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Citing Infamous Big Tobacco Hearing, Sanders Want Drug CEOs to Testify on Opioid Crisis


Citing Infamous Big Tobacco Hearing, Sanders Want Drug CEOs to Testify on Opioid Crisis

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is calling for pharmaceutical industry executives to testify in the Senate and for lawmakers to investigate the role manufacturers and distributors have played in fueling the national opioid crisis.

"It is time for the United States Congress to investigate this crisis, to learn what the drug companies knew about these products, and to hold them accountable."
—Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)


I can relate a real life example of this situation: My neighbor, a male, 85 years old, was suffering from bladder cancer and also had very bad knees which needed replacement. But because of his condition, surgery was off the table. He was prescribed Oxycontin for pain and within a few months became addicted. He stopped eating well, lost a lot of weight, and many times had slurred speech. We, as his friends and neighbors saw a total personality change in him as well. His wife, 83, tried her best to tell the doctors that he was using too much of the pain medication, but no changes were made. One early morning he awoke and walked to the kitchen for a glass of water. He became dizzy evidently, or unsteady on his feet, and fell–hitting his head hard on the edge of the kitchen counter. No one will ever know the real story, because by the time the paramedics got there, he was gone.


Tiugh situation. Alot of abuse and misuse, on the other hand people need not suffer in chronic pain. Heads you lose, tails you lose. Life cherish it.


The tobacco zars all LIED to congress and the American People and our cowardly (bought and paid for) congress let them get away with it.


This might not happen until campaign finance laws are amended so we know exactly how much each of our elected officials gets from these criminals.


If anyone should be jailed for dealing drugs it is the heads of the companys that produced Oxycontin, they knew from the begining how addictive there product was, yet pushed it as being addiction free because of its supposed time release propertys,it was pushed on a public in a very aggressive manner, and many many doctors prescribed it with little or no regard for there patients well being, many doctors became drug dealers on a large scale writing thousands of scripts, a great deal of money was made by many many pepole. On the other end was unimaginable agony, and heartache ,and broken famillys, and thousands and thousands of deaths, many of very young adults, and children, this was a product that should never have been allowed on the market . But the greed of the drug companys know no bounds and the CEO.s are morally bankrupt and couldnt give a shit about the carnage they spread, only more wealth, and as is allways the case with very wealthy lawbreakers they never ever go to jail, any testimony that Saunders wants from the CEO’s will just be the usuall condesending ,holier than thou,sanctimonious bullshit, served up by some highlly over paid conman in a very expensive suit, and haircut, looking very polished and not giving a shit about any opioid crissis,…they have allready got the payday and it was epic. the fines they have had to pay are mere a mere drop in the bucket…‘deceptive’ marketing of OxyContin - CBC.ca