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Citing His 'Alarming Disregard' for the Law, House Committee Launches Contempt Proceedings Against Pompeo

The repubs are 100% trunk-to-tail, Fox Noise captives.
Their whole belief system appears to be: “Hate the left.” “Fear the left.”
THEY don’t care, or often even have a clue about what THEY support.

The line of trunk-to-tail elephants wear blinders and are marching off the cliff one by one.


You’re right. At least the repubs make/made a lot of noise even though they couldn’t get much done.
Enough noise to get the senate, and keep it.
As others have said, trump is just the HEAD wing-nut-head-case.


Empty promises from the dems here. Their talk sounds cheap when they don’t back anything up with action. Contempt charges? Pompeo will ignore them. The law only is enforced for those not in power and law enforcement seems to be on trump’s side these days.


Wow. A resolution. Save it for New Years. The lack of any means to hold govt officials accountable is ridiculous.


You are correct A_Wobblie_Weeble as far as you go. However, if you are gonna wait for corruption level in any human society to be reduced to zero then the corrupt “dead-enders” (in the words of the beyond critical mass corrupt Donald Rumsfeld) will have won. Ongoing battle against the corrupt (like Pogo sez, sometimes they is us) goes on in a corrupted world of woes. Let’s get on with the process of waging that ongoing struggle in Good Faith.

Here’s an anthem for that effort from our tax-payer bail-outs with impunity from any meaningful criminal prosecution, in fact Larry Summers an intellectual author of serial tax-payer bail-outs of lenders rather than borrowers continues apace as Summers has been named by Biden the Biden-Harris team’s Chief Financial Advisor: Here’s how ya Loot A Bank!

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The Republican Party exploits the very democracy that it purports (and takes oaths) to defend.


We have the means to hold government accountable. We just need to vote for the right people to be in charge.
Or just let trump ramble on.
No LED ZEP pun intended.

Agreed actually.

A pumpkin eating nappy suffer in Cascadia.

If any of us “ordinary people” simply ignored a subpoena, we would suffer actual, tangible consequences. But Pompous Pompeo is above the law, like everyone else in he corrupt Trump criminal regime.


Agreeing with occupyon, I know that NO U.S. administration since a least he Mexican War has respected the sovereignty of other nations, and it has gotten much worse since 1945.


Due to rapidly accelerating climate extremes, the next decade WILL be the last hurrah for billions of humans and other living creatures, because NEITHER major political party supports a Green New Deal.

I don’t know if I will live to hear members of Congress still foolishly bleating, “How can we afford a Green New Deal?” as rising seas flood D.C., but at least those floods will answer their stupid, irresponsible question for good.


This whole thing is a clown show to hold our attention while the midgets steal the receipts. The midgets are trying to side-step the real problem, Capitalism. But the working class can read. They can act on that information. A piece by Bill McKibben in the Aug 20, 2020 edition of the New York Review of Books titled 130 degrees will help educate. Why should the clowns and midgets pay any attention to the law? Is the working class even paying attention to the clowns and the midgets? Their goose is just as cooked as ours. Look at it: Pandemic, war, economic collapse, environmental collapse, and the clowns have been running the show for 250 years, just 250 years and here it is something that resembles apocalypse. Does the law even matter anymore?


The corporate CEO’s don’t work for an elected US government executive branch and and if the CEO’s spoke at a congressional hearing, they did not defy any subpoena’s, didn’t they?

So what point are you trying to make? That the US congress should not bother fighting government corruption?

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Look up the Tobacco execs hearings Lying their asses off to congress and walking

My point is that it’s Kabuki for the simple-minded. When was the last time anyone was jailed for Contempt of Congress?



Both parties and thousands of corporations and churches have had alarming disregard for law for our whole lives; before that, for centuries. For one official to get apoplectic about another official’s disregard is beyond ridiculous, even if the first is one of the squad and is trying to prove a point about the utterly corrupt system in the US.


That’s a lot of “simple-minded” and/or some world-class Kabuki.

This is about defying Congressional subpoenas. Gov’t officials refusing to comply with lawfully given subpoenas from Congress, in the execution of their duties, as a co-equal branch of federal government, exercising their right & duty to render checks & balances on other branches of federal gov’t.
It is not at all the same as Corporate CEO’s & such who lie to Congress in sworn testimony. That too, is a bad thing (perjury?) & should have consequences, as it would for any of us, if we did the same thing. It rarely does, except for us common folk who dare lie under oath, in court of law, or Congress.

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Considering the contempt that Trump & all his people have shown for Congress & for the American people they’re supposed to work for &/or represent, I think it’s perfectly fitting charge! They show nothing but contempt for laws & proper authority & are being charged with “Contempt”. Perhaps it will wipe that smug, contemptuous smirk of Pompous-a-hole’s ugly mug!

Well thank you Gandolf for that reasoned response.
At this point, what with the absolutely stunning corruption from the GOP, I’d like to see some good old Kennedy-style nepotism again. Hell, I’d like to see some good old style Tammany Hall Democratic machine corruption. Since the Trump fascists are pushing us to a civil war, we might as well resign ourselves to fighting fire with fire. They will never stop, even as thousands die on the streets; their greed is bottomless. They will never stop, not until they have taken everything of value, including our lives. They will never stop.

I am a single issue voter: whoever raises taxes on billionaires gets my vote. For whatever his faults, real and perceived, Bill Clinton did that very thing and since 1994 has suffered the consequences of deliberate, orchestrated corporate media character assassination, which Al Franken well articulated in his great book “Lies, and the Lying Liars Who Tell them.” When Clinton left office he was wildly popular with the young. My son’s generation hate the Clintons despite the fact they were barely teenagers when he left office. The difference is, my son’s generation has grown up with 25 years of that genuine “vast right wing conspiracy” of Clinton media character assassination/hagiography of Reagan Bush. They have no direct knowledge of what 12 years of life was like under Reagan Bush. Decades long generational deceit on the part of the One Percent and their media control.

Anyway, thanks for listening.