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Citing Post-Election Period as Possible 'Flashpoint,' FBI Memo Warns of Far-Right, White Supremacist Violence to Come

Do you have data which can back up that claim?

Boogaloos, kkk, nazi guys, proud boys plus the white nationalists gathered to create chaos while armed with semi-auto rifles.

These can be arrested based on their social media remarks and held without bond for a long time after their initial hearing.

A few years ago, a lady in south central Michigan was held in federal custody for one year after her initial appearance. The charge was that she had threatened a Michigan State trooper. When her case finally came up, the charge was dismissed.

We can do the same to all the current potential disruptors - especially those ready to war against innocent voters, protestors, etc.

Joe Biden needs massive surplus of votes against Trump to avoid court battles in certain states. Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Florida come to mind. Ohio and Pennsylvania may be close also.

If Cheney can have a pre-emptive middle east war, we can stop a domestic terror event by pre-emptive arrests. We did this after ww1 and exiled native born americans to russia. Gitmo awaits!!

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“It all could have been different.”
Wisconsin’s Scott Walker and his band of gerrymandered partisans were a large part of the problem.

I too have been advocating for every state with a Democrat Governor at the least, call out the National Guard to provide security at the polling places.


Thanks Pony boy for your kind remarks. We seem to think alike.

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