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Citing Likelihood of 'Extreme Pain and Needless Suffering,' US Judge Halts Resumption of Federal Executions

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/13/citing-likelihood-extreme-pain-and-needless-suffering-us-judge-halts-resumption

I bet the “haters” hate that judge now.

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I’m sure that while our nation and the world are facing unprecedented challenges - Trump and his team will spend most of their energy and attention on trying to get these executions through. We have a very, very warped guy as the president. His priorities have always been screwed up.


Trump desperately wants to kill some “bad hombres” to rile up his base. That is all this is about. Well, that and many of his numerous pathologies.


I’m against executions. However, in my happy place we would be medicating certain white collar criminals so that they are no longer a danger to society. Just lay a towel on their lap to catch the drool.

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I like that expression,

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21 years since his trial and sentence.
This is not a case of an innocent person.
This delay is about the method of execution in 2020.

He suffocated an 8 year old child in 1996.
And murdered her mom and step father.

Mercy ?? I do not know how to find, if this child had been my grand daughter, great grand daughter, niece. Vengeance? Wrath? Anger? Disgust that any person would do this?

The federal judge issuing the stay may have medical info
that causes this decision.