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Citing Sexual Harassment Allegations, Six Democratic Female Colleagues Call on Sen. Al Franken to Resign


I would not even go that far. If he didn’t break any law, then it should be up to his constituents in the next election, or local Democratic committee through a primary challenge, to decide whether he continues to serve or not.


If the Diversitys showed as much zeal for peace and economic justice as they do for the trial less guilty verdicts of alleged sexual harassers the Democrats would have something and would stop losing every election. First everyone deserves due process. No one knows what happened. If you look at this USO tour, her pictures (and actions she initiated) with Robin Williams, some country singer, and an unknown soldier are more sexually explicit that Al’s attempt at humor. His humor is gross and has been since SNL. That is what amazes me about this particular rendition of SH. The pictures of her on the tour seem far worse than anything most people are calling sexual harassment. Look at them. Just Google. Now PBS has removed Garrison K. from PBS where he has been a mainstay of reason and leftwards politics for half a century on the claim, unsubstantiated of one person, who is nameless. I think you want someone to step down then have a trial and find them guilty. Do you really think Paul McCartney beat his wife? She is mentally ill and probably has psychotic breaks. No one in Britain thinks Paul is guilty of anything and they think he handled the situation like a gentleman. Truth is complicated.


So it was fine for her to jump on a soldier and grind her ass into his pelvis? Same with the country singer and Robin W.? If they did that to her would it be SH?


Wasn’t going to post a comment to this story because… I had the same reaction to it that many above expressed (before I read these comments.) I will stand by my comment of the other day that as soon as the fuck-over of America known as the Republican Tax Scam is secure this focus will disappear quicker than a politician’s promises.

The term “useful idiots” comes to mind.


No - in the US apparently innuendo and accusations are enough. Remember the Salem Witch trials!


who knows…they might be operatives for…the GOP.


Is there anyone in congress who shouldn’t be in jail, let alone should resign? Fine, get them for sexual harassment but how about the corporate collusion in looting our taxes and destroying our environmental protection, workers rights, and banking and mortgage protection, laws?


Have called the offices of all of the “Democratic” senators calling for Franken’s ouster. Don’t condone harassment in principle, but a (to me) greater concern is merely the survival of democracy as we know it, because it is for f*cking certain that the Republicans do not care about it one iota.


In 2006 Franken wasn’t a Senator. Here we go again. Take away his position of power, his career, based on something that wouldn’t merit a police report on a slow day. And, why did none of these women slap the guy, or worse? They appear to be confused, baffled or just not very assertive. Seems odd to be bringing it up more than a decade later. And, remain anonymous, as well.
I haven’t worked for 45 years under a rock and women have every right to be angry and upset. About a lot of adult male (mis)behavior, or worse, and lack of any accountability. But this removal of due process when Franken has described and asserted the events, if they occurred, quite differently, is troubling at best.


BRAVO! I totally agree. How many of these “colleagues” are up for re-election in 2018? could they be “posturing” to attract the female vote? Cut off their noses to spite their faces. How about addressing the crisis in the WH and shutting down the demented despot, his VP, his cabinet and the Pentagon before we enter whole scale nuclear war with NPK and in the Middle East…STOP ARMAGEDDON. Senator Franken is the only member of the Senate who had the courage to question Sessions and several other cabinet nominees and take them to task for their being wholly unfit for their positions. He represents the best-interest of his constituents EVERY SINGLE DAY, which cannot be said for his female “colleagues” calling for him to resign. UGH!


Under the definition of sexual assault (“non-consensual sexual touching of a person”), Al Franken is guilty of a crime and a photograph of his committing it is there for all to see.

But around here, it’s party first, as usual.


I’m with you. The remnants of democracy are being dismantled before our eyes, if you can see past the bullshit.


The democratic party used to stand for something and it’s the same with republicans. Both parties suck, therefore you have to educate yourself about voting records and choose who best represents you that way. The carcass of the two party system has been dead so long it barely smells anymore. Forget party.


Agreed! Leave him alone. There were no cries for Vitter (Senator from Louisiana) to resign and his actions (hiring high-priced prostitutes in DC and wore a diaper…) were far more reprehensible. This harassment “movement” is way out of hand, especially when we are facing nuclear war in the Pacific and Middle East at the direction of the deranged demagogue/monster in the WH (with the obvious blessings of kelly, mcmaster, JSOC, and the pentagon). Where is the sanity?

Gillibrand and McCaskill are up for re-election in 2018…


Right. And if it’s party first, and both parties have that mentality, then it will shortly be over for the democracy that we have (taken for granted).


Once again, Democrats show they’ve no understanding at all of power.


I very much supported Sen. Gillibrand’s “no” vote on Mattis on the grounds that civilians need to control the military. And I applauded her in estimations into abuse of female troops. Her belated condemnation of Bill Clinton was also welcome. But I think she is very wrong to want Franken to resign. He is a far more effective critic of Trump than she has been. And his offenses are those of a typical boor and jerk, and do not equal the predatory and vindictive behavior of Weinstein, Conyers et al. And finally, Trump will be strengthened by Franken’s resignation.


Abso-phuq-ing-lutely! This harassment BS gets too much press…our nation is facing war in the Pacific region and Middle East along with total desecration of our national parks/monuments; destruction of the environment along with joining the ranks of the most despised nations in the world yet Congress is too involved in feathering their own nests rather than STOPPING THIS INSANE DEMAGOGUE IN THE WH. Millions of lives are at stake while they blow smoke up each others’ arses…


I will not be supporting Senator Murray after this. She has been walking a razors edge with her complicit corporatist agenda, but to demand Franken resign with the likes of Trump in office and Roy Moore all but guaranteed a seat in the Senate. This is asinine. Good-by mom in sneakers.


What? Touching the front of a flack jacket is a crime???

Also, even if it was criminal behavior, I thought that the “left” was supposed to be about forgiveness and rehabilitation of crimes and wrong behavior. If it came out that Al Franken once was a street-drug gang mamber in the past - would we all be demanding that he resign over that?