also has the say.

Formerly, when economy good, lake levels up for ore boats to carry more tons of taconite and coal per trip. Times bad, lower the lake levels for beaches, tourists, vacations.

Probably up for the salties to bring in the electric wind generators. (sarcasm)

No surprise here. Just like Obama did, he’ll be putting the foxes in charge of the henhouse, (or the lunatics in charge of the asylum). Biden has the old neocons and other malfeasants joining his team. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss, and on and on and on. And with each new election, the American people believe their guy is going to change things and make it all better.

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Well, yes, that’s correct: neoliberal corporatist president appoints neoliberal and corporatist cabinet.

That’s no reason to not complain, but it is really time to ask what one will do differently, assuming that one dislikes the predictable results.

Enough of us passed on withholding electoral support that we have another 4 years before that can transpire. It’s not as though there were no other possibilities, but we seem a couple steps behind in all that.

Out of step with the Democratic Party? Her loyalties are to Big Business & her major donors. She seems perfectly in-step with the Democratic Party.