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Citing Sexual Harassment Allegations, Six Democratic Female Colleagues Call on Sen. Al Franken to Resign


Citing Sexual Harassment Allegations, Six Democratic Female Colleagues Call on Sen. Al Franken to Resign

Common Dreams staff

"As elected officials, we should be held to the highest standards—not the lowest," said Sen. Kirstin Gillibrad (D-NY) as she joined others in calling for Minnesota Democrat to step down


They should all resign. In fact, everyone who ever picked their nose and ate it, should resign from humanity.
This country is stupid.


As much as I am viscerally opposed to sexual harassment, killing what is left of Democrat held seats in Congress even as Repugs elect pedophile creeps seems a bit short-sighted to me. How about we just demand that reps like Franken not run again?


This is insanity…Judge him by what he is now…I am wondering what is really going on here…There is more to these women’s (senator’s) objection that what appears on the surface…I sense a political motivation…there are a lot worse than Franken there in congress and I don’t hear a peep out of these senators…Let Minnesota decide this one…I object to Franken on a number of political stances but this I don’t judge him on…and no I believe the women…but I believe he is sorry too…


Are they putting the same demands and pressure on Trump related to the allegations against him? I don’t think so and if so, why not? Are they really working against Trump and for our interests? If Franken goes, Trump should go as well.


I find this so sad–Al Franken has good politics, usually. And yet, he has another side, the personal or conventional male dominant side that thought it was ok to do what most of the other guys would think was ok. (In that photo on the plane during the USO tour, it looks like he was setting up a ‘hilarious’, juvenile, photo, encouraged by other men on the plane), taken while the woman is asleep.
There is a range of these behaviors, from inappropriate remarks, humiliating remarks/actions, to harassment, to actual assault and rape. And then we must consider and face and deal with the horrible things–crimes-- happening, still, to teens and kids.
I don’t think all these merit the same response–do you? But they do merit a response; how about some education, mandatory group discussions at workplaces, some airing time for all to converse and vent, and even accuse? And all are invited to participate? In Congress, maybe there should be re-education for the “Old Boys” there, presented by the women Congress Members, and staff? (I’m not referring to reeducation as an alternative or remedy for men who have assaulted someone; if crimes were committed, then they must be subject to the justice system).
The MeToo time is so valuable.and needed–that all this is coming out; women are saying enough and too much, now. (In my workplace we have been telling our stories, too). The U.S. culture (not to mention other cultures) has got to change, and judging by the past month or so, it actually may. A BIG unanswered Question: What about the actions, accusers, and speech of our President?


We need all the anti-war votes we can get. War is way worse for women and children.


America loves to put someone up on a pedestal - with unlimited money and power - worship them and then they love to see them brought down. There is something classic, almost mythological about this phenomena and it almost says as much about the culture and the people as it does about the perpetuator. In a way, isn’t the perpetuator playing the role assigned to them in this cultural play?


Meanwhile while the Titanic had just hit an iceberg that threatened to sink the whole ship, six female Senators called on the First Mate of the ship to resign citing sexual harassment allegations.


Exactly. Who are these women other than the centrist dems (who vote republican much of the time).
This isn’t based on his behavior so much as purely political. He is a little farther to the left than they
would prefer?


I am encouraged by the MeToo movement and all the men and women bringing attention to sexual harassment in the workplace. I bet we could universally agree the attention to sexual harassment in the workplace is just the beginning of a very important dialogue we need to have to heal sexual abuse in America which is epidemic.
Here is how I feel about Senator Al Franken: he will never do any of that again and he will work to end sexual harassment in the workplace. He gets that men can educate other men as we transition away from sexual predatory practices in the workplace. Keep Senator Al Franken in office. He is not in denial of his actions. To be too punitive is to discourages other from saying MeToo: I have been guilty of sexual harassment in the workplace.


I agree with smitty70. MeToo needs to proceed, but intelligently, not as a stampede. Differentiate the offenses and focus on those that are criminal.


This is ludicrous! Why is it only Democrats have to hold their senators and congressmen accountable? Destroy our representative so the likes of Trump and the Repubs can continue to destroy our country! I cannot tell you how many times men have brushed my butt or attempted to brush my breast; I venture to say many women in their 40s-70s have had similar experiences. In the 1980s and 1990s I worked in a major industry; I was sexually harassed multiple times, sexually assaulted (by my manager’s manager), and sexually discriminated more times than I can remember. I lost my job not those who discriminated/ harassed/ assaulted me.

Sorry, I’m not willing to ask for a good senator’s resignation when he stands up for our democracy and all women and men because he touched a few women’s butts. It is very hard to believe there are no Republican who have ever done anything disparaging to women, after all they have such respect for us! Remember what Trump said on the Access Hollywood tape, and he was elected after that. He was supported by all the Republicans in Congress.

Hopefully their will be a time when women are treated with total respect but that is not going to happen because the Democrats hold their representatives to a different standard than the Republicans. For now, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water!


Claire McCaskill’s gifts to Wall Street that will negatively impact way more Murkins (than have been impacted by Franken and all the other politician sexual harrassers combined) makes her admonition very hypocritical.

Perhaps she is shining a light on Franken so we will ignore her many misdeeds ?


Senator Franken will be making an announcement tomorrow. .

That he’s blaming the Russians?


karhrynh1: “There is a range of these behaviors, from inappropriate remarks, humiliating remarks/actions, to harassment, to actual assault and rape.” I looked these terms up using Farlex because I was confused about all them being used interchangeably. Rape? Prosecute. Harassment? Take corrective action. Sexism? Don’t ignore it but do work to improve the situation. Some cases, Franken for one, are hustled toward the gallows with too little public information. Garrison Keillor, likewise; what did he do? I don’t know; do you? Some cases seem convincing and I am glad some people have been fired, pilloried, whatever. Has Congress had to pay off anyone Franken offended? Has any victim sued?

As you say, these don’t all merit the same response. Thank you for your insight.


My guess is that the people “hustling” the likes of Keillor and Franken “toward the gallows” have skeletons in their closets that they hope to deflect our attention from.


Note that this article, or the media in general, does not mention that Sen. Franken, while admitting to, and apologizing for, his tasteless frat-boy behavior (happening before he was in politics), is vehemently denying the “forcible kissing” allegation that triggered this demand. Shouldn’t he be able to defend himself?


Point #1: There’s a difference between boorish, offensive behavior and criminal acts.

Point #2: Why have we yet to hear any outcry from these senators about the numerous admitted sexual assaults by trump?

What’s going on here? Why the multiple standards of judgment?

After her vote in favor of the banksters the other day, I’m no longer sending Claire McCaskill reelection money. As for my senator, Kirsten Gillibrand, it’s difficult to imagine a more transparent elitist phony than her (or Schumer). Never a peep from her except when she thinks opening her mouth can gain her political points. Those who maintain there’s little difference between the two parties can offer up these hypocrites as sound evidence for their views.


More like the Purser or maybe just the head deck-chair arranging steward of the Titanic…