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Citing Past Calls for Social Security Cuts, Progressives Not Pleased With Biden Pick of Neera Tanden for OMB

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/30/citing-past-calls-social-security-cuts-progressives-not-pleased-biden-pick-neera


Here comes means testing


What is it about people from India’s upper crust coming to the US and wanting to establish a caste system here.
Of course the joke is on them, as we have always had a caste system in the USA. It was established by our founding fathers.


Doesn’t look like Biden is even pretending to give thought to Progressive voices (the fact that he thinks he has placated Progressives is cute…NOT!). Hell, even moderate voices at this time would be better than the full on right wing corporate toadies he is bringing into his admin. We stopped fascism, for the time being. If we want any hope that another fascist doesn’t come along in 2024, we need to fight like there is no tomorrow, because there, like, WON’T BE, if Biden’s corporate, nothing will fundamentally change mojo remains in play for the next 4 years.


As I posted on the NYTimes:

A center-right administration is no surprise but a grave disappointment to so many that worked to defeat Trump. We have real crises with known solutions from the rapidly unfolding climate catastrophe to the absence of healthcare for so many in a pandemic and economic difficulties not seen since the great depression. Centrist, hesitancy and incrementalism will not only fail but create an even greater backlash than we saw in 2016. It will also force progressives out and into another party. This could be an opportunity to move forward in healing our nation and addressing existential threats. Instead it looks increasingly like another example of stealing disaster from the jaws of victory.


Senate confirmation: Turtle Neck …‘I declare the vote unanimous!’

Most of Biden’s neo liberals apointees will have no problem getting Mitch’s approval.
Considering most are standing on the fingers of the repubs hanging on the
right end of the plank.



Can we expect the DNC trolls to swarm this thread like they swarmed the thread regarding Biden’s insulting transition advisers Tony Blinken, Michele Flournoy, and Lloyd Austin?

Or is Neera Tanden so blatantly awful that the trolls will just ghost us here… ?


Now that Trump is almost gone , my new political slogan to the corporate shill Dems is , " Your Next " !


Or, Enjoy your minute, We won’t vote for you again.


i’m predicting that Biden won’t last two years without some major health
catastrophe or worse .
Im not a big Harris fan , but can you imagine how pissed off trump and his minions would be if a black woman became president ?


The number of women in Biden’s inner circle should not surprise us, given that we replaced Herr Fuhrer with Hair Sniffer.


Let’s discuss the following scenario. Dems win both seats in Georgia senate races and it is a 50/50 split in the Senate with VP Harris the deciding vote. Does Bernie know how much leverage he can wield with his one vote? If the dems need his vote to get anything passed in the Senate, he could end up being, literally, the most powerful member of Congress. Will he step up and be counted when it is really needed?


‘You’re next’ has always been the long term strategy for 2020.

  1. Get the fascist out of the White House.
  2. Fight tooth and nail against the corporate elite in the dem party.

Step one, accomplished.
Step two, needs to begin right now by uniting Progressive orgs and organizing people across the country to have strong candidates in position to be elected in 2022 federal, state and local races. Now is the time for the Left to put aside petty differences for the common good. If we can’t do that and thwart the corporate agenda of a Biden admin, then we will get a smarter, more likeable fascist candidate rising out of the repub party in 2024.


Neera Tanden spent the last 4 years blaming progressives and Bernie Sanders for Hillary’s loss. Biden really knows how to rub people’s faces in shit.


You under estimate (over estimate? not sure which term I need to use here!) the repubs. If he/she has a D after their name, THEY WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED BY THE REPUBS. Doesn’t matter how conservative, or moderate, or corporate friendly they are, JUST BEING A DEM IS A NON STARTER FOR MOST (ALL?) REPUBS.

But per my post above, If circumstances line up, Bernie could have the last laugh if he chooses to wield it.


A Dem specialty!


And that is why they were nominated. They are Biden’s first surrender to presidente Mitch.
However, it’s probably worse than we already imagine. I fear it’s not so much surrender but complicity. Let’s face it, Biden has already been talking the language of compromise. But He doesn’t want to compromise with progressives. He wants to compromise with conservatives.
Biden’s legacy may be being written before he even takes the oath of office. Biden may finalize the deal officially merging the democratic and Republican parties in to one, corporate backed, neofascist entity.


Social Security is an enormous pile of national cash and it’s really easy to put on the brass knuckles, knock grandma down, grab the purse and run.