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Citing 'Moral Duty to Take Radical Action,' Over 700 Scientists Endorse Mass Civil Disobedience to Fight Climate Crisis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/14/citing-moral-duty-take-radical-action-over-700-scientists-endorse-mass-civil


And all the trump supporters will call this fake news. Collectively, they’re the ones (at least one sitting in the back in each classroom) that threw spitballs and “accidentally” broke beakers and other science lab equipment. They flunked 7th grade science, so the poor little snowflakes would never be able to understand climate change. They love to gather at trump rallies, but now they are dangerous as adults. They vote.


OK, USA provides 25% of the climate problems. We can reduce this to 2.5% and still survive - maybe even thrive. Most peoples will not like the medicine, but here goes:

  1. Gasoline and diesel are RATIONED. Yes, you have XXX gallons per year. Maybe some will learn to shut their Surburban off for the half hour they sit in front of school, awaiting their children.
  2. Trucks are only used for trips of 250 miles or less. Barge, railroad carry the loads.
  3. There are 1,500 railroad diesel locomotives awaiting updates including clean air exhaust. Do it.
  4. Think this over.
    How does it effect JIT in manufacture. Geographic locations for supplier factories. Agriculture sales / deliveries to ports for export.
    How does this effect where you live with respect to where you work. Commuting

“Moral duty”…yes it is…but…not just the scientists, it is everyone’s duty, if you are alive you are source of the problem. I see a lot of finger pointing, here and elsewhere, go look in the mirror. You know what has to be done on your side to reduce how much of the planet you are consuming. It is your moral and ethical duty to stop doing what you can eliminate from your lifestyle to help, to lend a hand. Almost 8 billion of us have to stop what we are doing, to continue as we are is sheer madness.


Every corporation that has been responsible for this crisis and from which they have profited those profits must now be taken from them and applied to meeting remedies for the ecological crisis.

They refuse with the help of elected officials we shut everything down.

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That…is exactly why…as a substitute teacher. I have been giving out scientific information …kn climate change… I tech K through 12… of course one is going to modify the info according to graqde… …but …the sad thi g is. The kids are ssssoooo deficient in climate knowledge…it’s a crime. I was even worried I would not get called back this year… yes. .I did get a letter from the board late spring. Inviting me back…but…the calls are made by the secretaries …and I was worried the teachers. …might complain…I live in a rural area…with MANY very conservative teachers and parents…so far… I have been called about 6 times this year…slow start…but …

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Hi oldie:
Excellent ideas! People seem to do better with less----although excess seems to win out a lot. But then, if people don’t consciously reason the Climate Crisis out-----it will be a winner take all—world. : (


There are people who bravely reach out to these voters in hopes of dialoguing with them, and these people are called Bernie Sanders. You should catch the Sanders speech at Liberty Bible College where the conservative and strongly religious student body appreciated what he had to say about the rich and the poor in the U.S.

We have a moral duty to reach out with the level truth as we know it. Perhaps the serious culties won’t listen to anything but some of the others will hear. We won’t be able to tell them apart until we make the effort.

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Sounds rational to me.

I do that all the time dialogue. I have turned a lot of them around. People who have some sense. However, there is that hard core group of Maga hat wearing folk who are unreachable. Like a cult member they would have to be detoxed/removed from their influences and need deep psychological counseling. Impossible with the media, and constant Trump tweets/rallies. They reinforce each other as well. They love Trump. Nothing that he does fazes them. They love authoritarian people, and do not like reasoned arguments/facts. They love violence and racism. Trump gives them that. When some people say it is because of jobs it isn’t true. Not the hard core Maga people who support Trump NOW. They hate when people stand up to corporations, and do not care for unions. They are not concerned about people losing jobs. They laugh. Sorry to say they are very cruel people.


"I love you Scientists."

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It’s about time !

There is still a leadership vacuum. I’d like to see the various National Academies of the Sciences come on board with this.

Watching the rally for Trump in Minnesota last week, I thought to myself that these people Can’t be this misinformed, can they? Trump voters don’t understand what a threat they are to us and themselves.

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Brd48- You are so correct. There is this extraordinary need to be told what to do. There is very little reasoning or critical thinking involved. Thank you.

Career people - what to think ? No life - just careers.

@oldie You can add spacing the children out four or five years apart, breast feed on demand three years - getting a life…

It’s not just the scientists who are sheep.

Truer words were never said.

Here from the UK - another denialist, read backwards country. Both the UK and the US still maintaining the dinosaur age system of weights and measures - think about that for a bit, if you can tear yourself away from your careers.

Meanwhile the last empire has banned street protests in London - long live Magna Carta ?
Extinction Rebellion protests continue in London despite ban

Did you read the article? Did you watch the video?..asking for a friend…

Okkhh welll while we are at putting these lintis… let’s limit this…Rich people…fly im ng their pri ate jets all over kingdom come… …did ya k kw that 1500 pri ate jets flew to the last Suoer Bowl?? In around… 203? …there were 1200. Ssoo your list is great . But nk itnis a drop in the bnb bucket. A CAPITALIST SYSTEM… …based on growth. Is the issue… DEGROWTH …is the answer.

Thank you. Good for you.

My father, growing up in pre-independence India, went to a village school. One day, the teacher closed the door and told the students, “Now I’m going to teach you the real history.” It’s true, some time later that teacher was taken away; but his courage persisted in some of his students.

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You’re exactly right. The distribution is Pareto. 20% of the world’s countries use 80% of the world’s energy; but within a country, 20% of the population uses 80% of that country’s energy expenditure. (Those numbers may not be exact, but that’s basically what these distributions look like.)

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They’re attached to them because they are the imperial system of weights and measures. They were meant to be complicated so that normal and uneducated people who not understand them. It was the French revolutionaries who introduced the much simpler metric system, based on factors of 10; and rational in other ways, consistent with some basic physics. So this 'backwardness" is actually a political attitude, hostile to the overthrow of the imperial system.

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