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Citing Past Calls for Social Security Cuts, Progressives Not Pleased With Biden Pick of Neera Tanden for OMB

And Biden could become a transformational President if he so chose. He could go BIG and change the course of this country. I just don’t see anything in his character or past actions to indicate him becoming such a leader.


The Return of the economic Keynesians

And surely by now the gender of any politician shouldn’t be any deciding factor but has to be political position.


Biden, “give THOUGHT?” CAP, Atlantic Council, AIPAC and the rest of this thread filled with K Street corporatacracy firm acronyms slapped the rotting zombie together* with Muselage in queen Neera’s Platinum & Swarovski lair. We’re about to behold the parties’ ladder being pulled up, as these suppurating, seething, constantly feeding maggots gnawing at THEIR fallen empire’s decaying carcass. Remember when DNC unleashed Harris on old Joe at the Rick Berman, David Brock, Mark Penn scripted “Debate?” You actually think tio Thomas thought THAT hilarious shit up? Popcorn, anybody?

*Zombie Reagan’s cadaver was already missing, from 2012

~https://www.propublica.org/article/we-dont-even-know-who-is-dead-or-alive-trapped-inside-an-assisted-living-facility-during-the-pandemic (here’s who chose BOTH thugs)


~https://yasha.substack.com/p/resuming-evictions-caused-over-10000-6b1 (here’s what they DO to us)




This is a complete sentence.

Direct from a NEO-liberal think tank –

"Everything toxic about the corporate Democratic Party is embodied in Neera Tanden," [tweeted] Briahna Joy Gray, former national press secretary for Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-Vt.) 2020 presidential campaign.

A [Clinton loyalist] with a penchant for demonizing progressives, Tanden was an architect of the Affordable Care Act and has since [endorsed]healthcare proposals like “Medicare for America,” a plan single-payer proponents have [rejected] as a false solution that would leave intact the most predatory elements of the for-profit system. As a representative of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, Tanden [clashed with National Nurses United]over Medicare for All during that year’s Democratic platform fight.

Tanden also has a history of expressing support for Social Security and Medicare cuts, as The Daily Post er 's Walker Bragman [documented]


Austerity has been a bipartisan policy theme since capitalists recognized social evolution began to accelerate during the 1960’s.

The job of Democrats is to convince people they are fair and progressive and to lull the population to peaceful acceptance of austerity that culminates at subsistence living plus a parental joy procreation bonus for a child replacement wage slave labor cog.


Hi Alan. Keynesianism seems to be enjoying a renewed resurgence, even among those who many considered “progressive”.

I was wondering if you have are aware of, and if so if you have any thoughts on, the Chomsky/Pollin approach to a Green New Deal. Noam Chomsky seems to have embraced Robert Pollin’s corporate/elite led Keynesian approach. For example, in response to Naomi Klein’s critique of the connection between capitalism and the climate crisis, Chomsky has said

We should recognize that if global warming is an automatic consequence of capitalism, we might as well say goodbye to each other. I would like to overcome capitalism, but it’s not in the relevant time scale. Global warming basically has to be taken care of within the framework of existing institutions, modifying them as necessary. That’s the problem we face._https://www.vox.com/energy-and-environment/21446383/noam-chomsky-robert-pollin-climate-change-book-green-new-deal

And here is Pollin from the same article:

As Noam said, we don’t have time to totally overturn capitalism. We have to get to net zero emissions in no less than 30 years, and capitalism is still going to be around then. So we have to think about ways through which we can incentivize this transition that will also be egalitarian, in the sense that it will open up opportunities for small-scale enterprises. It’s going to generate jobs, and we have to make sure those are good jobs, union jobs. There will be jobs lost in the fossil fuel sector, so we have to create a just transition. But that’s all within the institutions of capitalism.


“So we have to think about ways through which we can incentivize this transition that will also be egalitarian, in the sense that it will open up opportunities for small-scale enterprises…”

What you mean, “WE,” kimo-sabe? Neera, Rahm, Joe, or…

I’ll be wiping scalding hot coffee off my phone for a bit…

Thank you for the link (even if it’s VOX!)


“Centrist, hesitancy and incrementalism will not only fail but create an even greater backlash than we saw in 2016.”
As hard as it is to believe, I think that may be the plan. This can’t be explained by just incompetence.


Same and more could have been said about Obummer. Biden has no desire to be transformational. That image can be easily created by the spin doctors his corporate friends will provide him while he’s in bed with them.


Steve, this article goes into the GND and how they now rely upon the Modern Monetary Theory for financing it.


MMT and QE are the “miracle” snake oil cures for all capitalism’s woes, as was Keynes.

Isn’t Chomsky and Pollin expressing truisms…it’s been at least half a century (even longer) since the world has become aware of the global warming crisis and the answer was as it is now, 50 years later…let’s legislate, regulate and reform to get something done immediately now. And very little has happened. And from various sources, very little will be done in the future, certainly not what is required.

Yes, we are heading towards a case of socialism ASAP or civilization collapse (i’m an optimist in that i think our species will persist as remnants of humanity might survive the climate catastrophes in a post-apocalyptic world)

Delaying socialism is the tipping point we face, not delaying the various global GND that have to be agreed.

Biden will on paper re-join the Paris Agreement and pass some conservation laws. But are the GND advocates confident that it will be enough. I don’t believe they are.

Sunrise won’t be able to shift Biden’s loyalty away from Wall St. Corporations. Are they preparing to dislodge the Democratic Party in 2024? 2028? 2032?..

Who are the ones procrastinating. I think it is the scientists and the likes of Chomsky and Pollin and AOC who refuse to place the issue in the stark terms necessary for social change - Socialism or Barbarism. They still retain a blind faith in the capitalist system and the hope of radical governments around the globe being established.

You know the saying as well i do, i think…it is easier to envisage the end of the world than the end of capitalism


i think you need to turn up the temp on that foot-fire thing you got going, Dems. I think so far he’s just getting his tootsies comfortable.

This is an outstanding middle-finger pick for Uncle Joe. Tanden, like her male doppelganger Rahm, is everything wrong with the Democratic party on two legs. She’ll do some healthy damage at OMB.


You’ve lost me mr. Peabody. Must have missed something in the news, which is probably unsavoury so better off not knowing.

Happy anniversary Wayhey.

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We’ve got one, who can SEE!

Any number, here, have speculated as to what’s in store for us in 2024; following the oligarchic feeding-frenzy of these creatures forking us death o’ disparity untermenschen to the same old sharks, bloated from Trump, Obama, Bush…

I’d realized, Hills wasn’t likely to win, by April 2016, when ol’ Bernie proclaimed he’d CAVE, once crushed. I’d moved to Asian equities, figuring Trump was a boogieman aimed at distracting the Resistance™ yuppie & Creative Class out of investments that are currently going CRAZY (only partially due to Pacific Rim nations actually having kinda functioning governments, during COVID & obvious AGW intensification).

These are truly pragmatic grown-ups, who know how to get things done! What did Dale Dye’s “Platoon” character say on his walkie-talkie, after calling in an airstrike on his firebase?


Thank you, Beli_Tsari. That is at the core of the problem with Keynesianism, in particular, and the liberalism of the Democrat Party in general. Their “we” they include as setting priorities, crafting legislation, and making decisions includes only those with power in corporate, military, and political circles.


You have to be brain dead to still believe the 2 parties represent opposing views of governing our nation.
It’s just a good cop/bad cop routine- nothing more.


Is this a reason to hope the Repug’s keep the senate? “She was only trying to earning a Living”


Putting an arch-neoliberal corporatist (AKA: Fascist ) in charge of any ostensibly “Progressive” think tank (yet alone the OMB!) is fully the equivalent to making Scott Pruitt head of the EPA, and North Korea calling itself a “Democratic People’s Republic.”


And all this time, I’d figured it was Malificent, Smaug, Lord Humongous, Zombie Ayn Rand or Reantimated Reagan? At least, since Assange, David Brock’s Correct the Record, Jeff Bezos/ Atlantic Council… assorted Ukranian oligarch nazis did PropR’Not and social media SEO’d, banned, blacklisted Truth from the internet… we’ll be spared having to SEE this?


Yes we could see how comfortable Biden (et al) was getting when he— after the primaries (orchestrated by TPTB)---- repeatedly took jabs at Bernie by declaring -----“I beat the socialist”.

That statement was nauseating to me and a clear, very alarming sign of things to come.

It was indicative of the comfort level of DNC/DEM power grab which they pulled off without a hitch. It’s almost hard to believe the confluence of factors at play which helped the neoliberal, greedy, MIC-loving Dems maintain power.

Their only concern of course being power and keeping wealth in place for the top tier.

That statement by Biden appeals to people who are incapable or unwilling to critically think about democratic socialism (or critically think about anything else for that matter). It was an utterly stupid statement. As bad as things trump would say.