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Citing 'Reasonable' Concerns, Health Experts Say Trump Physical Should Include Neurological Exam


Citing 'Reasonable' Concerns, Health Experts Say Trump Physical Should Include Neurological Exam

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

"The health of the President relies on it—as do American lives and the safety of our nation"

Caricature of President Donald Trump.


I wish they would administer a high school exit examine.


The Very Unstable Racist needs no exam.

For nearly one whole year every human being on the planet able to watch him in front of a news camera, has repeatedly been able to examine and assess for themselves, that the Resident of the White House is clearly mentally unfit for the job.


Not to mention the two six-packs per day of Diet Coke that he drinks. He must be half embalmed already.


I read French press and a little German. We are no longer a global joke, we now give countries cold sweats. I voted for Nixon twice and remember when he went to DEFCON 1 against China during his darkest hours… Tom Steyer is right: “mentally unstable; armed with nuclear weapons.” Please remove this guy before he incinerates us all.


And a psychological exam as well. Could he possibly be a psychopath? Does he display the 3 primary characteristics of a psychopath?

  1. Machiavellianism
    People high in Machiavellianism are duplicitous, cunning, and manipulative. They place a higher priority than most on power, money, and winning. They easily disregard moral and social rules, and as a result, lie to others and manipulate them with little to no guilt.

  2. Lack of Conscience or Empathy
    You know that little voice in your head that tells you to return a found wallet or treat others as you want to be treated? Well, people high in psychopathy don’t have that voice, or if they do, its volume is turned down very low. As a result, they lack many of the social emotions that normal people take for granted, including guilt, remorse, sympathy, and pity.

  3. Narcissism
    People high in narcissism are self-centered, vain, and have an inflated sense of their qualities and achievements. They see themselves as perfect.

Narcissists love compliments — they can’t get enough and lavishly praise anyone who admires or affirms them. The flip side of this coin means they are extremely sensitive to insults and often respond to criticism with seething rage and retribution. They have what psychologists refer to as “unstable self-esteem.” This means they put themselves on a very high pedestal, but it doesn’t take much to topple them to the ground. What a normal person would perceive as constructive criticism, narcissists see as a declaration of war.

They have problems sustaining healthy, satisfying relationships, and so they tend to seek positions of authority where they can work over, rather than beside, their colleagues. Such authority also helps, because narcissists never blame themselves for their problems. It is ALWAYS someone else’s fault.

Research suggests that 1 percent of the population meets the criteria for psychopathy. And to make things worse, the percentage doubles or even quadruples if we are talking about people in high-power positions, like business leaders, lawyers, and surgeons.


Are we unaware of the dangers of setting precedents that can then be used against us? (And if they can be, they WILL be).

Defining dissidents, as well as political opponents, as ‘mentally ill’ was a favored tactic used to condemn people into the ‘gulag’, in the totalitarian Soviet Union. Anyone who did not put their toes on the ‘party line’ was imprisoned in a ‘mental hospital’, (which were indistinguishable from just plain old prisons).

Once we open this box, there is no telling what is going to fly out. Once free, these spirits will be very hard to capture and get back in that box.

C’mon, folks…We ALL are horrified by Donald Trump, but Ms. Germanos is unwittingly leading us into a trap that is going to be very hard to escape from. Do we not know the Pandora mythology? Do we not understand that actions can have unintended consequences?

Had ole Bernie been elected instead of Trump, the same thing we are seeing now would be happening. The deep state and the centralized mass media would all be aligned against him. The only difference would be that the role we, (people on the Left), are now playing would be played by people on the Right.

As we empower those forces, we are empowering our primary Adversary, the Elites who rule over us. Any powers we give them, to act in favor of our short term benefit, are going to be used against us in the longer term.

The 25th Amendment route is very problematic. For one thing it requires the Vice President to lead a ‘palace coup’. In this case that person is Pence. Do we think that the prospect of him in office is better? For another thing, a successful ‘palace coup’ requires a 2/3rds vote in both Houses of Congress.

The US Constitution simply contains no ‘recall’ provision. Impeachment requires “crimes and misdemeanors”. The 25th Amendment route is VERY dangerous. The solution is an amendment that provides for a ‘recall’ process. In the environment of heightened emergency we are in, such as amendment might be possible to pass relatively quickly, (although it would require a 3/4s majority, even worse that the 25th Amendment burden).

Like most people here, I think Trump is a grotesque and dangerous clown. But ‘mentally ill’? Hmm…Is being a first class a**hole a mental illness?

If we open this box, the malevolent spirits that fly out are going to turn on us. Leftist leaders are going to find themselves in mental hospitals.

Are we so foolish in our zeal to ‘get Trump’ that we’re going to empower our greater Adversary, the Elites who rule over us?


To be an effective president, Trump must be our ambassador to the world, to other countries. That requires DIPLOMACY. Now he has the other countries in the world starting to turn against him because diplomacy just isn’t within his basic personality. The he is supposed to be serving all Americans regardless of race, color or creed. He can’t do that. He is the president of right wing Republicans, including White Supremacist racists. He is sexist and racist and when you add all of the non white Americans together with all of the female Americans, that adds up to Trump not being able to serve the majority of Americans. He is a narcissistic sociopath and therefore unfit to be president.

The rest of the world seems to accept the fact that Trump is unfit to be president. His rating in the most recent polls show a large majority of Americans agree with the rest of the world. I would highly recommend that you go to the Real Clear Politics Polls Page, which summarizes all of the major polls in one place. The only ones rating lower than Trump right now are the Republicans in congress after their attack on medical care coverage and indulging the corporations and rich with tax loopholes, breaks and cuts as a thank you for the corporations and rich supporting them with funding through the last election.


But, but… Trump’s White House doctor declared Mr. KFC, Double Cheeseburger, TWO scoops of ice cream in “excellent” health. You see, Trump is such a mega-genius that he defies the usual rules of medicine and he stays in tip top form by not working much, playing golf in a cart and dragging himself out of bed hours after everyone else. He also believes that his body (ugh, I know that is a bad image) is a battery (I’m not making this up) and he thinks that he will live longer if he doesn’t exercise, etc. and wear his “battery” down. Anyway, why should we doubt the report from his doctor? Oh, wait. Now I remember that Trump’s personal doctor in NYC declared that candidate Trump was the “healthiest man to ever run for the presidency”. The answer is pretty clear - Trump surrounds himself with suckups who cater to his huge ego and twisted personality.