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Citing 'Historic Abuse' of Judicial Process, Over 1,500 Attorneys Call for Sanction of Trump Campaign's Legal Team

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/07/citing-historic-abuse-judicial-process-over-1500-attorneys-call-sanction-trump


" But they have helped Trump raise over $200,000,000.00. "

Why would so many contribute that kind of money to a confirmed electoral, college election loser?


Sanctioned , disbarred and dismembered .
Too much in the age of trumpian cruelty ?
Nah !


Condemning and investigating aren’t enough - just disbar them or this will get much worse in future


Agreed. Disbarring should be meted out as they have clearly violated their oaths to act ethically. Whether they have “deluded” themselves into thinking this nonsense is true or they are knowingly positing a lie for their own personal reasons, the punishment should be the same, since if you believe it to be true, then your ability to think rationally is impaired and if you know your lying, then obviously you have no ethics.


“Why would so many contribute that kind of money to a confirmed electoral, college election loser?”

Because the ‘dumbing down of America’ has been a huge success. We are a very poorly educated citizenry, as desired by the GOP as a result of their platform to ‘not teach critical thinking skills’ in our schools ‘as it might cause young people to defy their parents and reject God’.

That an entire political party could embrace such a policy is nothing short of barbaric.


Well fine disbar them. But let’s widen the picture a little bit to corporate criminal defense. Or are Dems exempt from scrutiny?



Attorneys are making such demands of various bar associations – that’s my understanding of the article. I’ve never been anywhere near legal work, so maybe I’m just clueless about the legal mechanism. I don’t understand why a judge whose courtroom is stained in the wake of one of Giuliani’s shitstorms can’t direct the court-officer to arrest him on the spot, charge him with contempt or something. Seriously: Shouldn’t courtroom misconduct be up to the judge to sanction immediately, as it occurs? I don’t understand why it should devolve to bar associations – why it should work that way.


That much money doesn’t come from the dumb and poor but the rich and calculating.


How about Citizens United? How about the Supremes making Bush President and Clinton and Gore just going along to get millions for themselves? how about Banker Joes’s bankruptcy bill that shafted a generation of students? how about Trumps use of the bankruptcy law to enrich himself?


His MAGA followers were conned into believing their donations were going to be used for these lawsuits, fighting the election fraud don’t you know. If you read the fine print, it says unless you donate $8000 or more, it goes into Trumps pocket. Any good grifter like Trump, knows how to milk every last penny out of his marks.
They went from MAGA to MTRA (Make Trump Rich Again).


How about having ample punishment for lying in court. That doesn’t seem like something we cannot do.
A truth squad of some sort needs to be in place, but needs the authority to punish liars.
Are we sick of blatant deception yet?


Truth squad? I thought dump wanted firing squads to come back. :))


In Chicago is literally was a fish in the mail and a body in the trunk.

They last a long time in the winter months


Good answer! These MAGA people are even much dumber than I realized and the proof is they are so easy for Trump to con!


Over 70 million, including many of my relatives, that voted for Trump corroborates your post…IT HAS BEEN A HUGE SUCCESS!


I’m wondering if they’re propagating all this BS, in order for Trump to perform a coup and remain in office?

Nice picture of Rudy. Is he a vampire? Did anyone on this thread of Sleeping Beauty watch Rudy’s press conference where quite a bit of ‘evidence of something’ was presented? Are you aware that there is a whole ‘nother side of the mountain’ available to become aware of? Or are you all ‘See no evil. Hear no evil, speak no evil’? Really, I’ve never seen so much empty blathering without a word of content. And these lawyers, judges and presidents of Bar Associations-- are these the same that claim to have the right to seize people in their homes and jab a needle into their arms? More content, please! Let’s see the fraud being presented. Where is it?

1). There may well be grounds for sanctions against the lawyers, but this article does not produce them.

2). There may have been millions of votes cast for Trump motivated by objectively deep ignorance, or by my subjective standards evil designs, but for many millions I suspect that the motive was to vote for someone by whom they were not (publicly and expressly) categorized as a “basket of deplorables” (Clinton) or “despicable left wing critics” (Emmanuel).

To paraphrase Stokely Carmichael, “The party of Lincoln is now the party of Trump and McConnell; the party of Roosevelt is now the party of Clinton(s), Pelosi, Feinstein, Wasserman Schultz, Schumer, Obama, and Biden — where is OUR party?”


Good question.

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