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Citing 'Open Sedition,' Rep. Ilhan Omar Vows Trump Impeachment Resolution

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/06/citing-open-sedition-rep-ilhan-omar-vows-trump-impeachment-resolution


Today…sack the US Capitol and terrorize many state Capitols.

Tomorrow…start a nuclear war in the Middle East.

Never say it can’t get worse.

They can’t impeach the Mar-a-Lago monster fast enough.


Remove him now.


Black and Brown people, do not do as you see white people do!

You will be killed by kkk in blue uniforms. This is why we need to “De-fund the Police” because they “Serve and Protect White People”


A coup attempt? Nope! This was just a bunch of little idiot brats having a mass temper tantrum. They had no plan of action other than to loot and destroy.

Their children and grandchildren will laugh at their stupidity.

Oops! Most of them are Incels, so no chance of kids, thank God!


pelosi/shummer, where is your leadership, what are you going to do about this???

IIhan Omar is showing LEADERSHIP while pelosi/shummer hide in the closet!


This has been an amazing day in U.S. history. I never would have thought that something of this nature would happen in our lives. Not ever…But it has.

Now, do EVERYTHING possible to identify each and every person who participated is this. THEN, be certain that NOT ONE OF THEM WILL EVER OWN A GUN OF ANY TYPE IN THEIR LIFETIME. NEVER !! (NOT EVEN A SQUIRT GUN !).

To hell with every one of these seditious bastards.


I would agree, but I’d be very concerned about Pence pardoning him.

I think he may just disappear and hope to hell he does. If not, let no person take a command from him for any purpose. No more flights over Iran, no more undermining Venezuela or other countries, and, worst of all, no more hamburgers for this p.o.s.


Many of these seditionists look like football fans in costume for the next game.

Seeing this failure of policing, every cop in the US needs to be fired and required to reapply for their job, explaining in the process just what we are paying them to do.



Both Barack Obama and John O. Brennan expressed the highest regard for Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, citing her integrity, political acumen, and devotion to her country.

She called for the reconvening of the Congress sitting right now, immediately after the storming.

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Also bullshit - and I’m getting mighty tired of it.


What i find peculiar is no mention of pence and mc connell accepting the election result and thereby denouncing dump. Strange.

If what I read in the Guardian is true, that Steny Hoyer announced there would be no House session until after the inauguration, it´s going to be rather difficult for Rep. Omar as well as Rep. Bush to present their resolutions before then, which would also make Rep. Omar´s resolution moot, no?.

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Did Talib call these thugs “folks”? I hope I’m not hearing what I think I’m hearing. She needs to choose her words a little more wisely. Every individual traitor who trespassed is an adult who knew fully well what they were doing. Yes, Trump needs to be removed and tried for treason, but please do not call these insurrectionists “folks”.

I agree that we will have our hands full bringing Biden to the left. That will come with patience and persistence. Right now, we must deal with a much more immediate and pressing danger in the person of Donald Trump and the rout by law enforcement of his followers.
I do not agree with a vote re-count. If you oppose the lawful election, then you oppose democracy, and should be investigated along with the rest who will surely be be investigated and charged in the coming weeks and months.

The photo of an armed Capitol Police officer running from trespassers inside the Capitol will be known as one of the most disgraceful moments in law enforcement history.

Removal from office as quickly as possible is certainly in order, just as it has been for quite a long time.

But whether Trump is impeached or removed through the 25th Amendment, that should not be the end of it. I don’t doubt that his supporters, and there are many of them, will say that would be punishment enough, but it is not. His crimes deserve investigation and he needs to be brought up on charges.

Can you explain to me why black Capitol Police officers stood idly by, apparently uninterested, as invaders of the Capitol filed past in large numbers?

Why does this “Trump supporter” look more like an Antifa thug? And why are their pictures of him at BLM rallies last year?

Take responsibility for what you and your kind have done. Are all “trump supporters” pathological liars? Is this the characteristic that most attracts them to him?