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Citing Racist Massacres and 'Inexcusable' Prevalence of Guns, Foreign Countries Issue Travel Safety Warnings for United States

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/06/citing-racist-massacres-and-inexcusable-prevalence-guns-foreign-countries-issue

Imagine if you will a massacre at a nfl event? . .jesus hisself would come back.


Tourism into Chicago.
That is the real reason the two mass shootings in Lawndale neighborhood this past weekend have no mention in national media.
Brief mention as item five on Mondays CBS local news broadcast.
They played the audio of one of these. The rapid fire available
precludes running for cover. One was at a block party and the second
into a gathering at a public park.
Root Cause:
Illinois money ends up in downtown Chicago, a destination for peoples
from all over the world.
Indiana money ends up in downtown Indianapolis. The destination for
most high school athletic state competitions, home of NCAA,
Detroit is also jumping aboard with rejuvenated riverfront and down town.
Cleveland prospering with medical. Downtown Brown’s likely super bowl

I had always enjoyed seeing families shop together. That is now gone.
why take the risk?

Dodo birds, they say, became extinct because of stupidity. Well…Trumpzis and dodo birds would seem to have a lot in common.

Would he have the physical appearance of a Dr. Tom Landry or more resemble Bill Belichick, possibly?
These countries are definitely giving the Trump Adm. more than just " a poke in the eye with a sharp stick ", diplomatically speaking. Especially so with Japan and The Netherlands.
Too, too bad the Canadian and British gov’ts and, especially Trudeau, are such dancing puppets of the U. S. Republican Senate, currently. Oh well, when your Right Wingnut Coalition is anchored by a jerk named Boris, can a cutout like character named Natasha be lurking very far behind?

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Aww look , straight to the 'oogilie boogilie ’ brown people are the scariest!!! Yeah MOST gang violence occurs in areas nobody TOURS visiting America.

And how you find out if not mentioned in NATIONAL media, genius?? I read about them there. But you conveniently spin to make your RACIST post. Chicago is like #25 or less for dangerous cities.


racist post?
I may not write very well, but i am not racist nor territorial.
Had 750 employees, 1/3 each mexican, white and black.
Half were ex convicts.
half carried a pistol in their jacket pocket.
In five years, I never ever had one problem with anyone!!
So, I must have accidentally done sumthin correctly.

yes, your #25 on the hit list comes from using the numbers
murdered in one year by the total population. And some use the whole
Cook county population. Some use the region. Consider adding people
wounded to gain a more complete view. www.heyjackass.com

kindly write below about ongoing gentrification in Chicago.
write about the mexican drug gangs.
cross over to Gary and East Chicago in Indiana
and provide your spiel.and safety analysis.

America, number one in another category. I’m fucking sick and tired of hearing “American exceptionalism”, “best health system in the world”, best education system in the world", “best blah, blah, blah in the world…”.

I now believe that we will never get better only drop deeper into fascism. Have said before if I were younger and my wife was in better health I’d get outta Dodge in a fucking heartbeat.


Yeah, but would it be MY jesus or YOUR jesus? We could always “argue” it out at an NFL event with guns yet. What a great fucking country!!!

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This country is going down a very sinister path and anyone who warns against it is dismissed as alarmist or a conspiracy theorist nut job or “extreme left”. Yet things have played out exactly as those alleged “alarmists” and “conspiracy theorists” have been saying.

The Christian Right has way too much power, corporations and the wealthy are choking the country to death, the vast majority of politicians on both sides of the aisle are the 1% and thus never affected by the policies they enact and they are almost all beholden to big money and are in the pockets of corporations. Our Supreme Court is mostly populated with the scum of humanity, the White House is basically Nazi central at this point but with apple pie. The military has too much power, troop worship has reached all time nauseating jingoist levels. A new study found that in 33 years current rates of inequality will basically put 100% of US assets in the hands of the 1%, not to mention the rampant racism and nativism and scapegoating of minorities.

The worst part is the complacency of the general public and their unwillingness to put up a real fight and push back. Everyone is just so damn docile and sedate which would explain wishy washy weak, cowardly assholes like Pelosi and Schumer and the Democratic party leadership that spends more time attacking their Progressive wing than doing something about the white supremacists in the WH and Congress. This is not going to end well for any of us. When the Gilead finally becomes a reality in this country, Pelosi et al will just get on their private jets and flee while the rest of us will have to contend with being Marthas, Jezebels, wives or handmaids.


In 33 years ( 2052 ) given the current scientific consensus ( not including conservative and captured U. S. interest groups, universities and regulatory agencies ) what the U.S.'s 1% will mostly own is usually referred to, down on the farm, are great big steaming piles of cowpies.
Bon Appetit!

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Cue The Flaming Orange Satan Chump trump to disparage Uruguay.


And don’t forget his tribe of mutant inbred piglets with cloven hooves.

— From the song “Beginning of a Great Adventure” (RIP Lou Reed).

Read the lyrics… and the lyrics of “Last Great American Whale”. They say a lot about what we live with today.

As another point, healthcare is inadequate. If one visits the US and sustains an injury that requires help, one’s health is apt to be held for ransom.

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Very, very, sad. This was a response from other countries that was ‘waiting to happen’. We also have many gun (and other) killings here that receive little attention, including large numbers of inner-city gun deaths. Just too many guns, and too many that are immensely more powerful than should be allowed. The shooters have been of varying political persuasions, ethnicities, races, and beliefs; some had “signs” from the past, and others leave people totally perplexed that they would do this. The point being that, short of threats of killing verbally or in writing, it will always be hard to tell who will do something like this. We must disallow these assault-type rifles and components. Somehow we must also clean out the illegal and unregistered guns, perhaps a buy-back, no penalties. There is need for a much healthier knowledge and relationship regarding guns and weaponry. In other countries, mandatory conscription has been lauded as contributing to a healthy respect for the costs of war as well as decreased gun violence. This may be a good idea here, for those and other reasons. We must be better, in many respects. See how even more scary we are - " a lot of killers’ (Trump to O’Reilly, Links page) and the Medical-Military Industrial - at my site ourconstitution.info. Protest with me in Miami, or wherever you are, before it is too late. If we are not that Beacon, who would be?

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And people actually believe this shit. Was on a river cruise with some Brits a few years ago. They were the touristy type going all over the place (Africa, Asia, you name it). Told them to come to the US we got really nice vistas in the Southwest and all the National parks. They were afraid cuz there’s too many guns and shootings. Told them i had been living in the US for more than 20 years and have yet to hear gunshot outside a shooting range. Had to explain to them, that just like Europe, there’s certain areas you don’t go and you’ll be fine.

That’s only if you are a tourist that looks well off. Some people without health insurance (illegal aliens, local indigents) get better treatment than some with insurance. The hospital will simply mark it as a loss and claim it in their tax bill.

“Some places” like bars, clubs, concerts, schools, festivals, parks and none white churches.
I am curious which European country you imagine is in anyway comparable.

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No, not “bars, clubs, concerts, schools, festivals, parks”. The chance to get shot, mugged and/or in any way harmed in any of those places if fairly small. what i meant by some places was gang and drug infested places in some large cites where gangbangers indiscriminately fire at each other and hit innocent people in the process.

in 2013, John Lawrence and I wrote Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 paper on our nation’s obsession with automatic ‘war guns and multi-bullet cartridges.’ The 2nd amendment does NOT warrant such guns to be in the hands of American citizens. We documented a cultural comparison of gun and non-gun violence in the U.S. and Europe.

For some relevant in depth analyses of our historical automatic war-gun culture, please Google (1) for (1) Part 1, and (2) for Parts 2/3

(1) “A Cultural Comparison Gun & Non-Gun Violence in the US and Europe - Part 1,” Jan. 2013

Google for Parts 2 and 3 …

(2) “Some Factual Gun Statistics Part 2 of a Cultural Comparison Gun Violence in the US and Europe,” Jan. 2013