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Citing Poor Care for Mental Health in US Prisons, UK Court Refuses Extradition Request


Citing Poor Care for Mental Health in US Prisons, UK Court Refuses Extradition Request

Julia Conley, staff writer

An accused hacker will not be extradited to the United States after a British appeals court ruled that detaining the man in U.S. prisons would be harmful to his health and safety.


Human Rights Watch also said in 2009 that “Prison mental health services are all too frequently woefully deficient, crippled by understaffing, insufficient facilities, and limited programs. Many seriously ill prisoners receive little or no meaningful treatment.”

In addition to, and far more important than “understaffing, insufficient facilities and limited programs”, there is also “the very intent of a system designed to fill dungeons with the most vulnerable of society, where mutant sociopaths can then slowly torture and exploit them to death with nothing more than a mocking farce of care and rehabilitation to satisfy the paperwork for political accountability”.

We’ve known the system was bad for generations now.
Still, THANK YOU for making the right call, publicly announcing your reasons, and stating to the beast that you know it’s appetites, and sinister methods. The Guggenheim “America” offering to our broken color saturation knob of a prez was like soup for the soul…
this is like the next course in a feast!


And it’s bound to get worse when for-profit prisons become universal.


Good on ya, Brits! If we had your health care system, this wouldn’t be an issue.


Do you mean universal or “universal” (as in: “USA! USA! USA! I have no idea what goes on in the rest of the world, man!”)?


Mental health patients in prisons…another great idea brought to you by Ronny Raygun, may he rot in hell.


Remember that guy that got boiled to death in a shower by thug guards who couldn’t figure out how to deal with him? We probably only heard about it because he died. How many are being tortured we never hear about?


Got your point. My intent was universal as in the US prison system, but considering US black sites and how globalization works, an international threat exists.


Happens in mental health facilities too. Have you heard about the shower that sends scalding water every forty-five seconds? It was reported, director said she’d get it fixed. Patient said, unlikely. It’s been that way for years. You can stand outside and wait to hear the person scream. Boston.


No, I hadn’t heard about that one. Terrible.