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Citing Previous 'Misstatements of Facts' and Corruption Allegations, House Democrats Open Ethics Probe into Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/16/citing-previous-misstatements-facts-and-corruption-allegations-house-democrats-open

Mrs. McConnell has been bouncing around in various government jobs since 1993. With a rich family, and likely rich friends, it’s likely she has been skirting lots of rules in that time. It’s nice to see a fully annotated request letter form a Committee and a Subcommittee Chairman, complete with instructions on how to comply. The Congressional guys can likely cut and past right into a warrant. If they had to.


Wow. Elaine Chao might be corrupt. Who’da thunk it. Well, actually everybody with a brain.

Of course, under HW and W she failed to inspect mines, failed to implement other OSHA safety measures, ignored minimum wage complaints, etc., etc. as “Labor” Secretary. And she was the second longest-serving Labor Secretary after the great Frances Perkins, who must have been spinning in her grave.


Chao is a covert foreign agent, repping her Chinese family’s international businesses, with insider influence, across two GOP administrations.
She should never have been confirmed by the Senate.
She should be booted out of government, and her traitorous husband indicted.
Chao has funneled tons of Chinese bribe money to her husband and other entities.
Chao is crap as head of DOT.
Ciao, Chao.


What high/ medium or even low ranking govt appointee by the Orange Cheato ISN’'T CORRUPT, VENAL OR INCOMPETENT??
It goes with the man himself-- like calls to like…


Mrs. Moscow Mitch may be in Trouble.

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That’s exactly the way I see it KAY.
Nothing new to see here. I see that she gets special treatment like all trumpies do. All crooks, suspected crooks, and wannabe crooks. Folks, we are normalizing corruption here and now.


…and it took THIS long for the Dem “leadership” to notice, and pretend they’re doing something about it.
Ain’t they great.


If we booted every corrupt and seedy person in our government, out of office, we’d see the unemployment ranks jump 10 points.

“Let’s Do It!”

It’s our country G. We should be able to take matters into our our hands.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Think we can raise enough awareness in the country to create a Citizen Strike Force in every state of the nation, ready to respond to the call for making an unjust situation right?

Well, it sounded like a good idea.

Have a laugh…

Boeing promising an executive position to a DOD manager overseeing their bid for aircraft.
Hillary as sec’y of state playing our chicago game of pay to play, from around the world. Big bucks into her foundation.
However - she is totally innocent for private server, 60,000 emails and The attack in Libya.
The latter was an air force failure.
Let’s check out Pelosi stock trades using insider info - plus all the staffers riding that surf.

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You mean like 50 units of Posse Comitatus? Being organized is the sensible way to go.

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Elaine also sits on multiple board of directors of several corporations. She has raked in money for years while working in past administrations. What does Mitch do to get his wife into these jobs. Every Presidential transition team picks Elaine as a cabinet member. What a coincidence!

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Yes, or a Seven Samurai to fix what needs to be chopped off.

I guess you are not speaking of the little hands and such.

We just might be f _ _ ked. There is corruption, favoritism, law breaking all around and in particular among the White House and congress. They appear to be openly lawless.

But we are off to the mall, surfing, enjoying our toys, and not paying the slightest attention to those ripping us off.
I guess I’ll get me a yuge bucket of popcorn and watch the show from MY easy chair too.
Yup, ranting sarcasm. Sometimes that’s all there is left to do.

Heads must roll. Samurai’s choice.